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Looks great mate! Good luck with sales!

Thanks mate, good luck with your sales too! :)

Love it! In my bookmarks :) any link to see it in blue? :)

Thank you and best of luck with sales.

Thanks for your interest ursad, soon I will update my live demo site with skins options.


Great theme gan!!!!

Good Luck’lah pokokmen :D

Thank you gan, gud luck with your sales too dab! :D

Thanks and nuhun kang! :)

ajiiib gan… :D
sukses lah dagangannya

Thank you mate, gud luck with your sales too!

mantep gan… moga laris :D

Thanks dan terima kasih harry! :)

great work thx from germany :D

Thank you! :)

Great theme! :)

Thank you :)

awesome! good luck for sales!

Thank you :)

gr8 work…

Thank you :)

Top banget sukses bro

Thanks bro! :)

Great theme ! Waiting for the different colors to buy it, I don’t like the green :o)

Hello, thanks for your interest, here the quick preview for blue color skin


I can’t get the sliders to work. I also get raw before and after the slider

Hello, please try to view your content in html mode, remove any html tags that wrap before and afer your your slider shortcode.


I was wondering about the psd file. Does it come with a fully layered index psd file? So I can move things around and customize in design?

Hello, yes the psd file full layered psd file, so you can modify with your own flavor.


Really a good-looking theme! Simple and functional… good luck :)

Thank you :)

Nice job, thanks a lot.

I would like to change the “page heading image” for tags page, or author page… So far I did it on “Blog page” but I can’t find for the other. It has by default “”. As a result when we click a tag you see something like this:

Thanks a lot Dimitris

hello, you can replace this in archive.php file, just replace page-heading4.jpg with your actual image name and place your image at images folder of efolio theme.


Am using this theme on my site and love it – but as of today, every single image on the front page is wrapped in raw tags!



UPDATE : When I view the pages in HTML editor, the [raw] tags don’t show – when I view the page source they are there. How do I remove them?

Hello, did you tried to enter each your content and the shortcode? if you still have a problem, just contact me from my profile page with your site login, let me check directly at your site.


Yes, I removed all the content and then added it again with the shortcodes and the [raw] is still showing.

Just emailed you via your profile here :)

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME . The theme author offered to help me when his theme started adding [raw] codes to my pages and then he REDIRECTED MY WEBSITE TO A DIFFERENT URL !

I have submitted a notice to Themesforest about this outrageous behaviour!

Sorry for any inconvenience, I just want to help you and will never steal your site, If you don’t mind, I will help you to fix your site problem.


Hi, think I’ve hit the same issue as VADiva; with a slider shortcode added to content, all content blocks are surrounded by raw tags.

Without the slider shortcode, the page is fine. Have emailed you via here with the site & example pages.. Thanks Tim

I have replied your email regarding your questions.


Thanks for the quick reply.. have emailed you :)

Hi there,

Just bought this theme but it says that it can’t be uploaded because there is no style.css stylesheet. Any ideas?

Hello, after extracting your theme package, please go to theme folder, you will find file there, unzip the file and upload only the efolio file via ftp tp your wp-content/themes folder, please refer to documentation for detail, or you can refer to