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Hi I’ve bought this theme and under checkout, the Addresses page, the individual fields for inputting the address (e.g. address1, address2, zip code) are all not showing, could you help with this? Thank you very much.

Hi Maceebelle, What version of your PrestaShop? Please email to so that our support team can follow up your issue via ticket and email.

Could i have a reply to my question,please?

hi may i know how can i change the height of the cs slider?

Hi Maceebelle, Please read the user guide, section Using widget Featured / Bestseller / New / Sale Off / Recent Reviewed Products, for slider on homepage, edit Widget Instance: EM0074 – Area 9 – Customer’s Choice

Hi tvlgiao, i can’t find such a section in the user guide. Is this in backend office or directly in code? Can just tell me which file to amend?

Hi maceebelle, You can configure in the backend, please extract file and open index.html it is the user guide.

Hi, i sended for too mails for your technical support “” & “” but i didn’t receive any reply.

i receive the mail rignt now and i send the problem into this mail.

Hi i sended my problem for your technical support into this email ”” but i stil don’t receive any reply !!

Our support team already answered on via email. Please check.

Hi there !! First of all, very nice theme, thanks. But I have just one question… How do you add the shopping cart block on the left columns of your inner pages? I’ve tried to set the position of this module in the backend to “displayLeftColumn”, but it didn’t work… Any idea?

Thanks again.

PS : I use the last version of Prestashop.

Hi Sir, Thank you for purchasing EggThemes Urbanista – Fashion Theme, please send email to with the problem that you got at our theme + account your site (FTP and Admin) to get the support for your site.

Thanks for your answer. Actually, I found the solution to my problem. The module was also under the “page header” section. I removed it from there and it appeared magically in the front-end of my website.

Thank you though.

How does the categoryFeature work? How do I define featured Products for the related categorys?

Hi Janthemanson,

Do you mention to Feature Product by Category module? You can not define featured products for the related category, and it will show products randomly on the related category page.

Best Regards.

Hi, just one question about this theme… is valid to 1.4.9-1.4.10 prestashop version?

Thank’s and regards.

Hi Sir,

EggThemes Urbanista – Fashion Theme is valid to 1.4.9-1.4.10 Prestashop version.

Best Regards.

Hello, I just purchased this theme, and I have problems with displaying the cart in the left, and also with the featured products in my categories, I’m using prestashop 1.5.3, any hit how can I solve this issue

Hi Sir, Thank you for purchasing EggThemes Urbanista – Fashion Theme, please send email to with the problem that you got at our theme + account your site (FTP and Admin) to get the support for your site. Thanks.

Hi. I am running your theme in this web project, version urbanista-theme_1.5.3.1. Is not a compatible with ipad, iphone etc.??... not working on mobile devices!!!... I wonder if theres is an easy solution for that other than to buy e new theme.


EggThemes Urbanista – Fashion Theme doesn’t support for mobile devices.

Best Regards.

Well, this is wierd… if I go to Live preview in this web page, I can actually see the demo both in iPhone and iPad… When you say “doesn’t support for mobile devices.” you actually means is not supported in 1.5.3 version??... in my view it doesn´t make any sense to built a new version of the same theme when the 1.5.2 is working on mobile deviced but the no version is not…

When I first checked your theme our project was under Prestashop 1.5.2. Recently we make and upgrade to Prestashop 1.5.3 and EggThemes_Urbanista version for 1.5.3. Ok, is there any other choice but to buy a new theme???... If there is no other choice, I guess i should have to buy a fully compatible theme for both web and mobile devices. In this case I would need a theme based on “EggThemes_Urbanista” in order to make a mininum effort updating the new theme to my project… in this case, please let me know what theme from your cataloge is suitable to me:


This theme can view in mobile but it will show same PC. And prestashop version 1.5+ is support theme mobile default. We will update our demo version asap

Hello, I have purchased the Urbanista theme and is written that it’s compatible with prestashop 1.4.9 The files I received doesn’t contain de 1.4.9 folder (only 1.4.8 version and 1.5 version). Please let me know what I have to do.

Hello, the theme package version 1.4.8 is compatible with prestashop 1.4.9 as well. Regards

“Hello I am having issues with SSL certificates and the way your theme writes URLS. Please see the homepage is fine on HTTPS but when you go to it will not use the HTTPSand will crash if I try to do so.

It also seems that all of the images I uploaded are served over HTTP and not HTTPS. Please advise as to how I need to resolve this issue so that each URL is HTTPS”


In Prestahop, the SSL certificate just is enabled when you access the login your account and the checkout page. And the other pages will proceed in HTTP protocol.

Best Regards,

Really tried anything, this theme wont install! >.<

Used that module thingy.. gets error about the extracting.. even though i chmod everything to 777.

Also extracting the theme and ftp uploading gives me nothing. Filezilla /osx m lion / safari / Prestashop 1.5.3 / theme 1.5.3

It’s driving me crazy.. lol.. im new to Prestashop but not CMS or coding though..


You can send a request installation at this link:, the Technical Support will install it for you.

Thank you.

I have come to this.. but it looks hella weird… Could you please take a look at this? ->


I can not access your site, please check it.

Now, i have no footer for instance.. well i have but its looking all weird

we checked, the footer of your site and our demo site the same, only different the title text, please check it again.


default site on my page is English. When I change it to Slovak, theme is messed up. Could you please take a look at it?


We think you don’t select these blocks for SK language, only for EN language, in each Module have field to select this content can visible on language.

Please send email to our technical support will check and fix it for you

Thank you.

I am not able to upload slider image (CS Slider).

I am gettining this error:

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module SliderClass: Call to undefined function checkImage()


Please send your issue with FTP account and admin account to, our technical support will check and fix it for you

Thank you.

Hi Where can I find the Urbanista User Guide the link in the zip file does not work. Thanks

I cannot locate a index.html file in the zip file where exactly is it.


You can download User Guide at here: then unzip file and read the index.html file

Best Regards,

Received User Guide from egg themes. Thanks

Is there the module CS Slider of Manufacturer Logo?

Hi angelo147,

This theme don’t have this module. But, If you want this, we can take some custom to add this module into your site.

Kind regards,

I’m undecided between this theme and Actiwear. Can I have Actiwear Theme with the “Product Label” that show off special label on each salt off products”? It would be ideal. Thanks

The Actiwear theme is later than Urbanista theme, so that the Actiwear theme will have more features than.

We don’t have any module, extension “Product label”. but we can take some custom to show off special label on each salt off products.

Best Regards,

How to remove: “presta theme Fashion Clothes Shop” ?


You can remove it in file themes/et_urbanista/header.tpl around line 92.

Best Regards,

Hello, Can be products displayed in list format? and no grid format. Thanks.

Hello, this theme only have the Grid mode. So, if you want the List mode, you need edit css. Could you please sent an email to , our Technical support will give you more detail about this.

Best Regards,

Hello, Theme Urbanista

when I change page, the horizontal menu disappears often the site is in

how can i solve the problem? Thank you I sent the same request to


Technical Support fixed this issue for you, you please check it.

Best Regards,

hi, I purchased this template a while ago and I just uploaded it on my site. it works okay on pc but does not show on mobile devices. I need help asap


You please send your issue to , Technical Support will check this issue for you.

Thank you.