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Hi Johneyboy,

I purchased the template after seeing it advertised with WordPress themes.

Now I’m a bit at a loss as to how to install it as I’m not an HTML nerd…

I’ve uploaded it to test.screenwriters.net.au but CSS doesn’t seem to work.

Any easy hints for me?

Many thanks!




Your server seems to be blocking access to the css file. It is responding with a 403 Forbidden error.
Hopefully this points you in the right direction.


Wow – impressed with your blitz response! Shows up fine now.

I know this goes beyond your service but am I right in assuming I will need to edit & customize using an HTML editor (such as Kompozer) and WP-theme style online customisation is not possible?

Thank you again!

That’s great!

You are correct.

Glad I was able to help!

Hi Johneyboy

first of all thank for the great template. I really like it and planning to use it for my next project.

Question: Do you plan to modify the appeareance of the website for the iPhone retina display? At this point the font size is to small to read.

Will look into it.

Quick Note The theme live preview crashes on iOS 7 safari on iPad

Thanks for the info.

Does it’s newsletter have a database or somewhere the moderator can receive the emails list?

You can connect it to MailChimp.

Hello! I want to buy it, but I need insert my video with pop up like this http://themeforest.net/item/hello-responsive-coming-soon-template/4300129

Tell me please, is it possible?

I need to insert my video instead gallery on your demo.


You could use a bootstrap modal to make the popup. That’s what it looks like the ‘hello’ template is using.


I just purchase your Einstein landing page and I did it because of the globe map image. The image is missing in the download. Actually the images folder is empty. Can you please provide the image? Also can you provide a email address to contact you for support?



Sorry about that. You can download it for free from Pixabay here: http://pixabay.com/get/db95189c7b3843482a17/1390392129/africa-15428_1920.jpg

You can use the contact form on my profile page to contact me.

Hiya, The newsletter php is missing from the download I have. the html is going to this link http://demo.johneyboy.com/einstein_landing_page/template/scripts/newsletter.php which does not worl.

Please advise.

Please use the account you purchased the template with.

Hi, I am trying to modify the colours in the theme but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the social icons and arrow at the bottom of the screen. I will slap myself when you tell me but I cannot find it to save myself!

The social icons and the go to top arrow colors are the same as the link colors. So you would change them in styles.css at line 27.

Thank you very much, my face has been thoroughly slapped :P

Glad I was able to help!