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Hello there undsgn,

I have uploaded the new version of this amazing WP theme. But I don’t see a way, to manipulate the size of the pictures, within Portfolio Items, I am not talking about thumbs, I am talking about the actual pictures of a project, within each Portfolio Item.

Also in the documentation, all I could find, was word about thumbs and their size.

Can you please directly specifically to the location, or part of the WP menu, where I can set the size, upon uploading a picture, I have tried both Full Size and Medium etc. (also modifying the picture prior to the upload, with various sizes) then clicking the Insert button, but nothing works. It always extends the picture to the same width distorting the photo.

Thanks in advance

Hi tmrevlje,

we are redirecting all the support to our support forum, could you please register yourself and write the request there. Send us the link to our site and a more specific example to better understand the problem.

Thank you

PS. the support site is http://undsgn.com/support

Hi there, thanks for this beautiful theme – I love it!!! Just a little question: I would like tu use pictures for example in columns and accordions, but this doesn´t work fine on ipad and iPhone (responsive). What can I do?!

Hi Schrott,

thank for the purchase and happy to hear that you like it!

We have moved our support to the support forum. Could you please post your requests there?


Another question: Is it possible to have another page with a different portfolio (multiple portfolios)?


Awesome stuff!

Have a question. On modern browsers URL looks awesome and all good (http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/scaffolding/).

But as we know IE doesnt support HTML5 yet so URL is not SEO friendly and uses ”#”. (http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/contacts/#/egofolio/dark/shortcodes-2/). Which is understandable.

Now question is; Which URL Google will index? As friendly version or with ”#” sign? And have you tested?

Thank you for your time. Zaur

Hi Spiderzaur, thank you for interested in Egofolio!

If you go to this address with old versions of IE what happens? http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/scaffolding/

If I’m not mistaken the site works perfectly. :)

What does this mean? that the problem is only in the URL visualization of older versions of IE (in fact, the # is just a fallback for browsers that do not support HTML5 history). The problem is not in indexing, that works perfectly according to the default WordPress permalinks but only in the visualization of the URLs in old browsers.

Let me know if everything is clear!

Thanks for prompt response!

Yes it functions perfect on older IEs. But i am wondering lets say: On older versions of IE from http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/scaffolding/ page if you click on Contacts URL looks like this http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/scaffolding/#/egofolio/dark/contacts/ in the address bar. So my question was if Google will index Contacts page as http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/scaffolding/#/egofolio/dark/contacts/ or as http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/contacts/ ?

Thank you Zaur

Hi Spiderzaur, The URLs indexed are the correct ones (which are the same as the default in WordPress), what you see with older browsers is just a matter fact of front-end fallback in older browser! Why do you think a spider of a search engine works like Internet Explorer 7-8? Egofolio is 100% SEO optimized.

I am trying to use a youtube video and am having little luck with iframe code.

any suggestions, or could you provide a sample of the video code for youtube?

thank you

Hi Genceive! Thank you for choosing our themes. All the technical support is moved to our forum so that the resolution can be useful for every our customers. So please, if you’d like to start a new thread go to http://undsgn.com/support register yourself and we care to support the solution!


The social icons and top arrow icons show up like square. It looks like missing the font or something. Any idea why is this happening?

I am using latest version of Google Chrome on Latest version of Mac OS.

Thanks Zaur

Hi Spiderzaur, since we did not want to use images to be compatible with the new retina displays we used Font Awesome (but we can not put it in download package).

You can read how to fix it in the instructions included with the theme: just download the font and upload it in the “Fonts” folder.


For each type of future technical support please write to our forum: http://undsgn.com/support


Icons do not show up on IE8 . Any backup or fix?

Thanks Zaur

Hi Zaur, all the technical support is moved to our forum so that the resolution can be useful for every our customers. So please, if you’d like to start a new thread go to http://undsgn.com/support register yourself and we care to support the solution!

Hi, I’m considering purchasing this theme but I’m wondering if video is supported in the portfolio section? Thanks for letting us know.

Hi Chasmahtaz! Thank you for interest in our theme! Of course, here’s an example: http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/portfolio/augmented-reality-with-actionscript-3/ Everything you see in black version can be implemented simply in white version and vice-versa via admin options panel. Of course you can choose to have fullscreen portfolio (and video) or not. Let me know if you need more info!

Hey there,

Quick question: The theme automatically makes my paypal button width 100%, whereby the 100% is related on how big the content is and not how big the image size is. i’m pretty sure that’s a coding issue.

See here: http://tellingbeatzz.net/services/drum-kits/

Can you please let me know how i get the original picture size instead of the “stretched” 100% content width?? Please don’t send me to a support forum..

Thanks! Amazing theme.


Hi Bama77, thank you for purchasing our theme Egofolio! Here you can read a resolution to your problem: http://www.undsgn.com/support/discussion/15/portfolio-item-putting-images-in-body-of-text Thanks to the forum we and our customers can save a lot of time! If you do not want to do it this way (using scaffolding) I have another solution to your problem… So please, if you’d like to start a new thread go to http://undsgn.com/support register yourself and we care to support the solution!

Hi undsgn,

quick question. :-)

Is it possible to get more space between the headlines in the latest news widget? If so, how can i do that? :-)

Thanks in advance, Chris

Hi Sinnesreize,

can you send a screenshot or open a new thread in our forum? Please provide a live example, too. I have not well understood where you want to add space.


I’ve already reply too, you should have no problems :)

Thinking about buying this theme for a client, but I need to know if the background can be easily customized with either a picture or a color. If this is possible, I’m sure that I’ll grab it. White and black skins are cool, but we need a splash of something different in the back for framing the imagery we’ll be using.

Hi Reesebitesyou, thank you for interested in Egofolio Theme!

Changing the background is not a setting that we have included in the options editable by the admin of WordPress because we chose to give more space to more advanced settings!

Of course, change the color of the background is very simple editing just one line of CSS file!

Let me know if you need more information.

Hi there!

I totally loved your theme, thanks a lot!

Just a small question, can I do the portfolio list, but when i click in one job goes to a page or a post?

Thank you again! :)

Hi Guriboy007!

Thanks for appreciation in Egofolio theme!

Unfortunately Egofolio is thought to be a full Ajax theme and it is not possible to link to a post (unless proceeding with the custom development).

For pages you can actually create different types of content in template that opens by the thumbs: the page that opens is designed to go to fullscreen option to a simple HTML where you can do whatever you want. Unfortunately, in the demo we can not show all the options available.

Hope that help.

Thank you for the fastttt answer! I thought that it wouldn’t be possible.. Its ok! :)

Another question, could I delete the thumbnails in the first page(home) and leave just the slider, and in a portfolio page, delete the slider and leaving only the thumbnails?!

Haha Sorry about changing your theme too much, but we are using it for ecommerce :)

What you are asking for it requires changes in the php code since the theme is not design to work in that way. I don’t know your skills on that field but you could also achieve that by hiding those element using css and the different body classes for every occurrence.

Hello undsgn, I have a new problem (never seem to run out of those with this amazing WP theme), could you please help me with it. In the Feature homepage slideshow, I am trying to upload one single slide, so that it stays there and looks good. The picture size is 960×81, yet again it streches the photo to crazy proportions. What parameters does this WP theme take into account, I am baffled. If the size of the image is 960×81 and I leave the setting at full size, how on Earth does it not leave it at the original size? As much as I loved this theme at beginning, I must say I’m getting disappointed by it. I’m trying to launch my portfolio website and I keep getting delayed because of things like this. Sorry for the rant but it had to be said.


Hi Tmrevlje, I’m sorry that now you have these problems that prevent you from going online with your site. What we show in our demo is exactly what we sell.

As you know Egofolio is first and foremost an advanced responsive theme, and this means that every element of the site is suitable to switch from a desktop to a mobile device!

In any case, you can write to our support forum, by sending a link because in this way it is hard to see a “problem” that we were never reported anyone and understand the settings that you used for your customization as we have included many combinations.

How can i make a regular gallery (not a portfolio galery) inside a page. I’m trying using some popular plugins like “FancyBox”, but every time then a click on a pic, it doesn’t works right, because de page make de “open-close transition moviment” in the page. please help me, a realy need your help

Hi Rafael, we have just answered via email! Let us know if it works!

Hi! it’s almost working well. i sent you whats is happening via private email. please send me a answer as soon as you can. thank you so much

OK! I just reply you :)

Hello your demo links & support site are not working currently .

Hi t808, thanks for having warned! In fact our provvider warned us that today there would be problems for maintenance.

Hi another quick question.. – Does this theme work within a wordpress multi-site ?

Hi t808,

please send us your credential to be able to check it.

Thank you

Hey, my home page slideshow arrows are not working..?


Hi Thinkluke, great customization!

Please refer to this post, it seems you have simply not installed Font Awesome:


Lovely theme, but I’m surprised there is no in-built capacity for social sharing of posts or portfolio items.

Hi Immanance, Thank you for the idea, we have focused on other aspects than share and no one asked by now!