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Good luck with sales ;)

Thank You very much!

Looks fantastic, congrats :)

Thank you very much!

Looks great! If you can make it “responsive”, I’m buying it immediately!

Hi! Design is responsive now.

It´s a really delicious template; as Barracuda62 says, I will buy the future responsive update

Hi. Updating complete! Responsive template is available now for purchase!

Thanks Mr. chaykovskiy, I want it; just one more thing: Can you help me to integrate a contact form?

Yes of course. Just send me mail please via my user page contact form and i will sent version with contact form for you.

Great template! Thanks! I have one question – I am gonna send you an e-mail. ;)


Im having an issue with IE 8 and the GO TO Function when I click a link it does not take me down the page. Any Ideas?

Hi. Please send me mail via my user page contact form and i will resend to you a new version without IE8 bug or wait please 2-3 days for updating here. Thanks so much!

Thank You So Much Fast Response A+!

Chaykovskiy, If I give you description of customization needed, could you give me a price to do the work? It’s not a lot, but a few things i need to modify.

Thanks Chris

Hellow Chris. Thank you for your message. Send me please via my user page coctact form your descriptions of customazitions needed.

Excited about working with this theme. Exactly what I was looking for!

Hello guys Is this template supposed to re-adjust on Ipad when its displayed as portrait? Seems to go all over the place! Have you got an email so i can send you my link?

Hello, thank you for your message. On Ipad everything should works OK. Please email me via my user page contact form. Thanks so much!


I am trying to upload my zipped theme file and it keeps saying that it failed because it does not have a style.css which it clearly does!


Thanks for your message. If you try to upload Eldat HTML theme to your server, you should unzip all files.

Best Regards.

Hello thinking about Tour Buy it. Can you make the prettyphoto Gallery more exciting. Can you add this easyly? Can you add Tabs and accordion elemtents? Like your Design of ColorSync and harmony but missed Somerset effects so i im still unsure if the Template fits my Wisches. But Great work at all!

No i purchased the template. The Author need some time to answer questions but he helped me several times to implement wishes. Now i’m looking for a way to give the restaurant team a way to offer customers infos about special events like brunch, party, etc. One idea is to integrate twitter. could be the solution. Another idea is to integrate a calendar. Maybe someone can give a tip which is the easiest way to do.

Maybe it’s a good feature request?

Nice theme and good work at all.


Many thanks for comments and propose. I think your examples of calendar and twitter will be very useful at Eldar template. In new versions of Eldar i will try to realize your all requests and i will need about one-two week for create it. I will also try to faster respond on comments, thanks for waiting.

Best Regards

Hello, I purchased your great theme and all is working great when I’m working on local; once exported on internet it’s totally wrong… You can check it on Even your dark version as is gives me the same… Could you find out what’s wrong? I can’t… :)

Kind regards

Hello, Thanks for message. Looks like something wrong with your host. In – not an original code of Eldar theme, i think it have been changed by host. May be your host have some advance SSI controls. In html i see “[an error occurred while processing this directive]” – time to time it means that value is a path relative to the directory containing the current document being parsed. It cannot contain ../
You can also try to delete all html comments – on different hostings it can be helpfull.
Best Regards

Hello, what is the easiest way to update the google maps location?


Thanks for your message and purchase. Yes, exactly like in your link, but don’t forget for values – <iframe width=”100%” scrolling=”no” height=”580” frameborder=”0”

Best regards

Hello are you working on a Integration of a calendar? or how should People using your Theme publish Events?

Hello, yes we are working on it. On Eldar template you can publish all your news and events in slider. If you need special event script immediately, i can offer you creating an freelance equipment on if you send us some information of your needed we create a special offer for you and you will have you customizations in few days!

Best Regards

Are there any WP version in the pipeline?

Very happy with this template! Easy to work with, very clean, and awesome support! Thanks again.

Hello, I just bought the template html Eldar, beautiful … but I can not make it work sending emails. Can you help me? Thank you in advance!

Hello, Thanks for purchase and message. Please check your host, is it ready for php/ajax scripts. Thank you. Best Regards, Chaykovskiy

Hi, We are using the Restaurant theme, which is working really well for us except for the menu. When we see the site on our mobile phones, we get a list box, but this is not what we want, we would rather have a smaller version of our menu. We are ready (and able) to change css, php, etc, to shrink the existing menu, can you let us know the easiest way to do this? Thank you in advance, Pete


If you buy Eldar theme, i’ll do it for free special for you. Just contact with me via my user page contact form.