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Hi, great looking theme!

Does it have the option for captions on top of the portfolio slider?


Thanks kallekillen!

The theme doesn’t come with an options for doing that but you can achieve it anyway by a really simple change in the css.

HI – beautiful file. I assume the portfolio item “info” could be set to be open when the item is loaded without having to click the “info” button? Thanks

Hi Charlie4282, thank you for interested in our theme!

If you want the info are always visible have you already seen the dark version of our theme with this option enabled? http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/

If instead you want the white version (fullscreen portfolio) but with the info always visible we can make the change for you after purchasing the file. Let we know.

Thank you for this – discussing it with colleagues today now we have the images that would need to go in there. Will let you know. Thank you for the very fast response


Really beautiful theme here. I’m interested in purchasing this item for a paintings site, but I have some questions as far as personalization or editing.

The paintings in question are large format (around 50-60in by 50-60in) and typically fully square in size. In the interest of getting the most out of them in the portfolio section, I’m wondering if it is possible for the full images to be shown (understanding that there would be pillar bars on each side for most monitors), and then have a “zoom” where the mouse cursor can navigate around the image at a substantially higher zoom level. The paintings are rather large, and have many minor details that web users would like to zoom in to see.

I like your theme in particular because this seems very possible. Your full screen image already has a zoom, albeit at a lower zoom level, and matching width to monitor.


undsgn: I guess I mean the thumbs (square thumbs), then a full image view once clicked, and then some way to zoom in and hover around using a mouse cursor.

Can this theme be customized to do this via the code if bought? Are you available to do this kind of customization?

Hi Opersaud, sorry but we are not available for customization. In any case, we are also in doubt about how this solution on mobile would works: the zoom could create a lot of problems. Why do not you just use two columns of the portfolio so the images will be larger and then open the job with the panning (where you can put the images as large as you want)?

Hrm… that may work. Is it possible to control the level of zoom in the panning, so it goes closer than just “screen width”? These are large images with small details.

Thanks A LOT for your support ! You gave me a solution so quickly and so needed for me !! Thanks again ! A beautiful theme and a beautiful support ;)


I just purchased your theme, and for some reason I can’t make an account on your website for more support questions. I receive an error when I insert the purchase code. Anyway, I was wondering how I can add more social media icons in the footer area. From default you only have 4 options. I would like to have more than this. Is this possible ?

Hi csdmedia,

thanks for purchasing!

Could you please try once more to register on your support and report it in case it doesn’t work.

You can anyway add more social icons by adding new

  • tag in the footer.php and change the icon class by looking here http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/ .

    Thanks again.

  • I have been really happy with the theme and the support offered by the developers. I would like to give them a 5 star rating. Anyone know how I do it?

    Nice them, although it doesn’t seem very well suited for photographers who have portrait oriented photos, especially in full screen mode, it would mean that the image would have to be extremely big if its a portrait (versus landscape).

    Hi Qwik3r, thank you for interested in Egofolio theme! Of course if you want to use a photo in fullscreen portrait mode you will need to insert a large (we added to this panning effect), but this is something beyond this theme… Alternatively you can create the portfolio as it is in the dark version: all settings that you see in the dark version can be applied to the light version and vice versa simple via WordPress admin.

    Hello, I want to buy the dark theme, but is it possible to preview portfolio images in fullscreen (in dark theme) ?

    Thank you

    edit: oh nice i just read the previous comment :)

    Hi Myr, all the differences you see between the white version and the black version are settings that can be set easily by the admin of WordPress!

    Yes, it is definitely possible!

    Hello, maybe it’s a stupid question, but… can I edit the dark version to become white (or viceversa)? Also… is it possible to modify fonts dimension, rollover colours etc… ?


    Ops, sorry!! I read all the first comments except the last ones!! :-P

    Ciao Mizake,

    all the differences you see between the white version and the black version are settings that can be set easily by the admin of WordPress (the theme has many options as you can see and even more…).

    Changes to font and colors can be made ??by editing 1-2 lines of Css file!

    Thank you for interested in our theme!


    I am wanting to create a 3 column responsive page with isotope filtering. i am have a b*tch of a time writing the scripts myself and want to know if this template is flexible enough to modify for me needs


    this is where i am at. i really just need to add in the filtering – sadly Masonry doesn’t offer it anymore.



    the biggest difficulty i am having with my own work is that it WAS masonry but i want to switch to ISOTOPE because of the filtering functions. I cannot seem to get it to work.

    If this template is able to work as a fullscreen fluid/responsive page with filtering then i am sold.

    i can edit HTML /CSS – to an extent.

    Hi, our theme is Isotope powered, please look at the filtering option in “light” version. Don’t you see the filtering portfolio menu?


    thanks for the assistance. i purchases the theme and so far so good.

    the one hurdle i am facing in converting this to a 100% width 3 column page is the following:

    i need to change the class from ‘container’ to ‘container row-fluid’ – this is the fist div under ‘portfolio-items wide container’ – the issue is that it’s within the dynamic content section, and i cant’ figure out where the php page is to edit this.

    any thoughts?




    I would buy this great theme, bit i have one question bevor.. The home slider, is it possible to setup a other transition or a smother fade? Or pictures comses from right or left in?


    Yes is very easy, just let me know in case you buy it.


    I have buy it now, please let me know in wich file i can setup a smoother fade ;-)


    Hello johannes1000,

    thanks for the purchase.

    I answered you on the support site.

    Does this theme support adding a background image to main pages. I want to add a repeated image to add texture to the theme. Thank you.

    No it can not at this point, but it could be easily achievable through a little modification.

    Hi! I’m thinking about buying your theme but i need share buttons for facebook, google+ and twitter in the portfolio settings. Is it possible?

    thanks a lot!

    Hi Sildelespai, thank you for interested in Egofolio!

    The default theme does not provide this option, but you can do it easily because in the description of each portfolio is a HTML space.

    Alternatively, as did one of our customers, you can use ShareThis plugin!

    Let me know if you need more info.

    Thanks!!! Can you please show me the link of this customer website to see how does it work?

    Thanks a lot for you quick answer!


    Hi Sildelespai,

    I can not post here directly the website of one of our customers, you can still look for the discussion in our support forum:


    hi again!

    Is it possible to remove the zone where appears the message Graphic Designer? Or, if it isn’t, is it possible to put an image instead?


    Hi, yes is it possible do both tricks! Please singup to our support forum and we care to support the solution! Br


    i’m trying to login to the support forum and it ask me for a purchase code, i can’t find any code that work, not transaction code not invoice number, any suggestions?

    Dear undsgn,

    I have some problems with you theme “egofolio”

    I have install it on the website www.peirra.nl but when I klick on the portfolio menu, in this website I have call it “aanbod” The website does not slide down enough to the portfolio “aanbod” items. Cloud you help me with this, so I can solve this problem?

    Kind regards,

    Willem Naber


    T: 020-8100165 E: info@igento.nl

    Hi Wallie85, your URL preview is wrong… please post on support forum and we can care the solution. Cheers

    Hello undsgn! Thanks again for this great template. It works really fine for our needs as a film and media production company. For our purpose there is one thing short: Is it possible to have a youtube/vimeo embed directly on the blog page? so to speak as a “featured image” for the post?

    Cheers Clemens

    Hi somniafilm,

    could you please register yourself and post the request on the support forum.


    Thank you

    hi undsgn,

    For the contact form, Install the plugin CForm 7 and activate it.

    where can i find the CForm 7?


    Hi Augustprawira, thank you for choosing our theme!

    Just google about it or download from WordPress plugins directory. CForm 7 is a free plugin.

    thanks undsgn,

    now i have the other problem why all the icon like previous icon, next icon, close icon, fb icon, and all icon not shown correctly? i have reinstall the theme but it still not working. take a look my website www.christinetinktink.com



    I intended to buy your template but after trying to see it on my iPhone I see different problems (on iPhone) :

    -> the website is flashing -> long to load… -> many display bug (flash, load and reload…) -> transition problems between pictures

    Do you have any other website adress with your template where I can go with my iPhone to see if it is the same thing ?

    Otherwise congratulation for the good job


    Hi 7200adb, thank you for interest in this theme! These problems seem strange because no one has ever said anything about it. Perhaps because of the frame purchuase? What iOS?

    Here you are: http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/light/ or http://demo.undsgn.com/egofolio/dark/