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@crosailes Can I hire you to upload/set-up my theme, I need some help, I have no idea with vBulletin. First time I’m using it.


Great theme and was very easy to setup. Though I was wondering if you have any future plans on making a dark version or if I could commission you too.

Hi im have one question, i need one modification is this part of product vbseo, and comes standard , now i need this as well i need help please crosailes.

Contact me via email (through my profile), and send me a link to your website.

i send my webiste in mail. thanks for you help.

Hi I want to ask before purchase this great style, is it easy to modify and add any plugins to it? like dragonbyte navtabs to add second navbar?

Thanks in advance.

ummm, this is really disappointed me :( I have another 2 questions, the first one, is it easy to add other plugins that need completely new pages and make them have the same feeling? I mean is there a tutorial shows how to apply changes in CSS for every new page in your forum? The second question is stupid one, but is it easy to change the style color palate? Thanks for your fast reply.

I think you need to find someone with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS who will help you.

To change the colors, you will need to edit images (gradients) and edit CSS code. Also, for the plugins (depending on how it works), you may need to adapt the HTML/CSS code to fit this style.

I have good knowledge I think :). I think this nice style must get a try ;). Thank you for reply.

Purchased this theme awhile back, fantastic theme! Got around to installing it recently; however, I find it a bit inconvient to see who posted last. Is there anyway to change the last post by user from this:

To this:
Use the “Styles & Templates” > “Search in Templates” to find and remove (or comment) following code:
.forumlastpost .lastpostby a.username {
    display: block;
    width: 13px;
    height: 14px;
    overflow: hidden;
    background: url(images/electron_style/user-small.png) no-repeat;
    text-indent: 13px;

I think, this is one of the best Forum Skin for vBulletin. Great work, crosailes.

Support 5 stars. To all my questionall the seller gave answered. It is very important. Thank you again and best wishes.

Hi How does Mobile Style works? It would be best if we can use 1 theme for both mobile and big browser (i.e., laptop). Is that possible with this one theme? We need it to be flexible for both mobile and laptop/desktop big screen (something like your Flat Theme for vBulletin 5 Connect but for vBulletin 4.2.2)


It’s two separate themes (main and mobile), just like Default Styles.

I tried to contact you through your PM but got no reply. I’m having trouble with some plugin, especially dragonbyte vbshoot plugin that doesn’t appear correctly in the skin. Dragonbyte staff told me you are the only one who can solve this problem for me. The vbshoot button appear outside the box, and are not well displayed…. according to Dragonbyte staff, it’s a CSS problem.

I replied to your email, check.

Thank you. It seems there is a problem as I didn’t find your email in my mail box. How can we get in touch? I badly need your help to solve my problem as I love your design and can’t use it because of CSS issue… try to email me to my gmail address… cip.benjamin at thanks in advance.

UPDATE : I could never thank you enough for you support! :)

No Support for VB 5?

Does this style work with Dragonbyte Navtabs Mod ?

Probably not.

Have any plan to compatibility update ?

No, I’m sorry.

Compatibility with DBSEO?

I sent you email.

Can people create an account through something like Facebook and use the forum?

Is there anyway you can make the whole theme a little bigger. Everything seems slightly too small. Or is there an easy way to this?

I think there is no good way to do it. You need to edit many CSS code. This theme was designed to be small.

Maybe it’s possible to write JavaScript which will increase the “font-size” and “line-height” all at once.

Hello is ti possible to customize like

Are you having another type of layout please?

Here standard vBulletin 4 layout, see screenshots.

just downloaded it has missing stylesheet so unable to upload installation failed , plz help me to solve it,

OK, I approved the refund. Be careful next time.

thank u for refund , as u said vbulletin 4 works for wordpress is this link right to purchase theme for wordpress ?

No. vBulletin, phpBB, ect. is special software, you must install it separately, their templates are incompatible with WordPress.

Hello , Is there a Turkish language add-ons?

Yes, Google “vBulletin 4 Turkish Language”. We are interested in the following functionality ? Does your theme have the capability ? Please can you suggest me a plugin ? We are interested in the time line capability .. we will purchase the theme only if you had the following .. capabilitiy..