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Hi tvlgiao

its possible to remove the drop down Search display?

image: http://victorysurfshop.com/search.jpg



yes, you can remove it in file : app\design\frontend\default\galaelectronues\template\catalogsearch\form.mini.phtml remove code : http://pastebin.com/DAjt46Bd


Hi, I want to remove description tab from product detail page. Or default enabled tab must be features tab Is this possible?

thank you.

Hi, In full package demo >> home page, all widgets like new products shows sku of product also. can we hide sku from home page and product list page.


You can disable it by CSS. You try add css in file : skin/frontend/default/galaelectronues/css/theme.css , add code end file : .cms-index-index .sku, .catalog-category-view .sku {display: none;}

hi.your Theme is great, i wonder if this theme support support multi-language for customer to suff ?

need malay english language for customer to view page . thanks


yes, this theme work with multi language .

When I installed the Theme I noticed that there are additional blocks on the Product pages highlighted in green with “Sample Block Here”. How do I get rid of all these boxes?


You can go to CMS > static block > disable block “Sample Block”

In the search bar how do I take out the Line before the categories name?

Also, is there a way to only show the first level of the menu in the search bar drop down only? Currently it shows all levels.


You can mail your requirement to support@galathemes.com .

Where do I change the following text in the header? Default Welcome Msg! Support 24/7 1800 – 123xxxx GalaThemes

Where can I change or delete all links in the footer area?

Where can I change the links to the three images under the slider on the homepage?

Hi ,

You can mail to support@galathemes.com . We will manual you.


I have removed 3 widget/static block from home page

1. Electronues Home Banner – Area04 2. Gala Electronues New Products – Area07 3. Gala Electronues New Products Slider – Area07 After removel many empty lines are displaying in my home page.

Please refer. http://imgur.com/7PDZhP9 or www.nomrp.com

Please let me know the solution to get rid of these empty lines.


You can mail to support@galathemes.com . We will help you check it.

This theme best ecommerce theme, Themeforest themes of eCommerce. But This theme is need to new header and new Slider:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


We have provider custom service. If you want custom header , you can mail to contact@galathemes.com


Is this working with magento


Magento version was just released. Current theme don’t check with version. We are trying to complete the upgrade as soon as possible. When it complete update , we will notice in description theme . You can login your account and download package theme again.

Thank you


I just updated the theme

When I create a new page with EM Featured Products the page shows all in blank. However if I create a page without em featured products it shows perfectly.

This only happens with the new pages that I create, not with the rest with em featured products.

I had this problem happened the last time I updated the theme.

I hope I explained well

Could you help me? :)


You can mail your problem to support@galathemes.com . We will help you check it.



We have the following issues

1. The product label in the menu does not work. Error: Invalid entity_type specified: productlabels

2. the homepage is empty

3. Layout editor, drag and drop does not work

4. Megamenu extension, editor does not render correctly on the backend. (as in the user guide)

We have created a ticket, but still got no reply. Nuimber: 5813006747

Thanks a lot for your prompt response.

Additional info, I found on the logs, actually its the only thing on the logs: 12T18:43:05+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/theprint/public_html/preprod/app/code/local/EM/Themeframework/Helper/Theme.php on line 50


We replied your email. Please check and reply us.

Wy force it to 960? use the mobile css for a good user experiance. When you doubt, take a look at our site kledingrek Succes!


Thank you. This theme have use responsive. It will auto resize when you view on mobile :)

How can I change the background of the mega menu where it says ALL CATEGORIES, I want to change the orange background



You can edit color it in : GalaThemes > Gala Electronues Settings > Secondary Background Color > change color for it.

This is not correct, color is still orange http://screencast.com/t/FcFMiZVTjm


You can edit color it in : GalaThemes > Gala Electronues Settings > 3rd Button Style > add css for it. EX : background-color:#fa5601; border:1px solid #fa5601; color:#ffffff;

Nice template.

Some Pre-Sales qtns:

1. How many product sliders can I put on the Homepage ? 2. Does Prod item have “Quick View” option as well as redirecting to Single Prod Page ?



1. How many product sliders can I put on the Homepage ?
>> You can configure show more slider on homepage. 2. Does Prod item have “Quick View” option as well as redirecting to Single Prod Page ?
>> Do you want when you click “quick view” go to product details ?

How can I decide which tabs to show in each product? in our website [removed] we show custom attributes in the tab, description, features, warranty, etc


If you want more tabs show custom attributes for each products , it will need custom code. You can mail your requirement to support@galathemes.com .


Our website still broken. After you “fix it” we have some problems: 1. Products not showing in any category, home, or wherever. 2. Still the same problem: “Fatal error: Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object in /home/victorysurfshop/www/app/code/core/Mage/Eav/Model/Entity/Abstract.php on line 816 “

After upgrade, the website NOT WORKS.

Please, can u tell us what is the problem?



You can follow ticket. We will check and reply in your ticket.

Hello, I have an issue using cutom validation on option field. I added my custom validation (one of already available in Magento) on option filed of configurable products but the theme ignore this custom validator. It consider only defauld validator like “required-entry” but it ignore when I add a validaton like “range-validator”. I don not undesrstand why it skips field validators added by me in “class” property


You can mail details your problem to support@galathemes.com . Our staff will help you check it.

Hi, I’d like to know how can I display attributes in the static block created. tks!


I am sorry. Static block don’t get attribute of products.

Theme is still not working properly, I listed all issues on ticket: 2937728337 Already waited 2 days since last update.

thanks for your prompt response


We will check and reply for you.

thank you, you have solved many issues, but still a few appear, can you please check the ticket again? I am delayed with the delivery of the site. thank you