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I hope this is the last questions I have. Please be kind to help me out :-)

1. I have problems with my newsletter form from Mailchimp (pls look at page It doesn’t show the submit botton. Only when I delete:

But it still doesn’t seem to work. And when it is removed the bottom look strange (as you can see in the footer widget)

2. There is a problem on the top menu. When I mouseover it desapears. (only sometimes)

3. On my blog page, there is no top image. How can I put a top images only on the blog page, insted of on the blogposts.

I really hope you can help on all 3 questions.

Have a great weekend.


Hi, ok I will answer your questions :

1. looks like there’s a problem form script, it’s generated an error at your page, please refer to plugin documentation how to implement and use the plugin

2. I checked your site and there’s no problem with menu when you hover it, usually what causing this problem because the cufon font does not render dynamically

3. did you have set your page heading image in page options => Page Heading Image below the editor, and be sure you did not assigned your blog page in Settings => Reading => front page displays => Posts page: just leave it the option as WordPress default.



Thanks a lot for your answers. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

1. When i copy/paste the exact same code/form script on another blog/website, it works perfectly. I also tried to put it in an iframe.

2. Yes, it is because of the cufon font on different browsers. It is when you hover the mouse and put the mouse on the top of the browser. As if you are going to write a new url. If the client cannot live with that, I will disable the cufon font..

3. I cannot find the right place to set a page heading image. And neither the other place. (my version is in danish, another language)

But thanks!


1. ok you can contact me from my profile page with your site login regarding this issue

2. yes, as alternative you can disable the cufon function for main menu

3. when you creating/editing your pages, there’s page options below wysiwyg editor, you can set page heading image for each page there, just fill with your uploaded image.



i buy that theme and want import the demo data which is included. if i import the database with wordpress i get 30 error messages.

how can i prepare the page, that it look like the demo?

and sorry for my english skills :D

greetz robert

ok new problem :D

i have import the data but i have two home buttons? where must i delte the other home button?

Hello, you can manage this from Wordpress menu manager, please to to Appearance => menus menu, you simply include and order your menu items from there.


i have just one home “button” at the menu settings…

you can check it here:

i fond no way to delete the first home button at the navi

Hello, I checked your site looks like there’s only one home button now.


yep i fixed it…but thx 4 help =)

Thanks for the great support! Still get some error messages when saving the menu:
  1. Undefined index: post_type in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/efolio/functions/metabox.php on line 269
  1. Undefined index: _portfolio_link_noncename in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/efolio/functions/metabox.php on line 276

I do not require the portfolio options. Still I have created a product and a category. Still I get the messages. Maybe metabox is another section?

And I cannot use the XML import, it will overwrite my current content. Thanks!

Hello, ok just contact me from my profile page with your site login regarding your issue, let me check directly at your site.


Blog category pages are missing a header image..

(So it just shows the title, on a blank white background which kinda looks “wrong” considering all the pages and posts have a header image.. )

Is there a way to set a default header image for the blog category pages?

Hello, you can set this in page options below the wysiwyg editor, just add your uploaded image url in Page Heading Image field.



Love the theme! Although annoyingly my designer found it rather than me (always better to show omnipotence when it comes to all things web).

Just one question before I hit the buy button though – does the roundabout slider allow for captions or excerpts? If not, is it fairly straightforward to add???



Hello, for now the roundabout slider support for title caption, you can view this from efolio demo site.

Thanks for your interest.


is there any documentation that explains how to configure the homepage and the slider?

Hi, yes there’s documentaion included with the theme package, please extract your download package first and you will documentation folder, or if you need quick content for your site, you can import xml sample data.



I have send you a direct message 3 days ago regarding this problem:

1. I have problems with my newsletter form from Mailchimp (pls look at page It doesn’t show the submit botton. Only when I delete:

But it still doesn’t seem to work. And when it is removed the bottom look strange (as you can see in the footer widget)

Please reply.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards, Nana

Hello, the problem because WordPress returning special character of your javascript code and it causing the javascript does not work, so please try to place your form code in text widget instead of content.


Greetings – I’ve set up a portfolio for Web Design. Is there a way to link the images to an offsite URL ? So the images link to the clients website?



Hello, by default the image on each portfolio items will be displayed in lightbox, you need to modify the code to accommodate your question, ok just contact me from my profile page regarding your question.


Hi, I am making my first website in wordpress and I love your template. I stomped on the [raw] issue and I read that you fixed it. How can I benefit from your correction ? Cheers, Vladimir

Hello, try to update your efolio theme to latest version (1.1), you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


I just purchased this theme and started using it. Really well done; love the way the admin side is set up. I’m glad you provided the sample code for the Home Page example. The only real concern (that I’m still trying to figure out) is that when I view the site with your theme installed, my entire Firefox freezes (endless pinwheel) until I Force Close. It says a script was having issues running—so I’m guessing poorly written JavaScript? Anyone else have the issue?

Hello, be sure your slideshow shortcode refer to existing slideshow category, please check your slideshow shortcode first and your, eg.

[roundaboutslider category="Round About Slider" num=5 caption="true" width=780 height=280 orderby="date" order="ASC" speed=3000 scale=0.1]
replace Round About Slider with your slideshow category name in category parameter value.


I’m in the process of setting up the theme, the set up is at I have not been able to change the speed of the box slider. It’s much too fast. How can I slow it down?

(I can not find any options to slow it down, so i went into the theme .js files and edited the jquery.bxslider.js file to slow it down, everything that I did wouldn’t slow down the slider- so I changed it back to the original)

there’s speed parameter in your bxslider shortcode parameter, eg.

[bxslider category="BXslider" num=4 width=940 mode="horizontal" orderby="date" order="DESC" speed=5000 pager="true" controls="true"]
define your speed in speed parameter.


Great theme, one question though…. How is the homepage built out? Do I get to fully customize it with shortcodes and/or widgits? Or is the homepage layout pre-determined? Thanks in advance.

Hello, sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have “Purchased” badge.


That’s because I didn’t purchase it yet. I was trying to pick a theme, but was asking questions from different theme developers about the homepage possibilities before I purchased. Can you answer my question, or do I need to purchase it and hope it works the way I want it too?


oh sorry for misunderstanding, yes the homepage can be customized from the shortcode and static text, you can refer to page for each homepage layout example code.

you can import xml sample data if you need quick content for your site.

Thanks for your interest :)

If i want to reduce the size of the text of Title of Post, How can do this?.

Other thing… If you see site in the section of the slider has two labels [raw]-[/raw]. How can remove because they are unattractive?

The labels [raw] – [/raw] (inside of are visible when I put the Slideshow Nivo Slider type, because did not occurs when i using the Round About Slider. What could it be?

Hello, I have fixed this issue in latest version of efolio theme, so please update your efolio theme to latest version (1.1), you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.

regarding title question, may I know in what section that you mean?


Ok, now the site work fine. But i want to know, How to reduce the size of text of Title of Post. Thanks for your prompt assistance.


I have an issue with the contact page. Everything seems to be just fine but when I test-run the “Get-in-touch” form and press “send” the message of “please wait” shows up and remained there even though the message had been sent to my mailbox. How can I fix this problem? Thank you for your help in advance.

I cannot find that file. Where is it?

it’s located inside efolio theme main folder.


I have tried changing it but it still doesn’t work. What’s your email? I can send you the caption

Hi :) Thanks for your kind reply. I changed to 1.1 but I had to redo all the work on the theme to customize it. Too bad for the upgrading ;) But the slider does work now.

I have another problem : I can’t have the blog features work properly. I have read the documentation but I don’t have the same screenshot as you do (especially in the efolio configuration panel). None of the options I try and change seem to have an effect (neither the number of articles, nor the text in the gray box, nor the image).

Is this a known issue ?

Cheers, Vladimir

Hi, I do have blog categories and all of them are selected. But no option whatsoever have an impact. Here is the blog : One key aspect is that it is not on the homepage (I set the homepage to be a static page and the posts are on another page). More surprisingly, I saw the effect of all of the options I chose… on a slideshow item ! (which does not look like the item at all) :

Any idea ? :) Cheers, Vladimir

I have some new information : the blog options seem to have an effect on the posts, that is when the post is displayed alone, like in

But still nothing on the blog page (the main one),

despite using the shortcode [blog num=”2” meta=”true” image=”true” nopaging=”false”]

thanks in advance :) Vladimir

Hello, ok just contact me from my profile page regarding your issue, if you dont mind just provide me your site login, let me check directly at your site.