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Congratulations Great work. Good luck Wpcocktail :)
And welcome to Themeforest.

Thank you vickystudio! GL to you too :)

Amazing work! :D I very like this! Good luck with sales!!

Thanks! GLWS to you too :P

it’s so awesome..and good luck

Thanks maskeenan! GL to you too :)

Nice layout , congrats.

Thank you Bedros!

yes great !!!!

is there a possibility to have a single-portfolio page instead of pop-up ? thanks

Hi pipoulito,

Yes, of course, you can choose between too different lightboxes, post page or external link for each post.

here is some examples:

http://elegance.wpcocktail.com/qd_gallery/soyak/ http://elegance.wpcocktail.com/qd_gallery/floating-island/

You can aslo make full width portoflio post like this: http://elegance.wpcocktail.com/normal-post-with-video/

cool thanks !

Wow! Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thanks! GLWS to you too :)

Is it possible to have the navigation box fixed? or with a extra scrollbar? i will buy it if its possible! ;-)

Hi mylander,

It is very easy to make it fixed, but it is usable only if you plan to have short content for sidebar. You can ask our staff on help forum and they will provide you with solution.

We will add separeate scroll for sidebar in future updates.

Wow very clean work! ;)


Is it possible to add WooCommerce for this theme?

Hi tripleogfox,

Yes it is possible to add WooCommerce to any theme, but it is not styled to fit the look of our theme. We will consider to add this in future.

Seriously awesome layout, may buy it!

Quick presale questions:

1) Can the comments right bar be included on any page? (http://elegance.wpcocktail.com/post-with-image/)

2) Where is the text data for the gallery coming from? Description? Caption? Something else? Can I add HTML to wherever this is coming from?

3) Any plans for woocommerce support – this is a deal breaker for me unfortunately

4) Can the grid photos be resized easily? I would need mine to be 16×9 ratio and larger


Hi sletts02,

1. Yes you can add comments to any page: http://elegance.wpcocktail.com/page-with-comments

2. It comes from standard editor, you can add any content there. As you can see from preview we have lightbox with buttons and social icons in content. They were added using shortcodes.

3. Not sure about that.

4. Yes, you can set custom size for gallery thumbnails as you can see from theme description.

Brilliant support.

I would use this theme with WooCommerce and Bulk Proudct Uploader to create an event photography website – would be seriously awesome if you WooCommerce theme’ing is on the roadmap ;)

Hi, I can’t seem to make a newly added gallery category to be shown on the side bar of the homepage (where it shows All, Dribbble, Links, Slideshow, etc.).

Hi edmire,

You need to choose what categories to display on gallery page. Check “Gallery Options” metabox on your gallery page (below content editor).

Wow, amazing support! Good job!

Hi, What a wonderfull theme, exactly what i was looking for. I have bought it and gonna play it with it today!

Thanks mauricio1980! I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Hi… what happened with vertical images ?... I only saw wide pictures on demo site.

thanks, nice theme!

Thank you… I refer to the post too… I’ll suppose the lightbox will resize if you use vertical and horizontal images into the same post.

Hi natitribu,

Our theme comes with two lightbox types: media with content and only media. Lightbox with content has fixed size but the simple one will resize depends on image.

You can see example of simple lightbox with resize here: http://elegance.wpcocktail.com/portfolio-simple/

Thank you so much, I understand better now with your example.

Bought the theme, love it!

Great job…

Question: I can’t seem to get the slidehows to work using your instructions, I’m on WP – 3.6.1, should I roll back to WP 3.6, or is there a chance I’m doing something wrong?

The “featured image” thing in your descriptions doesn’t work on 3.6.1 because of the Retina image functionality…

Let me know, I’d like to get this site open to the public in the next week or so…

Opps… Figured it out:

Every Image of Every Slide is its own “Slideshow Category” and gets a separate page entry…

Interesting way to do it… But it does give you tons of control…

Very Cool..

Double Opps…

Okay, for anyone else reading this trying to figure it out: Every Individual Slide is in its own “Slideshow Post” and every “Slideshow Category” is a group of “Slideshow Posts” that are then embedded in a “Page” to create the individual “Slideshows”...

Never seen it done quite like this before, but it is a very powerful way to do it that gives you tons of control you wouldn’t normally have…

Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty powerful.

Well done wpcocktail… :-)

Two little questions before purchasing:

1. in your demo (I think portfolio) on click opens not a new side but a popup. In the blog it opens a page. Can I use this popup also in the blog?

2. On hover in the portfolio the image changed grey with the + icon. Is it possible to have this in the blog too?


Hi luogo,

It is not possible from admin panel, it will require customization.

I have not portofolio link on adminstrator panel….I just bought your theme and have installed that on wordpres 3.6.1

Hi arbiveliaj,

Pages called Porftolio on preview are made using gallery post type and gallery page templates. Please check our documentation.

For further assistance please use our help forum http://help.wpcocktail.com/

Hi WPcocktail! great theme.. i’ll think buy and making my site. Can i do to work with a pinterest /behance feed plugin like this:


Appreciate your comment.

Hi migcabrera,

Can’t say for sure, but it should work well on a first sight.

The social share icons in pages or posts are not working, when i click on any of them, nothing happen.


Hi duverj,

Make sure that you added links to your social accounts. There are no links on social icons on preview and in dummy data.

For further assistance please use our help forum http://help.wpcocktail.com/

Hi, i try to have articles on the homepage but it’s not possible in /wp-admin/options-reading.php There is a solution ? Thanks.

Oops sorry i’m an idiot :) I must just check lasts posts.

Hi Zoube,

For further assistance please use our help forum: http://help.wpcocktail.com/

Hi, I’m sorry for my english… Is it possible to customize the Homepage in a corporate style (with modules in vertical order, for example with a slider, some text, some elements of portfolio, quotes, etc …)?

Hi Amaranto83,

I think it’s not possible from the box. It’s require additional customization of templates.

Kind regards.