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Your theme looks great, but as many are stating it is a bit heavy. I want to purchase this but your speed test seems inaccurate,


TTFB can be due to the server, but a lot of the time its because of the code. Please advise. Thank you

perhaps when you tested the page was not cached. Check my result just tested here: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130405_WT_Y4K/ Regards

Thank you, testing it again, i was able to see the same results as you. The demo still seems slow. We are using EC2 that is optimized for magento, hopefully this makes a difference. we have over 20k+ products

for such large store you should use Full Page Cache extension.

When I have come to install it my website broke on the frontend before I had even enabled it, to get the site live again I have had to temporarily disable these xml files from app/etc/modules; EM_Galaelectronuessettings.xml EM_Themeframework.xml The error im getting from magento is this; Error: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘XXXXXXXXXXX.themeframework_page’ doesn’t exist


please send your issue with your Cpanel information and FTP account to support@galathemes.com, Support Team will check it for you. Thank you.

Hi there,

There is a problem when using the Ipad in the megamenu. When i click on a maincategory the megamenu expands, but instead of only expanding the menu (and selecting a subcategory) it also begins loading the maincategory page! So the hoover function on the pc should be a single click on the ipad. Is this a known problem? and an you solve this problem!


You please send your issue with your FTP account and admin account to support@galathemes.com, Support Team will check it for you. Thank you.

I did and they dont understand the question. This was the answer they gave me: “Hi, We checked, we can access the sub-category content of Mega menu with touch 2 times, refer image attachment. Because the iOS don’t have the right hover event like PC hover mouse, so we can not support in this case. We also checked the default menu of Magento have the same.”

I don`t know if they really understand,problem:On a Ipad clicking on the maincategry clothing> the megamenu shows AND at the same time the page already starts loading clothing so in 1 click you go to the category clothing wich need to be in 2 clicks! click 1>megamenu expands>click 2 select a subcategory you want to navigate to.

Can you confirm this problem occurs or is it only on my Ipad?

Hi Marco,

On the Ipad, it doesn’t have hover feature. But you can fix this problem add href for all root menu. Example: Clothing

Best Regards,

how to remove this menu? http://i.imgbox.com/acgc9oYL.png


You can remove that menu in backend GalaThemes > Gala Electronues Settings > in General tab , you set “Yes” for “Disable Variation block on frontend”. Please flush cache Magento after edit it (System > Cache Management).

Best Regards,

I Have been trying to get this theme working for an entire day with no luck. The theme has been installed as per your instructions and i just get a blank screen. The theme doesnt seem to be loading properly and i have tried to debug but not made any progress.

I am using Magento

Please advise asap


Hello, Could you send us your hosting details so that we can check your site. Please submit here http://galathemes.com/request-installation.html


I have just purchased the theme. Following the user guide, it says On tab GENERAL > Web> Default Page > CMS Home Page, select Gala Electronues Home

But I don’t see this choice in the drop-down menu. Currently the home page is blank blue. What should I do ?

I am using magento 1.7 on a local web server.


You please send your issue to support@galathemes.com to get support theme at your site. You should upload your site to a test server to get the support easily. Thank you.


if we use this theme then “the time to first byte” is about 5-6 sec, if we use or old theme then the time is 0,7 sec. This make or site very slow.


Because on the homepage of theme, it must be loaded many products, images, js files,... so it maybe take about 5-6 to load. Regards

Hi, I’ve installed the theme and it was working fine, but after doing a system and media buck up in magento I got an error, so I looked it on forums and the solution was to change the index.php permission to 755, I did and the colors and the design of the theme went bezerk!!! Do you have a solution for getting the theme to work again after doing a buck up? Did some users face the same troubles? Thanks a lot.


You please send your issue with admin account and FTP account to support@galathemes.com, the Technical Support will check it for you.

Thank you.


I have edited and saved the 2columns-left layout from the menu GalaThemes->Em Theme Framework->Layout design. I then saved it and tried to Reset my change but it did’t work.

How can I restore the layout as it was before I did any change ?

If you want restore the layout to default of Gala Electronues theme, we must restore it in Database. so please send email to support@galathemes.com, our technical will restore it for you Thank you.

I don’t have a server that you could use right now. Could you please let me know how to restore it in the database ?

In fact, it would be quite useful to be able to export a layout in say an xml file so that we can share it among developers and version it.

Hi devoption,

We are so sorry, it’s not easy to guide how to restore it in the database, we must access and do it.

Thank you.

I am glad that there is a price comparison function.. but can I add affiliates program items there? I am thinking of running a price comparison for books with affiliates with Amazon and Borders and such. Please let me know.

We are so sorry to say that your question is not easy so we could not give you a good answer or solution now , could you please send email to support@galathemes.com and give more detail about your question, our technical will check and give you answer exactly. Thanks

When i have installed full package, it’s showing “There has been an error processing your request”, is full package having a problem

Hi tridentitservices,

It’s strange problem. Could you please send email to support@galathemes.com our technical support will check and fix it soon.

Thank you

Hello, how to translate store, in “Translate Inline” not work for me. And how to hide, or delete “new product widget”, where is on homepage?

Hi Sir, Thank you purchasing our theme

I’m so sorry to say that it take many time to check so I could not give you a good answer or solution now , could you please send email to support@galathemes.com, our technical will check and give you answer exactly


I have purchased you theme and successfully installed it but I want to know how to remove “Magento Template from GalaThemes”

Hi Sir, Thank you purchasing our theme

Please send email to support@galathemes.com to get answer for your questions, our technical will check and give you answer soon.


The “click for price” link when MAP is set is not working. I’m getting this error in the console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Catalog is not defined

Referring to this bit of javascript:

<script type=”text/javascript”>Catalog.Map.addHelpLink($(‘msrp-click-255Gf4IjYFPVHfBqTlpgycq’), null, null, null, “[PRODUCT-URL]” );</script>

Which javascript file is defining “Catalog”?

Hi again—okay I found the problem. The home page was not including the msrp.js. I just put this in the CMS design update for the home page:

<reference name=”head”> <action method=”addItem”> <type>skin_js</type> <name>js/msrp.js</name> <params/> </action> </reference>

Now the problem is fixed. Please let me know if you have a better suggestion.

Thanks for your feedback. We will check this problem. Did you install from the theme package for full demo site package?

Thanks. No I did not install the full demo package.

u have this theme for opencart?

Hi Sir, Thank you for contacting us, Please check opencart theme at bossthemes.com I think you will choose opencart theme for your site, Thanks

I have purchased your theme and the products page is not working properly.

The breadcrumbs are at the bottom of the page and the page it looks like split in half, very strange. I have open a ticket already, but no reply yet. Hope we can fix this ASAP

Thank you

Hello, Thanks for purchase. Did you you received auto-reply email from our ticket system? If not please tell us your email so that we can manually create ticket a support ticket.

Did you install the theme package or full demo package?

Best Regards

Hello, the ticket number is: GALATHEMES #XZV-520-95284 and I have been told to pay $49 to have install the one page check out extension like the demo. After that, no reply….

Hello, I’m sorry for delay. Our support staff will reply you ASAP on our working time Monday to Friday 8AM – 5PM GMT+8. Best Regards,

Please sent your ftp detail to support@galathemes.com. Our system will creat support ticket that we can help you to solve your problem. Thanks!

Hello, I purchased this template and I am unable to add items to the home page,(new, featured,best seller), remove custom tabs 1 -n change the social media links and the global site fonts. I will like help regarding these, thank you.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=hfqNnZjbBy4 pls checkout this clip to known how to customize with widget. If you cannot do it pls sent request to support@galathemes.com.

Hi, How can I set up Live Chat Support like your demo page? I did not find it on your help document.


Live Chat Support on our demo is used for consumer get the support about theme. It isn’t integrated to the theme. You can learn more about Live Chat Support here:http://www.phplivechat.com/

Best Regards

Is occurring error when trying to install a full store.

a:5:{i:0;s:65:”dbModel read resource does not implement Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract”;i:1;s:3048:”#0 /home/segura/public_html/rafaemili.com.br/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Resource/Db/Collection/Abstract.php(134): Varien_Data_Collection_Db->setConnection(false)


You please check the information which you fill out file app/etc/local.xml (Database information), please see more instruction in documentation of theme. If doesn’t, please send your issue to support@galathemes.com with your FTP account, Cpanel information to get the support.

Best Regards