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You did great job on the theme, just what i was looking for!

I was wondering how to add columns on the grid view, on default its shows 3 products in the catalog, how could i change it to 4 or 5?



To change the number of products per row in products grid, you can change it in backend GalaThemes > Gala Electroneus Settings > In Products Grid tab, you reduce the Item Width of a product.

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Hi! Just purchased and setting up this theme now. I’m running into a few errors. I hope you can help:

When trying to access the Gala Electronues settings menu in the admin side:

Fatal error: Call to a member function toOptionArray() on a non-object in /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/System/Config/Form.php on line 463

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Adminhtml_Block_System_Config_Form’ not found in /app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Block/Adminhtml/System/Config/Form.php on line 34

Hi I reinstalled Magento and then reinstalled the theme following your documentation exactly.. now when I try to access the Gala Electronues settings menu I am getting “404 Error Page not found”

Okay I tried logging out and logging back in after the 404 error, now I am getting the same:

Fatal error: Call to a member function toOptionArray() on a non-object in /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Block/System/Config/Form.php on line 463

Do you have any other suggestions please?

Success! I did one more complete reinstall of Magento and then the theme. This time I got the same error another customer was describing on page 1 of this thread where you suggested replacing the font.php file. I did that, and now everything is working.

Good afternoon, I liked the theme, but I would make some alterations before buying. 1 – In the HOME Products Sliders (NEW PRODUCTS, MOBILE …) I can leave only a product or two?

2 – Within the categories would also like to leave only one product per line.

3 – I also would like to integrate a blog, I can? and that the latest blog posts appear on the home

The following pictures as I would like: Home: http://offthebox.com.br/images/home.jpg Category: http://offthebox.com.br/images/Category.jpg


what is your email?

We did not receive your email in support@galathemes.com, please submit your question in this form http://galathemes.com/support.html to make sure it does not drop in spam box. Best Regards,

How do I enable/disable the Magneto Theme Variation available in the demo store on my production store. After copying the theme on prod it is not available on the left side.

How do I change the icon images in the megamenu appearing next to categories. I do not want to use the icon images provided by the theme.


You can enable/disable the Magento Variation in backend GalaThemes > Gala Electroneus Settings > in tab General > Disable Variation block on frontend.

Regarding the icons on the Menu, it is an image which contains many icons, you can find it skin/frontend/default/galaelectronues/images/icons.png and each category is added css class for icon in backend GalaThemes > EM Menu Manager > Gala Electronues Mega menu Main, when you expand the link of category, you will see the css class of that category.

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The theme variation is visible that way but the background tiles supposed to appear on the panel are actually replaced by blank images. However selecting them and going for “Apply Changes” does work. How do I get the images to appear on the Variation panel.

The same is happening in the Admin Panel too… where these images are replaced by blank image placeholders.

I have checked the background tile images are there where they should be. Let me know how to show these images on frontend and backend.

Can you send me your site URL, and screenshot where you want background image changed? I’m sorry I do not get you. Best Regards

Using the EM Theme Framework and messed things up.. is there a way to reset it to default?


To reset the EM Theme Framework, you have to update data for EM Theme Framework in the database. If you want to reset it, please send your issue to support@galathemes.com, the Support Team will help you reset it.

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Also, how do I choose which EM layout applies to which type of page? For example if I want to change the product view page to 1-column?

You can set the 1-column layout for each separate product in backend Catalog > Manage Products > edit the products you want to change the layout, in Design on the left menu, you will see Page Layout option to change. Or you can set the default layout for all products in file app/design/frontend/default/galaelectronues/layout around line 174, you change template from 2columns-left to 1column. It will look like below: ”<reference name=”root”> <action method=”setTemplate”><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action> </reference>”

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Hello, I purchased your theme some days ago, and I wanted to let you know that. I had some problems with bestseller and menu can you please mail me menu and bestseller tutorial guide of how to create i’m new for magento. thank you vendor@theglobaltech.in

Hello, You can download the latest package. We have update details instruction for mega menu. What problem did you get with bestseller module? note that bestseller products only show up if the products have been sold. Best Regards

When I have come to install it my website broke on the frontend before I had even enabled it, to get the site live again I have had to temporarily remove these xml files from app/etc/modules;

EM_Galaelectronuessettings.xml EM_Themeframework.xml

The error im getting from magento is this;

Error: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘quest_mage.themeframework_page’ doesn’t exist

The magento’s architect is when you upload a theme / module, it will “install” immediately at the first time access to the site. Please read our user guide thoroughly for installation instruction.

Yes I understand that. Have you any idea what the problem is?

Hello, Our support staff will investigate and respond you in our working time 8AM-6PM GMT+7. Best Regards

1.I installed it and I get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Model/Config/Font.php on line1. I refer to two methods set up but it did not work.(“you can edit in file font.php :app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Model/Config/ . Open file and replace code in link : http://pastebin.com/ZL74XpLF""Unfortunately, I was getting a syntax error from app/code/community/EM/Galaelectronuessettings/Model/Config/Font.php. I removed the closing php tag (?>) from the file and it worked fine after that. Just thought I would share this.”)

2.When opened Home page it prompts error:Invalid entity_type specified: productlabels_css. We need your assistance. Thanks a lot!

what happen??? When opened Home page it prompts error:Invalid entity_type specified: productlabels_css. Pls reply ASAP!!!!

Please check and clear your magento cache. If it’s still error please email to support@galathemes.com with your FTP info we will fix it for you.

I have sent emails to your team.Pls give us a feedback ASAP.Thanks a lot!

hey, How can i force the theme to use only the 960 grid?

as i see there is already css file (960.css) but the problem is that the theme using other css files as 720.css or 1200.css dependent on the resolution of the client.

You may try to edit this file:


‘0px to 760px = mobile.css’, ‘760px to 980px = 720.css’, ‘980px to 1200px = 960.css’, ‘1200px = 1200.css’

change to ‘760px to 1200px = 960px’

Thanks, it works great!

I am using the Gala Electronues Main Slideshow – Area03 to get the slideshow to work showing “numeric” thumbnails at the bottom (I have uploaded the images). But with all the widgets configuration options I am unable to see the thumbnails. Please let me know how to get this to work.

Hi Nicknaar, you please send your issues with admin account and FTP account to support@galathemes.com, the Support Team will check it for you. Thank you.

hi,Ie7 ie8 under test, but the product page can not be added to the shopping cart, Does this theme support ie7, ie8 it??? on this url:http://new.lircel.com/index.php/women-bag/oppo-women-s-messenger-shoulder-bag-8311.html please help me!!!

Hello, what is your email? Best Regards,



You can send your email again. We don’t see it.

Hello, I can’t find where “MAIN MENU-primary” color can be modified in backend. Do I have to edit css file? Miguel

Hi Magetel, You can change the Main Menu color in backend GalaThemes > Gala Electroneus Settings > Typography tab > Primary Color and Negative Color. Best Regards.

Thanks for the replay but, changing these 2 colors doesn’t change orange background and corners….

Hi, you please send your issues with admin account and FTP account to support@galathemes.com, the Support Team will check it for you. Thank you.

I am trying to configure the MegaMenu, thanks to your MegaMenu guide I now fully understand what it is capable of.

However I think this menu’s CSS should be enhanced to support 3-4 levels of Sub-categories, with all sub categories should have different fonts. These fonts should be configurable via the megamenu layout manager.

However unless I get into changing the theme.css I cannot change the Menu Fonts. (I don’t want to disturb the one General Font configurable via the Magento Theme Variation).

I believe there has to be a better way. If you know it please let me know.

Hi, in MegaMenu, it uses Font which is configured in Gala Electroneus Settings, if you want to use different fonts for all sub categories, you only can change it in theme.css file. Best Regards,

Hi there, Thank you very much for your feedback. We appreciate them a lot. For the issues you supposed, the solution would be: About changing font for each sub-category. If we do that, font and colors will be serially changed. Therefore, we cannot modify for each element. In addition, serial changing keep the theme look nice and clean. And about 3-4 levels of sub-categories, it is available now. If you want to change, we can instruct you how to do it. For the final issue, if you want to add custom css for sub menu only, you can add in custom.css file, and then add custom.css file in backend theme settings. Again, thank you for your feedback. Hopefully, this email will find you solutions for your questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to come back at anytime.

Hi tvlgiao,

look this theme http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/. it’s in wordpress theme can you develop this theme in magento with different home page variation and boxed – streched version.

Hello oyecart, are you owner of this theme? if so please send me an email for further discussion. Best Regards

I buy this theme Please check my website www.waywal.com The layout of the home page has some problems There are no gaps between the bestseller module and banner I want to know where can adjustment

Hello,Sir My buy ID is lulustorm Can you tell me detailed How shorten between home banner and three small banner distance

Can you tell me deatils Do it in magento background or theme files

Hi, You please use your account (lulustorm) to log in and reply so that I can check your order. To reduce the gap between home banner and three small banner, you can edit it in file skin/frontend/default/galaelectronues/css/theme.css around line 610, .slider-wrapper{clear:both; margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:49px; position:relative; z-index:1} ; you reduce margin-bottom property. You can refer to Main Content in 2 columns-left layout in Gala Themes > EM Theme Framework > Layout Design. In the field of Custom CSS Class, it is filled out “grid_content”, you can add this class for your container which you created for bestseller module. Best Regards.

No i am not owner of this theme but i like this theme i don’t have good knowledge of wordpress that’s why i am asking for magento development for my valuable clients.

Hello, if you look for magento custom development, please contact our outsource team at contact@emthemes.com. Best Regards

helo friend…am about to purchase ur script…please can this cat be linked to my banks payments gatway??? if i have the banks Payment gateway, can u guide me on how to connect to it…so when a user pays the money goes straight into my account, cos we dont use paypal and the likes in my country…answer fast!


You can learn more about How To Set Up Payment Gateways in Magento at this link: http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/how-do-i-set-up-payment-gateways-payflow-authorizenet or you can contact Magento Support to learn more about Payment Methods in Magento. Best Regards.

My developper is telling me this

* There is no way to get the demo look of the theme, because documentation has no detail about static blocks or pages. only installing the full package (entire magento) will give the look of the demo store as in the documentation. its disappointing to see such thing from a major theme developer. *

Is he wrong ? If not, how to install static blocks or pages.


Where can I send you those details ?


OK, done. Waiting for you feedback to know when it is finish