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Great work. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks :-)

awesome template bro :)

- Chris

Thanks bro ;-)

Aaaaaand here it is! :P
Great work G. Wish you many sales…

Thanks J ;-) And sorry for all the emails :P

it’s great job.

thanks :-)

Original! Congrats.
Looks stunning.

Kind Regards,

thanks Bredos :-)

Awesome!! Great design!

Hope it sells well :)

Thanks Ruben ;-)

Verry impressive ! GLWS!

thanks :-)

Can I remove the slider above the menu? And will this be difficult or effect the theme?

What is the fix?


Yes you can just delete the slider div in the html that won’t affect the rest.

Thanks, Greg

Well it does affect the rest…!!! it leaves a giant empty top section where the slider used to be.


When you delete the entire div it also deletes the nav menu which is not even in that div…

Please provide a code snippet as to how to remove the top slider div WITHOUT affecting the rest…. thanks.

great template , if i buy it can i get source code to edit it ? can i use Arabic language ?


Yes all the source is included in the download file, however I am not familiar with using Arabic language as I have never tried but this is a regular html template so I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks, Greg

I’ve bought it !!! Best template among the creative templates . Good Luck with sales !!! I’m sure you’ll get about 500 sales, if you create it for wordpress ! Thanks!



Why doesn’t the theme work on my android? I am getting a button that appears which says ‘enter site’ – this is after I choose either video/image version.

This button does nothing when clicked… the site is 100% non functional on the phone therefore.

Also the menu on the phone floats at the bottom of the display….

What is the issue?


Can I first ask if you bought this template with the account you are writing from? Because I can’t see a “purchased” badge, so please first login using the account with which you purchased this template.

Thanks, Greg

Sure you can ask, but I did give you a clue as to how I was checking your theme out – FIREBUG…

Therefore NO I have not bought the theme, because you have yet to give a snippet of how to remove the

div class=”container ekoSlider” located in section id=”home”

...whereas you mentioned in another thread that this could be removed… “simply by removing the div without affecting the rest of the theme…” albeit when the div is removed – the nav menu vanishes… scary :) AND… the massive background section where the slider lives STILL stays visible which is not so great…

I am anxiously awaiting whether this can be done and then voila, you will see a ‘purchased’ badge right away LGLab – thanks :)

Also, please address the VIMEO videos not working issue if possible… will this be fixed?

Ok, well first of all you asked if the slider could be removed, you didn’t ask if the whole first section could be removed, the slider is only part of the home page, the giant empty space you mention could be a video background without the slider, it could be some sort of intro video, which would make that space still worth having, that’s what I understood.

Removing the entire “home” section is still possible but that would involve some slight code adjustments because my javascript code expects that section and will bug if the whole thing is deleted, so I can tweak that for you.

I’m quite busy today but will look into the android issue tomorrow, so check back for an update.

Thanks, Greg

I am trying to install this template using Joomla and when I go to upload the Package File it says “There was an error uploading to the server” and then it says “Unable to find install package.”

Please advise! Thanks you in advance!

Kindest Regards, Gina G.

Hi Gina,

Unfortunately this is a html template, not a joomla theme, so you can’t use it in Joomla, make sure to browse the joomla category next time.

Thanks, Greg

I hope the video background keep original sound, what can i do for that?


On line 57 of the index.html, remove the “muted” attribute of the video tag.

Thanks, Greg


Great template! Finding it very easy to use! I do have one quick question…

Is there a way to make the home page elements auto-advance (instead of having to click the next/back arrows)?

Thanks in advance! -Scott

Hi Scott,

Add this code at the bottom of the initHome function inside eko.js: http://pastebin.com/yZzM14zx

Thanks, Greg

Perfect! Worked like a charm! Thank you for the fast response! :)

Hi LGLab,

I am curious as to the state of this being viewed in browsers such as Opera and Firefox. I think this may be more of a server-side settings issue but I would like to just make absolutely sure. If you are aware of any video background browser issues, please let me know.



If you provide both mp4 and webm versions of your background video, it will work in all major browsers, Firefox and Opera in particular both support webm format, FF also supports mp4. If you have issues maybe try and add a ogg format, I chose not to because it’s not really needed and so it’s easier for buyers to just have to provide 2 formats instead of 3.

Thanks, Greg


please..help me..

On the server I’m using does not support webm format. How can I run a video in the background??


Make a ogg version of your video using the free software suggested in my help file, then update the video tag in the index.html to this:

    <video class="videoBg" preload="auto" autoplay="true" loop="loop" muted="" volume="0"> 
    <source src="videos/1.webm" type="video/webm"> 
    <source src="videos/1.ogv" type="video/ogg ogv" ;="" codecs="theora, vorbis"> 
    <source src="videos/1.mp4" type="video/mp4"> 
    Video not supported </video>

Let me know if OK.

Thanks, Greg

Hi, great template.Can you help me, I would to use my own script for contact form and subscription, but it looks like you use ajax, I tryed comment section in eko.js but it didn’t have any sense, which is the best way to change script to mine???

And another question on your demo background shape but on the image version it does’t move, how to fix it???


I can’t really advise you on the forms you want to use now as I don’t know which one, but to remove the default forms functionality simply comment out or delete those 2 function calls on line 147 and 148 of eko.js:


Which shape do you mean?

Thanks, Greg

thank for response I did it, but what about the second question?


I don’t understand what you mean with your second question, can you give more details?

I’m on holidays until 26th August now so will look at it when I come back.

Thanks, Greg

Looks great. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thanks :-)

Great template! Code is written very tidy, so it’s easy to edit & follow along.

HTML5 validation is great, and it’s hard sometimes to be on top of it considering how new HTML5 really is, but he’s done a great job!

Every single thing is customizable, should someone else have that question, and the author has been great at trying to lend a helping hand where needed & able.

Also, unlike many other templates, this template is TRUE mailchimp ready. Just enter your api key provided from the mailchimp dashboard, and you’re ready to go.

I hope this seller comes out with more stuff because I’ll definitely be interested in taking a look!

All the best!

Oh, and one more thing! The documentation included gives you one hell of a running start & is actual “readme” documentation that you don’t mind reading. Styled with css; easy to look at & easy to follow.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :-)