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Hi, I’d like to use Visual Composer with the ‘udt_homepage_secs’ content type, but am unable to due to that content type not showing up under the Visual Composer content type selection option. However, ‘udt_portfolio’ is there and works fine?

is there a fix or a snippet I can add to the theme that could resolve this problem?

Awesome theme otherwise! Cheers

Hi m_reaney,

Thank you for contacting us and thanks for the comment.

Ego has not been tested with the Visual Composer plugin, which means unfortunately, that we do not have a solution for this issue you are facing.


Hello, one of my new clients has EGO and is starting to get spammed like crazy. What can I do to prevent that? Do you have Captcha? Will another solution such as Wordfece or Sucuri help with that?


Hi capstonedesign,

Thanks for getting in touch.

If you think it’s coming from the contact form then make sure the Honeypot is enabled.

Go to The Foundry -> General -> Contact Form and scroll down to Enable Honeypot and make sure it’s set to On.

Best Regards,

Hello, I was wondering if the top are with the full screen image had built in support for a silent html 5 background video, or if I would have to code that in myself. I’ll be looking to turn off multiple images also, so it is just the single silent video up there instead of multiple images. Let me know, thanks—

Hi, is there a way to password protect the entire portfolio or individual items in the portfolio? In the lightbox that appears on the about us section, can blocks of text appear beneath the image? Can the circle images in the about us section and portfolio be changed to squares/rectangles? thanks!

Hi hengster,

Thank you for contacting us.

By default there is not a way to password protect the entire portfolio or individual projects. You could possibly use a plugin; but none has been tested.

For the lightbox, you’ll need to use CSS to move the text below the image.

Yup the round thumbs could be changed to squares; send us a message with your request to info@udthemes.com along with your request and we’ll show you the CSS you’ll need to modify.


Hello, how to setup my Email on contact us page?

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Emails go to the email entered under Settings > General.


I know it has been asked before but that was one year and more ago. Did you finally implement woocommerce in your Theme? Any health or beauty or spa have things to sell. Would be nice to incorporate WooCommerce.

Hi HiTechBiniou,

Thank you for contacting us.

Not yet I’m afraid.


Hey, guys! I need a little help with a issue on ios safari. Take a look: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10770992/Foto%2003-12-15%2013%2014%2016.png

The website: www.cristianevichi.com.br



Hi, How can I update the version 2.6? Thank you very much!!! Lucila

Hi there,

Please join us in our Support Forum and we’ll be happy to help. The support forum is located at support.udthemes.com Note that you can only post once you are logged in. Keep in mind that support is open Mon-Fri.



I’ve registered a user on your support site, but I do not receive any password. So I can not log in,.

So maybe you can help mere here.

Please take a look at this short video: https://goo.gl/R9T500

How can I get the frontpage to only load content from one language. Im using WPML.


PS/ I’v registered using my client purched code.

Mail send…

Did you get my email?

Can you please help me? I need to get acces to you support forum.

Are you not active anymore? I’ve send you an email and you do not respond.

There is a bug in your theme an my client will like to get some support!

Hi piiiixel,

Just checked our email again, but we do not seem to have received anything from you. Could you please try to resend to info@udthemes.com again, or simply drop the purchase code and the email you used to register through our profile page on ThemeForest.

Thank you!



I’ve just send another email to you with the subject: Missing password til your support site

In the mail you find my clients purchase code.

It’s send from the same mail I used to register on your support site


Im so sorry. There is a mail i my inbox now. Im in.

Any word on when you will update the theme again? Newer versions of wordpress are breaking the theme… Specifically the main navigation styling. Just a heads up, PHP 7.0 breaks the foundry .

Hi there,

We do have an update for PHP7. Please drop us an email to info@udthemes.com, and we’ll go ahead and shoot you an update for you to test.


Hello, I purchased your template EGO onepage PARALLAX, and display on smartphones and tablets, as soon as you enter the site, a black page and it does not start automatically slider to start the sequence, but you need to click or “pause “Darts or” <> ” How can I solve this problem? I look forward to Thank you

What are the details for the newly updated 2.7? I don’t see any reference to it in your changelog. Is it PHP 7 and 4.5.3 compatible?

Hello, i asked some questions in your support forum but did not get any answer by now. Please have a look on them as i have some problems to be solved.

Hi there,

Three questions:

1. Is the Ego WordPress Theme compatible with WordPress 4.6? I’ve updated already, but it seems that’s not compatible… ? URL: http://www.femalefeverband.nl/

2. The content of the photo slider doesn’t appear on the mobile site when I open the URL; it’s like a black screen; and when the slide pictures do show up, they aren’t at the right size/resolution. Only when you click the pause-button once, you can get the pictures of the slider fullscreen…

3. How is it possible to install the accompanied contact form (working) from the template? Which settings do you have to check and where?

Best regards, Female Fever band

Updating to WordPress 4.6 gave me the white dead screen… I’ve now downgraded again, and got the Ego Theme website back again… Too bad it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress updates… Problem 2 and 3 are also still there. Hope to hear from you.

Best regards, Female Fever band

Hi guys,

I have taken over the running of a site that was created by another Developer who purchased and set up the theme. It seems he has now gone AWOL without supplying the purchase code. Is there anyway I can find out what the purchase code is without getting it from the original dev?

Thanks in advance.

So yeah, site completely broken following WP 4.6.1 as it seems there are critical errors related to JavaScript.

TypeError: $(’.flexslider’).flexslider is not a function. (In ’$(’.flexslider’).flexslider’, ’$(’.flexslider’).flexslider’ is undefined)


TypeError: $(’.epicSlider’).epicSlider is not a function. (In ’$(’.epicSlider’).epicSlider’, ’$(’.epicSlider’).epicSlider’ is undefined)

Obviously, because progressive enhancement is too much to ask nowadays, the page completely fails (spoiler: in that case, the slider should fail, not the entire page).

So TL;DR: it seems there is a huge incompatibility with the Better WordPress Minify plugin but only for the single page (blog is OK).

In that case, themes stylesheets (function load_udt_styles()) and scripts (function load_udt_scripts()) are injected into one single <style>/<script>.

If that can help…

Hi JiminyPanoz,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Our themes are currently not WP4.6 compatible. The compatible versions are noted in the sidebar of all products.


Hi, a couple of weeks ago I asked two questions on the support forum which have not been answered yet. I am very disappointed of the support quality.

Since I need to finish the project soon I request immediate answers to my questions which can be found here: http://support.udthemes.com/forums/topic/compatibility-of-ego-with-visual-composer-or-divi-plugin/ and here: http://support.udthemes.com/forums/topic/more-flexibility-with-slider-captions-needed/

Any idea how to fix the non-secure google font reference errors when implementing ssl?