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Hi Mate,

Absolutely magnificent template!!! and welcome to themeforest. :)

Hope to see more good stuff from you. Good luck with sales.


thank you :)

light version theme available in package, enjoy :)

I’m interested to buy this template but I would like to question if I can insert a video gallery instead of images. (since it’s html)

thank you ;)

This theme looks beautiful! i bought it happily. sadly after downloading i realized it isnt a word press theme, so i have no use for it (i do not understand html very well) :/. i hope you could make a theme like this for wordpress in the future.

thank you, the wp version will coming next time :)

Can the color of the fonts on the top menu be changed? please advise! Great template!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes it can. open style css then goto line 58, change color variable below:

.jqueryslidemenu ul li a:link, .jqueryslidemenu ul li a:visited{color: #FFF;}

how can i replace the PNG logo with a logo made in Flash? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you editing using dream weaver you can replace logo.png file with swf file by press CTRL + ALT + F then select swf file which you want to use as logo

<div id="logo"> <img src="images/logo.png" alt="logo" /> <!--replace logo png--> </div>

It looks there is a difference in navigation between IE and FF!

FF shows a subnavigation filled in with text!

IE show only the subnavigation without text!

Is this bug fixed if a want to purchase the template?

There’s issue with envato frame, just click remove frame on top left link. This template was tested in all major browser and it works. thanks


Congratulations on the template. It is really beautiful.

I have already purchased the template and published my website. The Adress is www.aluguelsantos.com.br, and I am having a problem with IE navigation. In IE the subnavigation menu sometimes appears without text, in Chrome it is running perfectly. Do you have any idea what is happening and how could I fix that?

And I have another question. My website is in portuguese (language spoken in Brazil). And portuguese has some signs like ã, á, à, ó, etc. And I havent been able to put those signs in the headers, only in the body texts.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,



Thank you for your purchasing. Regarding your issue, can you tell me which is IE version did you use because i have no issue with IE yet.

For characters you mean, must be create a new cufon file. Cufon file can be generate here: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ then mark this item Latin-1 Supplement. Send me email through my profile if you need help to create this file.



Hi LT,

Thank you very much for your fast reply.

Answering your question, I am using IE 8 . When I start navigation there is no problem, but after clicking in some sub menus, they just disappear.

The site I have adapted from your theme is: http://www.aluguelsantos.com.br/.

Regarding the cufon file, I would appreciate if you could help me. I have tried but it did not work. Sorry, but I am just starting in this web design world and have just some basic knowledge of html / css.

Best Regards,


Great template!!!!!!!!

Is is possibleto center the logo on the template? If so how would i accomplish that?

Thank you :)

Btw yes it possible. open style.css then replace line 39 with this:

/* logo */ #logo{padding-top:50px; position:absolute; width:940px; text-align:center;}


Good evening. I purchased this theme and am having trouble on the contact form. Where do I post the form is loading and does not run php. The website address you posted is the following: www.hpsegurancaes.com.br I wonder where is the error. Thank you. Pablo

make sure your hosting is support php script


I have used your theme for a website but seem to be having trouble with the menu. All seems to work fine when viewed on a Mac but there is an issue with Windows as the navigational menu sometimes does not display. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thank you.


There is definitely an issue viewing the navigational menu in IE 8 . It sometimes appears with no text. It only does it with IE 8 - all other browsers appear to be fine. Any idea of how to fix this? I love the template and don’t want to have to re-do the site in a different template. Please respond- I have a live website in your template that is experiencing a problem.

Thank you.


After much digging I have found that the problem is NOT with this template but with jQuery and IE 8 . The workaround is to put this line of code in the head tag:

Now that the bugs are worked out, the website is working great. Nice template. However, I would have appreciated a reply!

thank you for your words. Anyway i will try to make this template has no bugs for IE.

i purchased the Template and love it. the question i have is, can the slide show be resized. another words can i make it say 400 by 300? if so how would i accomplish this?

Thanks in advance! Tim

I need help for the Cyrillic! I want the text in Cyrillic?

Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!

Thanks! :)