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Awesome, awesome theme. So glad I found this.

Hey topbuzza,

The PSD is not included as most of the design process come in the browser. Hope that helps and if you have any more questions just let me know.


Hi, Lovely theme you have here, I am interested in buying this for my shopify store, but i need to know if i have to renew my subscription for this theme every month?

Thanks for purchasing the theme. Glad you liked it.

As for the product sizes, the best way to make it look like a grid, like in the demo is to standardize your product images. Find a size that you like and create all your images to that size, that way everything will line up.

On a side note, I’m not seeing any text that’s hidden, do you have an exact product it’s happening too?

now its not happening, i changed the size back to small.. thats for your suggestion. what do you think the smallest size could be? im sry if this is a silly qn.. ty

The size really depends on how small/large you want the photo. It varies with the type of products your selling.

Hi, Please help, I have tried to upload this theme to shopify and have received the following message.

zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

Thanks for purchasing the theme. That error usually occurs when your uploading the wrong zip. Hopefully the following helps you out.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file for ThemeForest, unzip it. In that folder you should see a eightythree.zip and a Help folder. The eightythree.zip file is the one you want to upload to your Shopify admin panel while uploading a theme in your admin panel.

Hope that helps.

Hello! Just bought the theme! Love how easy it is to edit! I had one question about the social network icons on the footer.

Is it possible to add an instagram icon?

Just kidding again _ spoke to soon.

I ended up moving it to where the payment card logos go. But now I’m having an issue with the top padding. I tried editing the layout.liquid but nothing changed. I want the “Subscribe to our mailing list” to have less padding above it. So that it’s flush and aligned with the copyright.

screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/1zn4r3t/8

You’ll probably have to tweak the CSS for the MailChimp form. Have a look for ‘margin’ or ‘padding’, those are the two settings that would shift things down a bit.

Yeah it’s weird. The Mail Chimp form completely falls apart when I edit it. I’ll keep messing around with it. Thanks for responding!

I just bought this and I was curious if on each collection page of products, if there was a way to add a header picture?

No worries, all the best with the site.

Is there an easy way to remove the “title” from each page?

Hey shoptealpearl,

You’ll have to remove the code from the liquid files, just work your way through the templates folder and remove or comment out the following…

<!-- page title -->
<div class="page-title sixteen columns">
    <h1 class="remove-bottom">{{ page.title }}</h1>
    {% include 'snippet-breadcrumbs' %}

You might have to add some margin-bottom to the header depending on how close you want the content to your header.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Simon

can pop up newsletter sign up be added to this theme?

Hey iamroyalbum,

Sorry this fell through the cracks… It’s possible through a bit of javascript, or you could probably find an app through the theme store at Shopify that could probably do the trick.

Hope that helps.

I bought this a while ago could you tell me how to change the size of the slider pls??

Hey ashtorvi,

If you want to change the width, you’ll have to adjust the code through the theme files. If it’s the height of the slider, it will automatically take to the height of the image uploader. So if you want a taller image, just upload it. Just try and make all the images the same size so the content below doesn’t jump up and down.

Hope that helps.

I got it about the height. Could you please help me out with the width?? Just let me know where exactly do I have to change the code?? I suck at it but I can understand a little bit. Thanks a lot in advance. Btw I’m in love with this theme..

Hello. We bought the 83 template. We can’t adjust a drop-down menu (Link lists) if the name of point of the main menu is written by Cyrillics (Russian).

Help us please.

Lena Selina


Awesome theme. How can I remove “Ecommerce Software by Shopify” ?and will be looking out for instagram icon ;)

shop.nodencollective.com T

Hey alicewonderland,

Thanks for purchasing the theme and sorry this comment slipped through the cracks. You can remove that bit of text in the layout/theme.liquid file. Just remove the {{ powered_by_link }}, if you haven’t done so already.


I am using the MagicZoom app to zoom in the product images but it overwrites some parts of the code in product.liquid which is affecting somehow the “on sale” and “out of stock” labels in the theme. Do you know if something can be done to work that out? It could even be something written in the product description in highlight, any ideas would be great.

shop: pante.co.uk


Hey rebert,

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

The “On Sale” and “Out of Stock” variables, shouldn’t be affected as they are very simple bits of code. Needless to say adding MagicZoom shouldn’t cause them to disappear. I took a look at your site but couldn’t find an example, could you send over a link to where your experiencing the problem.



Sorry on the delay answering you as I was on holidays…

I have this item here: http://www.pante.co.uk/collections/catalogue/products/short-glove

It is out of stock, I made a short code in the product detail page where it checks the stock quantity and displays the message in the description like: “This product is currently out of stock and will be made to order.”.

It would be cool to display the label “out of stock” in the product listing also, maybe I am doing something wrong there, shall I give you some access to the server and you have any ideas I can fix it myself.

Cheers mate.

Hey rebert,

Right on on making that shortcode. As for the product listing showing a sold out icon, this feature should already be in the theme. You can download the theme files and again and compare the snippets/snippet-product-grid.liquid files. Look for {{ settings.out_of_stock_text }} on line 13.



Great theme – just finishing up my tweaks and ran into a wall with social.

I’ve been trying to add Instagram to the footer in the way it was described to nnarja but I’m having what appears to be an alignment or padding issue.

No matter what I try, I can’t get Instagram to valign with the rest. I’ve added the following to line 225 of theme.liquid layout:

<li><a href="http://instagram.com/unpiano" target="_blank"><img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0689/5535/t/6/assets/instagram.png?536" /></a></li>

Also, is there a way to have Instagram have a roll-over color like the rest of the social icons?


Hey unpiano,

Thanks for purchasing the theme, sorry your comment slipped through the cracks.

Unfortunately, the font that I used for the social media icons doesn’t have an instagram icon. I’ve been wanting to update the theme with FontAwesome icons, but just haven’t had the time to do so.

To get the hover, you’ll have to switch things a little. I can send you instructions, or if you just want to create an account for me on your shopify site, I can jump in there and get it up and running for you.

Hi – No problem at all.

I just sent you a PM with the login info. Thanks again so much – looking forward to the hover!

If you find that you don’t have time – just send the instructions and I can take a crack at it

Hey unpiano,

Just set you up with the instagram hover

Hello, I just bought the eighty-three theme, but I think I made an mistake. Is the hosting of this theme only possible if I have a paid shopify account? I want to use the theme at my normal 1and1.com account. Is this also possible? If not, can I cancel my purchase? Sorry for dumb sounding questions. I’m not an expert … Nora

Hey NoraG,

No dumb questions. This theme is specifically for Shopify, so you’ll need an account with Shopify if you want to use it. If not, and you purchased the theme hoping to used it for something else and looking for a refund. You’ll have to reach out to ThemeForest, as that’s who you bought the theme through.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for answering so fast.


I need to slow down the banner images on the home page. How would I do this?


Hey broodandbloom,

Thanks for picking up the theme. You’ll have to edit the a line of code. In your admin go Themes – Edit HTML/CSS. From there locate the functions.js file in the assets folder. Search for this section of code

        auto: true,
        pager: false,
        nav: true,
        speed: 500,
        maxwidth: 940,
        namespace: "centered-btns" 

Just change up the value for the speed setting. It’s in milliseconds. Be careful to leave the ”,” (comma) at the end of the line.

Hope that helps Simon

Thanks Simon!

Hi how do we center the colletion text on our home where its listed as 4 on row.

Hey denperss11,

Thanks for picking up the theme. You would require a little CSS in order to accomplish this. Hope the following helps out.

In your admin go to Themes – Edit HTML & CSS. From there find the Assets folder and locate the layout.css.liquid file. Scroll down to line 598 and you should see

.collection-description { padding: 0 5px;  }

Change this too…

.collection-description { padding: 0 5px; text-align:center;  }

An you should be all set.

Cheers, Simon

Worked great thank you!

Second question – how do we add apple pay to the payment theme with icon ?


Is it possible to use videos in the slideshow?

Hey chent,

It is possible, however you would have to replace the slider code with the embed code, say from youtube or vimeo. It’s relatively straight forward and I can give you have if you decide to move forward if you’re not comfortable getting you hands dirty in the code.

Hope that helps and thanks for checking out the theme.

Hi,I am using your template. But today I found the menu is not showing on mobile (IOS). How can fix this? Thanks

To be more clear. The main menu is not shown on the main navigation on mobile version. Thanks.


Hey carosda,

My apologies, I replied to the comment email notification, instead of on ThemeForest as the previous time you sent a issue it was via email.

I double checked the demo site and everything is working just fine with the mobile menu. Can you send a link and a password (if there is one) and I can take a look to see what’s going on.



is it possible to display an image of the blog post on the blog overview page?

Thank you for your help Jacky

Hey Jacky,

This should have been fixed in the last release, but if you have an older version of the theme you’ll need to add the following bit of code to the blog.liquid file found in the templates folders in the theme files.

{% if article.image %}
<a href="{{ article.url }}">
{{ article | img_url: '1024x1024' | img_tag: article.title }}
{% endif %}

Make sure it goes in between

{% for article in blog.articles %}


{% endfor %}

If you need a hand, just create me a user account in your admin and I can jump in there and make the change for you. Just use the email themes@sdjentertainment.com


does this support showing differing colors of an item?

Hey Sambuno,

You can add different colors through Shopify as a product variant of Color. The theme doesn’t have the little “swatches” built into it, but can be added with a bit of customization.