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Hello tvlgiao

I am install your theme in hostgator hosting site but some time your theme is take a lot time for open and reload .

2- the main issue is the mega-menu. after editing when i am edit its sub-link of any menu then its can’t open and show 401 page error?

my link:http://westernkart.com/ go to engineering >Mechanical engg>??? Error? your mega-theme not working properly

3- can u tell me how to speed up optimization your theme in details in cant understand in your documentation file.

Hello, 1. hostgator is a shared hosting, thousands of website are sharing a same server, therefore it’s limited of CPU and memory resource to run magento smoothly. It’s recommended by Magento developers and community developers to host Magento on dedicated server instead.

2. Please flush cache, check our links, if it does not work, please you send us your admin info to investigate error #2, please send to support@galathemes.com

3. In order to speed up optimization, it requires a skill sets of php programming as well as server system knowledge. First of all, you need a good dedicated server and then hire someone to configure and optimize the server for you. After the server is optimized, next step is enable all magento caching level in magento backend, to speed up first page load, you should purchase a FPC extension, you can surf on google with keyword “Magento first page cache extension”.

We also provide magento optimization service, if you’re interest please contact our outsource department at sales@emthemes.com. Basically, we will look into your server to find out the root of problem, then suggest solutions for you, if you agree our solution and cost we will perform configuration and optimization. We will send you a result report to compare with your original site with guarantee 5A point in webpagetest.

Best Regards,

i am sending details to support@galathemes.com plz check it soon?

First Navigation (Clothing) is not working by defualt or something went wrong.??

Hello, it is just sample of static link. You can enter the actual link in the backend of mega menu. Best Regards

Hello, when i import item xml catalog, your theme work very slow, why? this is about 20000t items.


Hello, Did you enable all magento cache layers? What is your hosting server’s specifications? 20k items are very large, you should have a strong dedicated server in order to run the store smoothly.

Best Regards,

Hello tvlgiao, I just purchased your theme and I wanted to let you know that I really like it and it’s a very nice looking theme.

Unfortunately, I was getting a syntax error from app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Model/Config/Font.php. I removed the closing php tag (?>) from the file and it worked fine after that. Just thought I would share this.

Thank you, imagemarketing for your compliment and your bug report. We already upgrade new version for fix bugs and add more feature for this theme. Please upgrade to the latest version..

hello pls inform how to change catagory & store name insted if Electrnous to my store name ??

Hello, Do you want change category menu on left sidebar and title home page ? If true, you can edit menu in Backend -> Galathemes -> EM menu manager . You can edit title homage page in CMS -> Pages -> Gala Electronues Home

Hi, I’ve got some problems with your theme. First, mega menu doesn’t appear on default home page, i don’t want to use your home page because it has url with your name.

The mega menu in other pages than home page open only at 50 width and not full, it looks weird, how to fix that ?


you can mail your problem to support@galathemes.com . We will check menu for you.

Hi. There are many missing images on user guide page(galaelectronues-userguide\index.html) after unzip new downloaded file.

Hello, Could you try this user guide https://www.dropbox.com/s/scpxaizr31ceuyh/galaelectronues-userguide_M1.7.0.2_r309.zip

I tested but did not see missing images. Could you please send me your web browser details and screenshots?



Hello, I purchased your theme some days ago, and I wanted to let you know that I really like it and it’s a very nice looking theme. I had some problems with bestseller widget, but your support is excellent and qiuck. They help me twice. Good job !!!

I Want to Purchase your theme. But can i put Indian Rs. Symbol? Please add High Resolution picture then it will fulfill. Thanks

Sir i am waiting. Still my theme is not upload. Please let me know what is the problem.

We replied you ticket #NOY-618-59136 on March 15th from support@galathemes.com, with content:

Please give us your site/hosting information + Website address + Cpanel account + FTP account We will install the Gala Electroneus theme (full package) on your site.

But didn’t receive your respond. Please send us required info.

Best Regards

Today i already send. Please sir do this. Thanks.

your theme is very heavy and not optimize properly .

its take very long time to open and operate in the .

i make a mistake to choose your product .

your theme make me very much disappointing.

It cause 87$ Loss .

I cant proceed any more on your theme.

Hello, Please see the result of speed test our theme and demo site here: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130307_GN_TD3/1/details/

As you see, theme is optimized with:
  • First Byte Time: A grade
  • Keep-alive Enabled A grade
  • Compress Transfer: A grade
  • Compress Images: A grade

Please check our server configuration. Magento requirement a good server in order to run it smoothly.

If you need optimization services, please contact us for estimation.

Best Regards,

I am not able to install your theme. I sent a letter to support@galathemes.com, but no reply.


Our support email is support@galathemes.com

One of our staff already sent reply on 03/14 with content below:

Thanks for your purchase. Could you please send us your hosting FTP info and your magento admin account info so that we can install the theme you purchased. If you want us to install the full package with sample data demo, please send us your hosting cpanel account so that we can upload and extract zip files and import database.

Please check your email, maybe it’s in spam box. Please add our email support@galathemes.com in whitelist.

Thank you for your help in installing the theme.

You’re welcome. I’m sorry for delay.

Hello, thinking about to buy but i’m little bit scared with 57 html errors found by W3.org validator. http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://demo.galathemes.com/gala-electronues/ Any fix for this?

Thanks for your report. We will check it fix it asap.

Hi I have sent you email about 404 error I am getting when going to galatheme settings in admin. Can’t proceed further without this. Please respond at the earliest.

Could you try to replace by this file:


Open file and replace code in link : http://pastebin.com/ZL74XpLF


Thanks that fixed the problem. But now one more issue. I added category (i.e. apparel) and added a product to it (i.e. test). Added apparel.html in mega menu and tried to load the page apparel.html but get 404, whereas when I type test.html the product page shows up. Any guidance on how to set up category/sub cat in mega menu to show up will be appreciated.

Could you try to reindex database in backend > System > Index Mangement. Also make sure your category apparel is under the Root Category and enabled. If it does not work, please send us your admin account to support@emthemes.com to investigate.

Best Regards,

How can I put category products on first page I don`t see where from admin , and no documentation. Thank you

Please send us a screenshot?

I send but nobody fix !

Did you send to our email support@galathemes.com? what is your email?

Your theme is not responsive on iphone and htc (andriod). Could you please share your plan on supporting them? Poor display on iphone is displayed in the following image. http://i48.tinypic.com/2l27na.png

Could you try to test with from themeforest iframe: http://demo.galathemes.com/gala-electronues/

We tested on iphone4,5/ipod5,6 it works fine.


The EM MegaMenu Extension documentation included in the user guide is very limited. After installing the extension the demo menu items appear, instead of my categories, do I have to manually remove the demo ones and my websites each and every category and sub category? Why doesn’t it automatically picks up the category and sub-categories.

Need detailed documentation for Mega Menu, the two paragraphs and a couple of screenshots do not cover the features and configuration available with Mega Menu.

Please add more detailed MegaMenu documentation. I bought this product to get this kind of menu only.

We’ll add more details on document and send you asap. Best Regards

Didn’t get that, when are you going to send that?

Hi! Can I turn off the cart and use the theme as a simple catalog?

Does this theme support cyrillic alphabet?


Can I turn off the cart and use the theme as a simple catalog? > you can use css disable all button add to cart. Does this theme support cyrillic alphabet? > yes , it can view with cyrillic alphabet .


I am interested in buying this theme. I will need to customize it though in order to add extra drop-down menus next to the search one. I will use these choices to filter out product based on some criterias.

Is it possible to do with this theme ? Could you point me in the right direction to do that ?

Thanks Mathias

Yes I will. I just need some pointers on where to start to add these drop down menus.

I see. You can edit the CSS file to move the search box to left. Add the new form by editing file catalogsearch/form-mini.phtml in the template directory.

Thanks. I will look into that

Hi, I installed magento and theme successfully. When I set up the system config and try to open System > Configuration > GENERAL > Gala Electronues Settings, it cannot open that page and return a server error “The website encountered an error while retrieving http://www.knick-knacks.com.au/index.php/admin/system_config/edit/section/galaelectronues/key/24a551dbdac84f606b9e2819680193b8/. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.” How can I fix that? Thanks


Did you send to our email support@galathemes.com? what is your email?

Best Regards.

I send from your profile page and my email is xdreamsolutions@gmail.com


I don’t find your email . Could you please resend it to support@galathemes.com again?

Thank you.


Can I buy this offer 50$

Hi lulustorm, Thank you for your contacting us, Sorry we can not give you package theme for 50$, It only sales with 85$ , I hope that you will agree with 85$ to get package theme. You can compare price of our theme with other competitors. Our price is lowest and our features are unique. And we will support our theme at your site for lifetime, you only contact us you will get answer immediately. Thanks

I look forward to your reply.