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Awesome Theme with Verticle Mega Navigation…

Best of Luck for Mega sale :)

Thank you, oyecart. Your encouragement will make us more passionate for further development in the future. Hope you enjoy our work. Good day,

A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Thank you JOGJAfile, we appreciate your compliment for our theme. Hope you enjoy it. Good day

Thank you, Gluckxxx for your compliment. It is a supportive encouragement for our development. We hope you enjoy it. Good day,

Excellent responsive theme – congratulations.

Thank you for your compliment, canopej1. It is a supportive encouragement for our development.

If you have any issue or query, please contact us at support@galathemes.com. We are always willing to support you. Any feedback, both positive or negative, is useful for our products and you as well, and don’t forget to review our products on themeforest.com.

We hope you enjoy it.

Good day,

Hi tvigiao

I am considering purchage this team I think it looks great.

But I have a few questions:

1. Has it been SEO optimized 2. Is it possible to have categories with a picture on the home page 3. Is is possible to enlage the buttons with regard to add to basket, for better call to action

Kind Regards

Hi MikkelV,

Thank you for your questions About your questions, Gala Electronues Market Responsive Theme need to be customized, please send email to support@galathemes.com with your requirements so that we will estimate it for you.

Best Regards

The theme was SEO optimized. As you see, we used CSS Image Sprites, heading layout optimize, clean code etc. We provided many changeable content blocks to help you easily optimize content on the website, not only for search engine but also for purpose of encouraging users to buy your products. For question 2 and 3, our theme has powerful customization features, so you can change massive information for website from back-end management. In particular, question 2 relates to arrangement of layout, and we are not so sure where about you want categories picture on homepage. You can create static block with image and link it to categories, then config in back-end to display the content of this static block on the home page. If you are not sure where you need custom, you can send us your requirement at: support@galathemes.com. Our support team will help you in details. With question 3, enlage the buttons add to basket ( Checkout, Add to cart…) is a CSS customization for website when using. If this answer is not clear enough, please contact us. Thank you very much, and we appreciate your concern a lot.

Great work guys, I think your theme is going to make other Magento theme builders step there game up. I love the build your own home page part. I think having this will boost the sells.

Do you have a video walkthrough on building out the home page? I would love to see this, I ask because I’m thinking of buying the theme and just wanted to see how it works first.

Hi Sir,

Gala Electronues Market Responsive Theme doesn’t have the video walkthrough, it only has the documentation to guide you to build theme.

Best Regards

Hi DigitalDigg,

Thanks for your compliment. Our purpose of creating a brand new concept about Magento theme is to help end-users manage, or change the theme as their wish after an induction time. It includes powerful customizable functions in both arrangement and layout. We are processing to build up a tutorials and video collection, but if you can’t wait to, you can contact us at: support@galathemes.com. We will set up a real store, then you can experience it in real life.

If you have any issue or query, please contact us at support@galathemes.com. We are always willing to support you. Any feedback, both positive or negative, is useful for our products and you as well, and don’t forget to review our products on themeforest.com

Good day,


We’ve just added 2 videos for installation instruction, check out here:

For theme package: http://youtu.be/BV84SjkjPi4 For full package: http://youtu.be/zX3swNyQs4Q


Hi tvlgiao,

First of all a great work from you guys, awesome theme…

If we buy this theme, do we get – Layered PSD, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files. altogether in a zip format or what?

Please advice.


Hi srsgiri, you will get all of them in a zip file ~200Mb: PSD, theme package, full package (like our demo) , Tutorial, Megamenu Magento extension.

Hei All, This has been a really pleasing purchase from Gala Themes. Their Support team helped me a lot to set up my site.

- First see ‘Responsive OnePage Checkout’ (although not included in the theme) – it is the first of its kind. Guys, you should market this on Magento connect.

Second, the widgets on the homepage. Just in case someone has the same problem. To see the homepage widgets – flush cache and reindex tables.

Thanks for your compliment @canopej1. We are always willing to support you. If possible please make review for help us.

Moreover, we just update 2 video for installation guide at http://www.youtube.com/magentotheme .

For theme package: http://youtu.be/BV84SjkjPi4 For full package: http://youtu.be/zX3swNyQs4Q

Nice theme, and best support! Its can help us easy to manage shop after a induction time, easy for change style when running some advertising programs… I really love your Mega menu extension. Thanks tvlgiao and thanks your support team with their help!

hello sir , i am from India and want to buy your theme but, your payment transaction system not support the visa debit card its showing error during transaction . i tried many times with different international debit card still the result is same.

is there any other payment except theme forest option like net-banking or else plz suggest me…....

Hello, You can pay from your Paypal account. For more info about payment, please contact Envato support directly: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit


i am create the paypal account when i am going to add my visa debit card information its say “your information is not correct and it match with the paypal postal address / for another visa debit card its say this is refused by bank and all that ”. i am in a big trouble what can i do now ?

I don’t know why it does not accept your card. Please contact Envato support for help http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit


hi. it looks very powerfull… i wonder. if it supports 3th level of menu? like this : menu > sub menu > sub-sub menu

Hello, Yes it supports unlimited level.

hey i want verticle mega navigation with image like (Yebhi.com). i am waiting for your new project with this feature.


Thanks for your interesting. We are working in process to adding icons. Update version will be released soon. Regards

Hello, we have upgraded the theme to support icons. Please check out demo at http://demo.galathemes.com/gala-electronues/


Hi there, you have build a very nice theme! I have a question before buying it: I`m building a multishop, is it possible to get shops (on different domains) from the shop selector into the categories menu? So when the customer clicks on a category he will be redirected to another domain/shop.(transferring the SID for shared carts)


You need create 2 mega menu for 2 store : Galathemes -> EM menu manage -> create new mega menu for new store.

Then, you create widgets instance for each store : CMS -> widgets -> you create new widget same widget “Gala Electronues Main Menu” and select store for it.

Thanks for your fast reply,

the widgets for each separates store menu works, but what we really want is the same multistore mega menu on every site, like:

shop x menu layout: shop x\ category 1; shop x\ category 2; shop y\ category 1; shop y\ category 2;

shop Y menu layout: shop x\ category 1; shop x\ category 2; shop y\ category 1; shop y\ category 2;

the menu’s should be the same on every site, the problem is linking to the other store catagories because store direct_url returns only active store url’s.

do you have any suggestions for retreiving the multistore catagories?


Hello, the directive {{store direct_url=”/category/product-a.html”}} is just resolved to http://shop-x.com/category/product-a.html. I think you should enter direct link, for example:


Can you make an affiliate webshop that can compare prices with this template?

Has the theme been tested on 1.6 at all?

Hi, Theme currently does not support 1.6. Regards

very good template

Thanks for your compliment. Would you rate for us in your Dashboard > Downloads tab > then click on the stars beside the purchased theme?

Best Regards,

Great Magento Theme.

How do I make mega menu(All Categories) keep open on category pages and item detail pages as index page? Currently set as mouse over to open.


Thanks for super fast support. I have tried your suggestions, menu is open but all columns including product details are pushed down below menu level. Any idea?

We’re trying other solution. Will update you shortly. Regards

Hello, We released a new update version to support this feature you requested. Please upgrade new version and refer the user guide, section Customize the vertical mega menu to always expand

Best Regards,

I have this issue I installed the full version and I get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/content/49/10519849/html/app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Model/Config/Font.php on line 1

you can edit in file font.php : app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Model/Config/ . Open file and replace code in link : http://pastebin.com/ZL74XpLF

Hello, Three days agoI was send you on support@galathemes.com one question. Dont recived any answer…

Regards Tomasz

The bestseller widget loads products dynamically once you have sales. Please refer the user guide section Using widget Featured / Bestseller / New / Sale Off / EM Recent Reviewed Products We have instructed how to add a new widget.

Best Regards,

Realy I read user guide. This isn’t my first, second, or third shop. Plea se look at site tzytke.uni.me Widget dosn’t work, and on home page you will see error page.


Our technical staff will contact you via our support ticket to investigate more about your problem.


Hello, I have problem, when i installed theme, when i go to admin->configuration->Gala Electronues settings, i see white window, why? And when i install your demo theme in home page i dont see any products, why?



Did you flush magento cache, logout and login again?

If you install the theme using the theme package, there is no sample products.

To install a store look exactly like our demo store, please use the Full Demo Site package.

If you are not able to get it work, please send us your hosting details and magento admin account so that we can investigate.