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How can to reduce the size of text of Title of Post?. Thanks for your prompt assistance.

Hello, please try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.postcontent h3 { font-size: 18px;}

you can change 18px with your own size.



When the page loads, I note that the slider takes a few moments to appear, and until it does the rest of the contents of the homepage are visible in it’s place. Is there a way of fixing this please?


Hello, could you please provide me your site url regading your issue?



I have renamed the portfolio page as ‘Industries’, however when I enter an item from the Industries page the permalink remains: ?

Where is the code relevant to the permalink so I can edit it if possible?

Ideally it will read: ?



Hello, please open post-types.php file and find below code :

'slug' => 'portfolio_item',
replace portfolio_item with your own slug and try to regenerate your permalinks structure.


Thank you for your help.

Hi, it seems you are not informed of the follow-ups in my messages, so I post a new one here. Could I ask you to go back to the thread ? Thanks, Vladimir

ok I have replied your previous question.


Thank you for creating a beautiful theme. I like the result very much (, but I am afraid of using Timthumb, because my site was compromised already. How can I disable timthumb from this theme?

thanks, Christine

Hello, nice site customization cloeffler, efolio theme used timthumb.php script almost in all section that used images, so you need to modify most of code in theme files, if you worry about your site security site, you can install plugin for this, you can try this, or this and this

you can also try wordpress timthumb scanner plugin.


Thanks so much for responding and giving me great advice! I trust you, so I’ll definitely install one of the plugins and continue using timthumb.

I’m thrilled that you approve of my customization.

But, here’s the scoop on how brainless I can be… How in the world do I make my post images work like yours? You are doing two things that I love. I like the consistent use of the left-aligned 180×129 image, and how the text wraps around the image… are you doing that with the featured image? Are you uploading the exact size you need for the thumbnail, or a larger image (maybe 940×350) that can be used for more than one function? Or, are you using your image shortcode? (See how confused I am!)

When I use the featured image, my text does not wrap , and when I use your shortcode, (example: ... I don’t get an image at all.

Maybe I’m not understanding how to use featured images correctly? Not sure where to start!!!

thanks again!

I haven’t bought the theme, but I plan on it. And I would like to customize it like cloeffler, Is that easy to do?

Hello, yes you can have the same looks, you just need to use kwicks slider, 3 columns and latest news shortcodes.


I bought this theme less than a month ago, and I can’t tell you how it has changed my business as a freelance designer. I use this theme as the base for 80% of my small business clients’ websites.

For those of you thinking of purchasing, the power of this theme is not just in the aesthetics. The amount of customization options and flexibility with short-codes allows for so many different layouts. To give you an idea, I rebuilt my portfolio site using eFolio, and look at how little it resembles the original theme:—yet, it still took me less than two days to create the site (and I customized the portfolio quite a bit). Productivity!

This is a great theme; well worth the purchase. I can’t imagine doing a WordPress site from the default installation anymore, haha.

Thanks for your kinds words and testimonial bennycreative, glad to hear that you like it much :)


Can I change the image size in the bxslider? It is currently set to 256×256 and but would ideally want it 470×256 so that the image takes up 50% of the slider.

I have managed to size / move the text in the CSS but struggling with the image.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello, you need to modify the code for this, since by default the images set to 256×256px, to change this, please open shortcodes.php file, that located inside functions folder of efolio theme and find below code (about line 674) :

$out .= '<img src="'.get_template_directory_uri().'/timthumb.php?src='.thumb_url().'&h=256&w=256&zc=1" />';
just replace 256 at above code with your own, you need also make adjustment in style.css file for bxslider section.


Thanks once again.

On my site a lot of raw appear when I add portfolio to a page using a shortcode.

Please check and give feedback:

Hello, I have fixed this issue in latest version of efolio theme, so please update your efolio theme, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


Hello, Just purchased this theme…installed it and am getting the following error in Firefox and IE 9 .0

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


Hello, please try to create a category for slideshow and add some slideshow items there, be sure you have correct slideshow category name at your slideshow shortcode.


How do I move the navigation menu so that it’s below the logo like it is on this site: This is my test site:

Also, can I change the sidebar so it’s on the left instead of the right?

Another question, how do i get rid of the Short Description on pages while keeping the Page heading Image?

Thank you for your help. Your theme is awesome.

Hello ,you need to modify the code and markup structure if you want to move the navigation section below the logo, for now the it’s only support for right sidebar but I will consider to add this feature for the next release.

to remove page description, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.pageheading-text { display: none;}


hei man im having problems with pictures, i cant see them on front page slider[kwicksslider]... and slider category is good…

did you tried to chmod to 777 the cache folder of efolio theme?


I would like to change the font for recent post that are in this tag [latestnews cat=”1” num=2 orderby=”date” text_limit=100]

I want the text do be set to verdana size 12.

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.latestnews li { font-family: Verdana; font-size: 12px;}


Please ignore my questions, i figured them out.

ok great! :)


It seems that the Nivo Slider isn’t working properly. I have read that you have fixed the bug in update 1.1. Is it a problem that I could fix manually because I do not want to re-upload the theme and lose my current work.


could you please provide me your site url regarding your nivoslider issue?


Hi, my concern was maybe a little premature. A clear head after the easter break and i’d figured it out in 10 minutes.

Thank you for your response.

How do i shorten the page heading so i don’t have alot of white space under the image ? my image is only 960×124. Thanks

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.page-heading { height: 124px;}


Thank you, that worked. One last question, I don’t want to put anything in the footer-wrapper. how do I make it into a red line about 20 pix in height with the 99000 color?

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#footer-wrapper {
  padding: 0;
  height: 20px;
  background: #99000;
  border-top: none;


awesome! thanks for helping me out. now.. do you have a short code for a column that’s 1/3 then 2/3?

Hello, yes there’s 1/3 columns available with efolio theme, you can view the sample at, columns sample [col_13]...[/col_13]



i am watching for the testimonials shortcode. i cant find something at the livepreview

greetz robert

Hello, here the sample of testimonials shortcode :


[image source="http://localhost/efolio/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/people1.jpg" align="left"]Nullam sit amet leo et velit condimentum blandit vel sed justo. Suspendisse vel justo enim. Curabitur ullamcorper tempus fermentum. Suspendisse ornare tincidunt consectetur. In dolor turpis, aliquet nec euismod non sapien lacinia blandit at in odio. Donec non nulla sit amet urna pellentesque porta. Nullam in pulvinar sem vamus tristique tortor ut velit mollis. -  <strong>Mrs. Soendari </strong>

you can wrap your testimonials section inside the columns shortcode.


hey i need to move logo up for 10 px can you help me with that?

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#logo {
  margin-top: -15px;