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Hi The filter does not seem to be working.

Here is the page code we are using:

[portfolio column=”4” orderby=”menu_order” num=”-1” title=”true” description=”true” filter=”true”]

Hi, did you tried to set the category parameter, eg.

[portfolio category="" column=”4” orderby=”menu_order” num=”-1” title=”true” description=”true” filter=”true”]

or you can provide me your site url regarding your issue.


Great theme by the way :-)

Thank you :)

Having an issue with the top menu not showing the pages i’ve added in the back end, any idea?

Nevermind! :D

ok great, glad it’s working now :)

Hey there! I love this theme. I was just wondering if it was possible to, in the top menu, make it so some of the navigation-entries arent links, but still has the dropdown effect? For instance on this image: – if I move my cursor to ‘Pages’ then it would dropdown. Can I keep that dropdown and then make it so ‘Pages’ isn’t a link to some URL ?

Hello, you can have this, you can manage your menu items and custom menu label from WordPress menu manager, you can manage this from Appearance => menus menu.

thanks for your interest.

And is it possible to have a search-function on the home page?

yes it’s possible, but you have to change the markup structure for header section for this.



is there a possibility to move sidebar to the left, or only right sidebar is available?

Many thanks


Hi, for now it’s only available for right sidebar, I will consider to add the left sidebar option for next release.


I have created a couple of pages and there is currently no header image being displayed. I have put the same URL in the header image field as in the original pages but there is nothing showing when previewed or published.



Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Hi Sorry it’s a late reply but this is the URL for one of the problem pages:

As you will notice the other pages all display the header.


Did you added your image url in Page Options => Page Heading Image option?


Hello, i want to know if you can help me to remove in portfolio the option to expand the image, i want to make clic on the image and this direct to the content of portfolio. Is it possible? can you help me?

Thank you, and nice theme! :)

I wrote you in your profile page but i don’t see the change on my web, tell me if you need another information or access, it is really urgent.

Thanks for your help :)

ok already implemented at your site.

Thanks :)

Hello, thanks! i saw the change but you miss the similar portfolio item :P


I just updated to the v 1.1 and I am having an issue on the header image. The header image is not showing on some of the page. Please help. URL

Thanks for your help. Owen

There is currently no header image being displayed. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work. I have copied the image url to the “Page Heading Image” area but still nothing. Please help.

Never mind, I got it!

ok great, glad it’s working now :)


I have seemed to have lost the efolio menu from my dashboard, is there any way to get it back ?


Hi, try to switch your theme to default WordPress theme first and reactivate the efolio theme.


That worked thanks so much for your help

Hi again,

I have another small issue I was hoping you could help with, Im trying to add an image that links to a page inside [col_14] but the image link doesn`t work, is there special short code for this,

Thank you

Update to this, works in IE8 not in FF or Chrome

Update to last 2 posts, a shortcode in the page was not setup correctly, just to let anyone who comes across this problem,

Kind regards, Neil

ok great, glad everything working fine now :)

I just installed the theme on WordPress 3.4.2 and I’m running into some Media Library conflicts, specifically that when I try to delete or add images, it generates the following error (although it appears to carry out the action anyway):

When deleting an image: Fatal error: Call to undefined function defined() in /wp-admin/admin.php on line 14

When uploading a new image: Fatal error: Call to undefined function define() in /wp-admin/async-upload.php on line 9

Please help!

Also, posts/pages do not save. I get the same error from line 14 of admin.php above. After 3 attempts, they finally save. And when I try to access some pages, I get:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function define() in /index.php on line 14

The only plugin I have installed is WordPress Importer. The URL is

Hello, be sure you have installed the latest version of WordPress, also please try to deactivate your installed plugins first.


Hello, i want to know if i can made my site multilanguage, for example a version in spanish and another in english.

Thank you.

Hello, yes you can use multilingual plugin like qtranslate or WPML .


Twitter feed stops working…do you any idea why and how to fix it?

if you need quick fix,just contact me from my profile page, I will update the soon regarding the twitter widget issue.


Hi all, I have a problem and I am clueless. My header nav does not show up as an option when I try to add it into header nav box section.

I can choose only 6 into header nav box section…


Thx for help :)

Hi, The font was the problem :-) Thank you for your support

What can I do to this template for a new WordPress Version to use?

Iam srry for my English i Learn it :)

Hi, ok great, glad it’s working now :)

it’s compatible with WordPress 3.5, so you don’t need to worry about this.


Hi, thank you it worked with WordPress 3.5 :)