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Can the home page slider be re sized smaller, not as tall?


Do you mention to the main slideshow on the homepage? If so, it is possible to change its width and height in backend.

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Does it work with LTR and RTL


No, it only work with LTR, if you want to make it work with RTL, it need to be customized.

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hello, will this work with the latest opencart version? 1.5.6?


Yes, it is compatible with the latest opencart version 1.5.6.

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I receive the following error when I try to add a new mega menu: PHP Notice: Error: Unknown column 'image' in 'field list'<br />Error No: 1054<br />INSERT INTO megamenu ( `image` , `item` , `status` , `type` , `url` , `params` , `content_text` , `parent_id` , `menu_class` , `show_title` , `colums` , `megamenu_id`) VALUES...

The problem is solved when I create a new column ‘image’.

I am very dissapointed with this theme. Your codes are poorly tested and I have been trying to make it work for more than 12 hours.

The MegaMenu module does not work at all. The SQL in the create sample db script is different from the table structure created by the theme. I don’t know which one is the correct structure.

I can create menu items, linked to categories how ever if I place the menu items under the Root Category all menu items points to my home page. If I place the menu items under a random menu item, the script works.

Category pages are not working either. I receive the following error when I type the category name in the address bar: PHP Notice: Error: Table 'opencart_test2.boss_product_label' doesn't exist<br />Error No: 1146<br />SELECT * FROM boss_product_labe...

There are at least 5 column names which are MySQL Reserved Words which is never a best practice.

Even your demo does not work! Create a demo site with your script, delete all menus and create a new menu linked to a category to see the errors.

Please do not ask my ftp address and fix your code at your side asap.

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Thanks for the quick fix. It seems that you only fixed the table creation script. Can you please check the Boss-MegaMenu?

Category links point to the home page instead of the category pages.

If you move a menu item under another menu item under Boss MegaMenu Module links work.


What type of menu do you use for the category links? If you use URL type, you need to add link of category in URL option.

We also tested MegaMenu by moving the menu items, but we don’t see any the problem. Can you please let us know how to reproduce in step by step? Or you can contact our Technical Support, they will check it for you

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When I add a Category Type menu under the root menu, the menu item points to the home page instead of the category page. I sent screenshots to your support.

The MegaMenu is useless unless we can add top menu items under the root menu…

Perfect theme and 0 error..Thank you..

How to fix the problems. Domain : ikincielgozcihazi .com / index.php?route=common/home Thanks.

Took care of the problems was not the only problem at the moment is active megamenu . Everything is normal , but the content of the site does not seem to Megamenu properties .


You please send your issue to support@bossthemes.com , our Technical Support will check this module for you.

Thank you.

Dear sirs

We are looking for a presentable ecommerce template that can accommodate the following. We would greatly appreciate if you can give us a quote if we were to order the following separately or have a combined package.

a) Domain name- Price

b) Hosting Package price

c) Prices for Having both(hosting and Domain)

d) Any free trial you may have

e) If you don’t do hosting , can you give a referral

f) How many webmail address linked to our domain to you give and charge.

g) Level of Support you offer and advantages compared to your competitors

h) How quick can we be up and running we need this website as soon as yesterday. It must be easy to customise even by someone without an web development experience.

i) Any thing in our request below, you cant meet and why.

j) If you have templates that can meet or cannot meet all the needs( send us a link and explain for each template, what it can and cannot do)

If you have questions, please email them to me, and call if necessary ( can only take calls after 5PM UK TIME; we are so busy, number is (+4478 0544 7818)

Kind Regards Donald.

Below are our requirements.

1. Online Supermarket A big-box store (also supercenter, superstore, or megastore), department store or hypermarket.

2. It will have ebay like features. However it will function like any other online stores. Where customers can only create buying accounts and checkout e.g. when they shop on Wal-Mart, Asda,Tesco, etc

3. We retain the ultimate right to list products. In future we may propose to readjust it to allow customers to sale to each other.


· Cars for sale

· Car hire- Luxury,Vans,limouisines,minibus

· Car Parts and Accessories

· Stationery

· Books-school,university,personal development,religious

· pharmaceuticals

· DVD’s

· Musical CD’s

· Downloadable books and Audio(future)

· Men’s clothing

· Women’s Clothing- handbags, shoes

· Women’s accessories and hair Products

· Perfumes?

· Industrial Machinery

· Furniture-home,office

· Mobile Phones

· Computers and accessories

· Household and Electrical items.

· Building and plumbing material

· Non perishable grocery /food items.

· Fast selling day to day commodities.

· Affordable gadgets

· Miscellaneous

4. There will be a facility that can allow products to add to basket and Checkout

5. Integrated Payment System.

6. Multi-currency payment system= £GBP and USD$

7. Facility to allow customer to choose shipping method.

8. We should be able to specify if something is new or used and also offer product description.

9. Clear Multi-pictures, like on ebay especially when it comes to cars and it can show different angles.

10. Preferably not give a limit as to how many products we can list at one given time.

11. Customers have a search tab and can also request products not on the website.

12. Possibility of creating a loyalty/reward scheme eg when a customer opens a shopping account or registers, they can put the phone number/name of who refereed them. (b) a sytem of tracking each customer’s month spend and habbits= ( number 12 is not a necessity) but we are most likely to give the contract to a provider who will be able to do this.


Could you please send your requirements to support@bossthemes.com , our Technical Support will respond your requirements.

Thank you.

Another bug:

Switching to Maintenance Mode causes Internal Server Error.

Guys! This is the best looking theme, you really need to test properly and release a new version soon!


What version are you using? If your site is Internal Server Error, you try setting permission for index.php file to 644 or 755 to fix it. Or please send your issue to support@bossthemes.com to get support.


Another bug:

“Search” is hard coded and not coming from language files…

Another bug:

Changing some of the theme settings does not affect the mobile theme. Change the header background color to yellow and browse the store with an iPhone or a Windows Phone 8 and you will see that the header background color is blue…


m seriously upset, after install this package… also some a zip are breakable.. some files are missing…

and after installation of this theme… footer, left section are right otherwise no module are working properly.

head section is ok also maga menu visible but in a middle of page and main slideshow are missing…

Category product home page are not slide, showing all in page. script are not working…

can you tell me how to fix these all.


Dear sir, I’m so sorry to say that your question need more time to check so I could not give you a good answer or solution now , could you please send email to support@bossthemes.com, our technical will check and give you answer exactly on today.

Thanks you

no not a big issue, actually m not rename folder before unzip. the folder name is too large. so when we unzipped then its showing problems…. so thanks for good theme.

finally fantastic theme, also good support by author and team.


Nice Theme! exactly what I’m looking for. Can I upload video blogging? Does it support that?


Where do you want to upload video blogging?

? have this problem

Warning: copy() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/igbtshop/public_html/catalog/model/tool/image.php on line 46Warning: copy() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/igbtshop/public_html/catalog/model/tool/image.php on line 46Warning: copy() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/igbtshop/public_html/catalog/model/tool/image.php on line 46

Hi sir,

Sorry for delay, we sent a holiday.

Please send your website information to support@bossthemes.com, we will check for you.


hi… 1st…. i have to say that you have build one OFF THE BEST OPENCART THEME!!!! THIS THEME HAS A LOT OF FUTERS!!!! YOU ARE CRAZY DUSE!!!! YOU ARE CRAZY (IF YOU HAVE IT IN ONE CONTROL PANEL ALL THIS…. THAT WAS BETER FOR US!:p) 2. in megame nu i take thsis Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/admin/view/template/module/boss_megamenu.tpl on line 82

Hi sir,

Sorry for delay, we sent a holiday.

Please send your website information to support@bossthemes.com, we will check for you.


seo url error help Notice: Undefined index: query in /home//domains/bakbegenal.com/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_seo_url.php on line 139 Notice: Undefined index: query in /home//domains/bakbegenal.com/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_seo_url.php on line 139 139 = if($this->config->get('boss_alphabet_seo'))

parse_str($url_info['query'], $data); foreach ($data as $key => $value) { if (isset($data['route'])) { /* SEO Alphabet URL */ if($this->config->get('boss_alphabet_seo')){ if($data['route'] == 'bossthemes/product_by_alphabet'){ $this->request->get['route'] = 'bossthemes/product_by_alphabet'; $url .= '/'.$this->config->get('boss_alphabet_seo'); unset($data[$key]); continue; } }

Notice: Undefined index: query in /home/*/domains/bakbegenal.com/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_seo_url.php on line 133

133= parse_str($url_info['query'], $data);

Hi sir,

Sorry for delay, we sent a holiday.

Please send your website information to support@bossthemes.com, we will check for you.



How can I change boss mega menu module to open dropdown mouse over in other categories. (without doing click on the plus)

Thanks, Alex

Hi alex,

Do you say on mobile browser. The plus only show on mobile browser, In PC, dropdown showing when hover a menu.

For other question, please contact to support@bossthemes.com.

Thank you.

Can you please add hover effect to this area

Actually I am planning to purchase this theme. Its totally complete but I felt that this is the only drawback which stops me to purchase this. Please add a hover effect to the vertical menu. Thanks…

Hi man,

Ok, after purchasing this theme, send your request to support@bossthemes.com, we will add a hover effect for you, this is free.

Best Regards.

Please update it sir. Please!!!!

Dont you have any support forum.

I purchased this theme and it works very well!, But I have one problem, after installation of this theme my storefront is extremely slow now. When I disable the quickshop module it work fine. A page takes 65 seconds for loading with quickshop module and 10 seconds without quickshop module. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Additionally, I have 400 categories and 3200 products in my website. thanks

Hi man,

Please send your website information to support@bossthemes.com, we will try to find a solution.