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I am very interested in this theme because of the nice design, but the “Live Preview” button doesn’t work on the main theme page. Should I be nervous about purchasing the theme?

Hi, thanks for your interest, I still have a problem with the hosting support, not sure what causing the problem, but soon I will migrate to another hosting company and make the demo theme live, for now you can use theme screenshot as a preview.


Sounds good, thanks!

Hello, Great job for thos theme ! Can you please explain me how to display a map on the contact page. I ‘ve created a google map API and put the key but there is no map displayed. Thanks !

Hi, you can use google map shortcode in your contact page content, eg.

[gmap width="460" height="280" latitude="-7.07219" longitude="109.25826" zoom="15" html="My Hometown" popup="true"]
just replace each values with your actual values.


it works. Thanks !

Is it safe to update to Wordpress 3.8?

Yes, it’s compatible with WordPres 3.8.


Is it safe to update to 3.9 now?

any update on the live preview?

we will update soon, thanks for your information

Enjoying the theme – one question. How to place an external URL under each portfolio category item ? Have placed in the custom url field, but this doesnt seem to do it.

Hi, you can add button shortcode in your portfolio content and link your button to external url.


Hi guys,

Great theme here.

I’m trying to get my portoflio page to work a little differently. Is it possible to create a lightbox portfolio of a specific category? For example, if I have a category of “apple” images, is there a shortcode to create an apples gallery? I would want multiple category galleries on a single page. Is this possible?


Hi, unfortunately there’s no option for this, the popup lightbox used generally for each portfolio categories and items.


Hello, i have some problems with slideshow. I have to change the site to other server place, and all is correct, but now i can’t see the “slideshow” option in admin panel. And the images doesn’t display in web.


please help!

Hi, usually the problem relate with the theme file with the installed plugins, for quick fix, please open functions/post-types.php file and find the following code (about line 93) :

    'menu_position' => 1000,
replace 1000 with 999



I would like to find out if the theme will work on 3.8.1 of Wordpress? Also the ‘Live Preview’ link doesn’t seem to work on Themeforest?

Regards, Jhorene

Hi, yes it’s compatible with WordPress 3.8.1, so you can safely update your WordPress site.


Can you provide a working link to see the online preview? The current one is not working.

Hi I use this theme for 2 years without any problem, but I have a problem since 2 weeks with the page editor. The view editor disappeared. Could you help me for this please ? Thanks a lot

Hi, looks like there’s an issue with the WP editor and shortcode menu in efolio theme, we will fix this issue soon.

Thanks for your information.

Wondering if I can update to wordpress 3.9. Let me know, thanks!

Hi, I have tested this and there’s no problem with the WordPress 3.9.1


oh oh oh i have Update to 3.9.1 :(

What i can do now?

Hi, I have tested this and there’s no problem with the WordPress 3.9.1, just let me know if you find some issues.


Hi, please test it Admin Panel Dashboard / Page /

The write options isn’t there

thx for support

Hi, not sure what causing the problem, we have tested with WP 3.9.1 and there’s no problem as you mentioned,

but we will investigate what causing the problem.


timthumb vulnerable … caution when using this theme.

Thanks for your information, we will replace the timthumb.php script for the next update.


For toggles, the first content is expanded. How do I make it so that the first one is also trimmed like the rest of the content? Also, I change modified the toggle_icon.png and resaved it using the same name, and now it doesn’t show up on the page.


i figured out what happened to the toggle_icon.png


Is there any way i can delete the billing cycle when showing my products? Is there any way to make a bigger orange pricecircle so the price fits inside the orange price circle? And it is posible not to show the order now button?

Thanks in advance, great theme ;)


to hide billing cycle and order button, please try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :
.pricing span.cycle, .pricing-button { display: none;}
to increase the price size, try to add the folowing css code :
.pricing-box .pricing span.price { font-size: 60px;}



Fast question. Can I hide what’s inside the purple circle? I would like to have a clean heading page image without text or anything.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, please try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.page-heading .pageheading-text { display: none;}



I have a java error with some plugins being caused by file ‘ddsmoothmenu.js’ line 52.

$mainmenu.parent().get(0).className=setting.classname || "ddsmoothmenu"

It is reporting “Unable to set value of the property ‘className’: object is null or undefined. /wp-content/themes/efolio/js/ddsmoothmenu.js 52

Can you help with this please?

Thank you. :)

Hi, may I know what the plugin name that you mean?


Sure it is ‘AG Custom Admin’ you can find it here

Many thanks.

I have tested with the plugin and and there’s no problem found both in front end and Admin panel pages.


It is compatible with wordpress 3.9?

There’s an issue with WP editor and dropdown menu shortcode library, we will fix this issue.


I would buy this theme and would like to know when these problems would be solved and if possible display the theme on multiple devices such as tablet and smatphone, thanks.

sure the problem will be solved, for now the efolio theme is non-responsive theme, but we will consider this feature for the next update.



I have wordpress 3.9.2 installed.

I cannot get the Sliders to display images. Excerpts/Texts are displaying but the images are not visible. Do you know what could be the issue?


Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?



Below is the URL:


Hi, looks like the problem relate with the timthumb.php script, did you chmod to 777 the cache folder of efolio theme?

we will replace the timbhumb script for the next update.