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Great theme. I am looking to purchase this theme but have a couple questions first:
1) Is there a CAPTCHA plugin for the forms in this theme built-in or would I have to get a third-party plugin like Contact Form 7?
1.a) If I do have to get a third-party which one’s are compatible with this theme?
1.b) Will a CAPTCHA built-in feature be added to this theme in any near future updates? If yes, can you give me an ETA?
2) Can I create custom page templates of my own?
3) Will the mobile navigation style change anytime soon as the design seems outdated with the layout of the pages in the menu when it’s selected?
3.a) If no, can I update it myself if I so desire?

Thanks for the responses and this great theme.

Hello again. The lead developer wishes to know if this theme does full width as stated in your features listing (2 Layout Options (Boxed – Wide))?

This is being asked because in your live demo the 2 full width options there (page templates, post layouts) keeps the theme boxed but makes the text inside full width to the box.
What exactly do you mean when you state 2 Layout Options (Boxed – Wide)?

Nevermind we purchased it and it does the full width.

for layout option wide = full width

Helo, how do I switch language to spanish? Thanks

I have been trying for over a week to fix a problem with access to the support forums for this theme (the forum says my envato purchase code is already being used) and I can’t get any response from effectivelab from the email address or even their facebook page. Is there actually support for this theme or is it kind of abandoned? I like this theme, but if you aren’t available to provide support for it you should probably let people know that before they buy it.

Hello Dear,

sorry for the delay have been respond to email

Best regards

Hi, purchased the theme and can’t seem to update the Styling – either preset (example from red to green) nor with hex codes.

Hello Dear,

Please use the support forums to get help

Best Regards

Hey! I’m loving this theme! But I have one question. The gallery (slider) that’s included in this theme, can it be paginated? Meaning each image of the gallery will be on a different page with “next” and “previous” buttons on top and bottom? A gallery like this will typically be posted in a blog, then whenever the user clicks next or previous, it would loud a different page with the image.


Hello Dear,

If u mean slider gallery in post format gallery yes can it be paginated

Will there be an update to it’s CSS to make it compatible with IE (11)?

Hello Dear, We will check it in the next version. Thanks

Hey, just redownloaded for the 5.1.2 update but when I finished the upload it still shows 5.1.1

Hello Dear, Make sure you’ve replaced all files.

Hello guys, can you please explain me why the theme, also after a lot of updates, keeps stretching and deforming the images inside the articles and in the responsive graphics? Can you help me fix it? I am not satisfied!!!!

Hello Dear,

Please use the support forums to get help . Best regards

Hi I have put in several request to fix a slider issue on the new update on your forums without a response can you please assist and resolve thanks.

And I have answered you again there.

I just updated to the latest version of this theme. Is there a way I can use Jetpack Comments with this theme?

Are untested, Maybe in the next version


I have modified some pages like header.php, functions.php, footer, page, post etc..

How do I update the theme without disturbing these customizations?


replace style.css and admin folder in lib folder

I have problem with secundary sidebar. It do not want to accept it in categories.

Can you help me.

Please use the support forums to get help

The problem I have is with the AUTHORS section. We have created a new author profile (not published yet) and when you read her article and press View all Posts by XX the author information that appears is my author profile. Do you know what is the reason and how to fix it? The other question is, what do we need to include the pic of the author? (Google Plus??).

The issue is resolved in the next version

Hi, i can sent email but the email don’t is received in my postal box. How i can solve this?

No emails from you please make sure to send this mail

Answered and please use the support forums only to get help , thanks

Hello, On my admin panel, have this error: Linux10+cfcd208495d565ef66e7dff9f98764da

If I rename the folder “effectivenews”, my admin panel works fine.

What’s happening?

Please use the support forums to get help

500 Request Timeout This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase ‘Connection Timeout’

help me!!

dont actived theme

when i try to acvate theme i get error, request time out, Request Timeout This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase ‘Connection Timeout’ can you explain what the reason is? if you need i can give you, admin access. need your help.

Do you use the latest version 5.1.2 ?

Hello as I stated 4 days ago and still have not had an answer: I have done as you instructed and it did not work

Please help. I really do like this theme but it is becoming a real issue as far as support to help resolve the issues with your theme.

The file has been sent to fix your problem

For pages like terms of service, contact us, etc that I only want to see in the footer and not displayed as prominant pages in the top how do I get the pages not to be on the top bar?

footer menu not included in theme I’m going to add it in the next version

Your support page never sends me an email with my password so I can never access support. I have asked you to send me a registration password literally months ago so I can log into the support forum area. I have never received any help with this even after several requests. Is this the “great customer service” you advertised in the sales page? Very misleading.

How do I send you a screen shot? There is only a little box to type stuff in.

Can you please email me at

Hello Dear, Please use the contact form in this page