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after install the new version of the quickstart appears this error The parameter “platforminfo.class” must be defined.

I do it three times, but the error persist

Problem solved. Is the version of php, this quickstart do not support php 7, Increase the version to 5.6 and the joomla runs normally (this is in local with Mamp)

Ok, I will check the issue.

is it possible to add popup video in slider? i am going to purchase – effortless-multipurpose-joomla-template

yes it’s possible you need to use lightbox shortcode for it :)

i have add plugin System – Mediabox CK and link in watch video layer but not working its working in only artical… how i can do?

Ops, you don’t need any lightbox plugin for it. use shortcode light box if you don’t understand it so please post your problem on forum so support team will help you.

I have used shortcode gallery but show all images can we hide other image only one image will show and when we click on next arrow it will be show next image. is it possible?

Hi, sorry for late reply, i was on holiday. anyway your site working well with Germany language, maybe you understand it. – i want to convert form field in german how to change?

Hi, Please translate the shortcode language file to german so it will show with german language language file located in: administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.plg_system_bdthemes_shortcodes.ini

you can use localise extension for translate it easily.

Will this template run on PHP 7 after updated to latest joomla version?

We did not test yet, you need to wait few days for final result.

it is! This is how i got it working: Install on local xampp 5.6php version. update Rockspoklet from rockedtheme to newest Version! (else you can’t access backend after using php7!) Update Joomla Core an other updatable extensions!

Go backup via Akeeba or something elese. Transfer to php7 xampp and voila :)

Thank you for your feedback :)

the drop down menu is not working on chrome and ie. only on firefox. ive tried to register on bdtheme support web but i dont receive the confirmation link email

can you share your site link so we can check what happen there? i sent you email look on it.

I have created German home page please check below link I have to create german slider how to create german slider please help me I have tried.

any updates?

Hello, it’s same thing. just make 2 module one for english and one for german then assign them two menu. that’s it.

Will ShortCode Unlimited be updated to latest version (3.3) soon?

please send support ticket for get it quickly.

Your website for support is not working nor is your contact form. I have registered for your support site but I have not received a email back to activate my account. I tried your contact page and the email is rejected from the server.

I have an install problem.... I have installed the theme and I get the following error.

Error: 0

The parameter “platforminfo.class” must be defined.

Sorry for late reply. can you send your site access via profile page or directly: support[at]

Hi. Could you please tell us more details about the last update? Any change?

Please look at bottom in change log

Hi, how to edit/hide “feature module” in home page?, i use quick start package

Please look at quix page builder, Homepage 1

Dear sir,

Quix 1.4.0 released. When do you add them?


Thank you very much :)


When is it published?

Please check now.

Hi !


i see your answer that you say to look at here:

but i have this error when i visit the link

Error 404 – Not Found

The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

can you give me some advices?

Hi, I’m new user. May I know why got the following error: “Fatal error: Cannot use $this as parameter in effortless\layouts\header.php on line 9”?


Make sure you are using php 5.6. maybe this can happen for php 7.1

Image Carousel is not allowing to add images in carousel, by clicking in ADD NEW IMAGE CAROUSEL Nothing happens. We have the last version. Advice? How to fix it? Existing ones work.

“window.addEvent(“load”,function(){” – Uncaught TypeError: window.addEvent is not a function… in admin/script.js

Please download latest package from your account and look at Plugins you will get the latest version of shortcode plugin.

I did it yesterday, but in the package there is nothing about Image Carousel Module.

I read that Image Carousel is free open soruce mod, but I was unable to find it in your site. I have version 1.0. is there a new version? Where to get?

Please download latest package from your account and look at Plugins you will get the latest version of shortcode plugin.

I did it yesterday, but in the package there is nothing about Image Carousel Module.

Please use shortcode “Custom Carousel” instead of Image Carousel Module

Shortcode Carousel (with media), returns the images as expected and a line bellow with code “Array ( [0] => media [1] => images/.....” how to fix this bug?

Please use shortcode “Custom Carousel” instead of Image Carousel Module Because we changed it in latest update you can check by install quickstart package separately.


gavitha Purchased

When I installed effortless quickstart package j370, at step 3 I clicked install button. The install process is running. But a moment later the install process stops and returns on stage 3. For installation data is correct

Please help.. One more thing, now my help ticket has expired. Can it still help me?


Please increase your server execution time some how it’s not execute database import method.

It’s better us if you renew support :)


gavitha Purchased

How to increase my server execution time? Is it in php.ini? Currently max_execution_time 300 in php.ini

Upon completion of my consumer website installation, I will update it soon _

I think so you need to install it manually. Please renew your support and send your site access + FTP access via support forum so support team can install it for you.

Hi , I have bought the template in 2014. I understand that the support have finished,but i didnt do anything changes to the site so that i need your help. The only thing i do for security reasons is to updated to joomla 3.8.1.After that i have problems, with the backend. And when i go to your support site you dont have any information about that and also i cant make a ticket to help me with this issue. Is an update so you must have some informations about that. I am dissapointed about that and know i must do it from the beginning my site and i must buy another template because of that.

Hello, Can you share your site access via profile form? I can check what happen there?


kofoe Purchased

hi i am interested in your theme is it compatible with joomla 3.8.5?

Yes sir, it’s compatible with latest 3.8.5 :)

Hi, I would like to install the sample data but it does not work even with Quick Start Package. Help me Please

Please send me server access via so i can install it for you.

I sent the information server access via email