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Hi, congratulations for the excellent theme! I have installed the 2.1.1 version of your theme and i have made a lot of configurations. I want to take advantage of the mobile version fixes that you have made without upgrading tha whole theme in order not to lose my configurations. Please indicate me the EXACT files related to the mobile version in order to update, only them, manually. Thank you in advance!

Best regards AG

You can Replacement the file responsive.css in css folder, But I advise you to update to latest versions because of recent changes and additions modern and important reforms Just by taking a backup from theme option.

1.The backup from theme that you suggest me can restore just the theme options. Not the configurations that i made. Am i wrong? 2.I replaced the responsive.css but the post titles in the mobile version continue not to appear. I can see just the images and an excerpt. Please help.

you should have keep your modifications , Please send to me your dashboard

Is there any possible way to have a left and right sidebar in this that is widget ready and responsive!

Very important to me.

Did you mean 3 Columns ?

I have a lot of problems to I sent messages but I could not get an answer. I uploaded the php file you sent but nothing changed. ? am sorry buying this theme :(

These problems were resolved in the next version few days

Ok I am waiting

1. Control panel : When I wanna change fonts It goes to custom social icons panel. 2. Control panel is not stable. It sometimes does strange things. 3. I can not localize some words because they are not in po or mo files as an example Comment… Search… 4. In posts section I can not remove as an example Reddit Pintrest buttons Flicker plugin you can only put 10 pictures when you change the number pictures does not change Arial is a standart font that contains turkish charcters . In posts it is ok thereis no problem.In headings turkish chracters are problem. You can see in the site

Will there be an answer above questions?

The home button on main menu does not show home icon. If any one know how it will appear let me know please….

Just installed the new version but in theme options only “general setting”, “Header settings” and “Home settings” are working. All of the rest options are not available…

Please send to me your dashboard in private message from my profile

just send the info

Fixed, thanks

I can not translate some words that are in the po file but when you taranslate them you get the result ex.= Comments… Search…

Please send to me screen shot and your dashboard in private message

Nearly all the turkish translations you made are wrong. Please do not send turkish ones. I translated everything and did not take backup. I install the new version all I did gone. :(

I have a serious problem with installation. When I install (FPT and upload) the theme I have a blank page. Could you help me please, thanks in advance. Henar.

Please send to me your dashboard in private message from my profile

I´ve just sent you a message, thanks.

hello how i change or create languaje to spanish

Or you can use WPML

i have wordpress in my language but the template has labels in english and i need change to spanish check

Is it possible to customize the color of the theme skin? I want to match the color of the logo.

please send to me screenshot

I have screenshots. What email should I send it to?

Dear EffectiveLab, thanks for your lovely theme. I have updated the theme to 3.0.1 and also translated to our language. I have a problem with ? appearing in my titles and also the share button on Facebook. My site is in Cyrilic. Please help?

Please send to me your dashboard and ftp

Thanks I have sent you in an e-mail both

Thanks fixed

Can you add option for nofollow social links in next version :)

Thank you for your suggestion :)

I’m new to wordpress and want to update to the new version of this theme but have no idea how to do so. Are there easy instructions somewhere? I don’t want to screw up our website. Thanks.

from themeforest > Download you can download latest version and open your FTP go to theme folder and replace files :) but read this first

Hi just wanted to ask how to translate the comments and date on the home page? Thank you Xx

from eff_loop.php in effectivenews > lib > functions

Just installed the new version, but in theme options only “general setting” and “header settings” are working. All of the rest options are not available… Why? Are you sure working new version?

I deleted old version and installed new version. I didn’t backup copy. Unfortunately, I click to “Options reset” and lost settings. Because, it didn’t work. It is working now. Thank you :(

Where in the template would I change where the post are coming from?

I have set up another site in my network that has a specific permalink and not blog since I will use the blog url for blogs that will be posted and only show up in a widget on the side bar.


Password has been sent to mail

Did receive but did not work

Can I have the woocommerce money going to my paypal account ? like when peopole pay it will do it through paypal.

How do it work ?

where the grey background ? What is the demo you mean ?

if u mean effectivenews theme you have options to change background color or background patterns or background image and option to add background slider and options for unlimited color

Good Afternoon, How do I upgrade to latest version, without changing configurations and post I’ve ever done Where do I find the download to upgrade to latest version thank you

i have been forced to revert from version 3.01 to a lower version. The reason being that when i visit “theme option”, i can only access General setting and home page setting. all the other options are blank.

Thanks for the great theme.

Thanks….it worked …

How do i place the “home” Image in my main menu instead of the word “Home”

My sitemap page is not working properly. It is not showing anything at all

Hello pe6o87, Please send to me your dashboard in private message from support forums or email me from my profile

The issue is fixed! One of the plugins was breaking it