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I’ve purchased the theme. In my portfolio, I put in a share button code. But it does not appear on the portfolio page. The portfolio is put to “portfolio small with desc”

Hi Gedditsg,

Portfolio template displaying only portfolio items, it’s not output any own content.

For further assistance please use our help forum: http://help.wpcocktail.com/

how i can add bullets on the photo gallery ??

Hi Arbiveliaj,

Could you provide more details?


For further assistance please use our help forum: http://help.wpcocktail.com/

Dear wpcoctail team, I am planing to buy this theme, but I have one question regarding it? Are you suggesting creating child theme, I have wish to change more then only .css (putting few custom fields, deleting buttons…), do you have some positive/negative experiences with that subject? Main point is that I don’t want to lose opportunity for updating it with your new releases (fixing, improving…) but from another side I need some better functionality for my needs. Thank you for your answer. Ognjen

Hi Ogio81,

Using a “Child theme” is the best way to override the theme functionality without changing the core theme files and what is important all these changes won’t be affected after the theme update. Besides WordPress provides this feature especially for such purposes, so in your case we suggest to use it too.

Kind regards.

Thank you so much for answer

pre purchase questions

1 – can you send me the psd file for the homepage that I can customize for my client approves the layout?

Hi cebsousa,

Please make a request via form at our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/wpcocktail

hi! love your theme!

prepurchase question – i’m planning to use instagrate plugin with your theme. essentially it pulls the photos, comments, etc. into the blog section of your site. since instagram photos are square, would they remain square in the blog section? i hope so. :)

that's all!

Registered post is a gallery of preview images are showing any of the preview image is not what it seems. When you register to post gallery preview image is that some rules out there?

Hi 20factory,

Please post your question at our help forum with more details, a link or screenshot will be helpful http://help.wpcocktail.com/

Hi I have 3 pre-purchase questions:

1.Is it possible to set the full page slideshow as homepage? 2. Is it possible to change fonts? 3. Is it possible in portafolio not to open a pop up but a page like in blog posts?

Thank you!

Hi numa,

1. Yes, any page in this theme can be set as a frontpage.

2. Yes, the headings can be easily changed from the dashboard. Besides we have a Custom Styles functionality that helps to style your website without loosing the chages in the future.

3. Yes, you can choose between two lightbox types, gallery post or even external url.


I have a same question as Numa.

Is it possible to set the full page slideshow as homepage?

Thank you

Hi sharam,

Yes, you can set any page as homepage.


I am interested in making a purchase of your theme (which looks really cool btw).

But before I buy it, I wanted to make sure it does what I want.

I want to create a website which display a bunch of photos. I plan to use the GALLERY section to accomplish this.

However I would like to organize my GALLERY with sub categories and sub sub categories. Basically the user will be drilling down to access the various Sub Categories. Can this be accomplish with this theme?

For example: GALLERY PAGE = display various MAIN Category items MAIN Categories = Clothing, Accessories, Shoes Sub Category of CLOTHING = t-shirt, shorts, sweater Sub Sub Category of T-SHIRT = big, small, red, brown


So the user starts on the GALLERY page which display various MAIN CATEGORIES. Now the user click on the CLOTHING image, it will bring the user to a page which display all the SUB CATEGORIES images of CLOTHING. And if the user click on T-SHIRT image, it will display all the SUB SUB CATEGORY images of T-SHIRT.

I imagine this can be accomplish with tagging everything with the correct categories and sub categories. Follow by creating a page per Category and Sub Category to pull the appropriate image. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for clarification on this.

Hi Ethancote,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to make the gallery work the way you need. It will require customization.

Kind regards.


Non of the thumbnails is working (only showing the loading dots animation). What have I missed?

site: http://shadow-embryo.com

Hi Dhondon,

This issue has been already discussed on our help forum. Please register and check a solution: http://help.wpcocktail.com/discussion/42/galler-feature-image-not-showing-on-home-page#Item_6


Bought the theme on your site (bundle sale). Where do I find the purchase code I need to get access to you forum? I can only find the Activation key and the order number (non of these work).

Hi dhondon,

Bundles always goes without support for many reasons, such as huge (80-90%) discounts and multiple authors.

Please note, that you can find documetations to each theme inside of theme folders.

Regarding your problem, we’ve noticed following error on your website:
Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit due to system policy

You should communicate with the administrators of your hosting provider in order to resolve the issue.

Hi, i have a problem with galleries categories pages… Gallery images disappear on mouse over (all of them except the overed one).



Hi I have an issue with Social links, they dont work. I have used Shortcode to fill in the URL. But it says “target undefined”. I need to link it to all Social accounts, does that refers to Widget – Social links? http://www.dexgen.nl/wp/



Firstly, I wanted to thank you for one great WP theme.

Secondly, some thumbnails on the MAIN GALLERY page SOMETIMES does not load. It just appears dark gray with the three dots. I have to refresh my browser in order for them to re-load.

This doesn’t happen often, but from times to times and it affects different thumbnails. Any idea on how I can fix this?


Merry Xmas.


Is there a solution to this? Can anyone help? For example, is there a cache plugin that you use to help with this?

Hi Ethancote,

It’s a webserver issue.

We are using W3 Total Cache plugin with this theme.


i made your theme, but i get the ploblem


when i open in explore, it dosent work. i didnt write anything in CSS fild explore 8 -> i can’t see any contents except sidebar explore 11 -> error

can you give me advice?

Hi Fgkids,

I’ve checked you website and all works at IE8-11


Hi, First this: I love this theme. But now the question: How can I fast upload pictures to a slider or gallery? I only see a inputfield where only one file per upload possibel is. Hopefully I can upload more files at once? Portfoliothemes must have a fast multiple-pics uploader… Regarts, André van Reenen – The Netherlands

Hi André,

Unfortunately, there is no batch upload for at your case, because each image of slider or gallery is a feature image.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the reply. What’s the best solution to upload mutiple files at once anyway? For such great porfolio theme I can’t believe it’s not possible to upload fast to a gallery or slider. Hopefully you have a solution. Regards, AVR

Hi André,

You can upload media files at Dashboard->Media->Add new all in one. But you need set feature image to every portfolio post by choose it from media gallery.


how to remove vimeo control bars with code in this theme??

Hi Arbiveliaj,

It’s against Vimeo API Terms of Use: http://developer.vimeo.com/guidelines/terms#22-license-restrictions

Kind regards.

Who has this the working? Whos happy with it? What hosting provider are you using? Please help. my site doesn´t work. www.albertoparot.com

And yes. I know about the set_time_limit . I contact my hosting. Nothing they can do.

Who has this the working? Whos happy with it? What hosting provider are you using?

I check all the list of comments in this page and no link with the “elegance theme” works. I can´t find anyone in the web that works (except one in the help forum that hired a personal server technician to fix the bug). Does this 50 dollar thing work???

(there is one on the comments list that does work, but he doesn’t use the primary attraction of the theme, that is portfolios and galleries. He had to conform himself with just using the blog)

I´v been waiting for more than 24 hours to the moderator on the support team JUST TO ANSWER my latest post. (And I´v seen his last Activity on his profile, witch is a connection approximately every 2 hours) . A simple “be patience, we are working on it” would be fine. But not even that. Of course it would almost be offensive to say that now.

Please, will you take some responsibility in what your are selling. This theme only works with php server parameters that no hosting service provides. I have called and chatted with at least 5 and everybody tells me “maybe you should hire a more personalized hosting center (witch of course almost any theme consumer cant afford).

Theme Forest, WP-CockTail, the staff behind the Elegance Responsive Theme and its forum moderator Stan should be embarrassed for not taking seriously the fact the consumers pay 50 dollars for a theme that most people cant use.

The “Elegance” Responsive Wordpress theme requirers a server with the following core configuration : “safe_mode=off”, “set_time_limit=60” and “max_execution_time=60”. If somebody knows any hosting service that provides these parameters (and is affordable), let me know. And don`t start with the “php.ini/.htaccess” google search content. If there is a way to solve it. Paste the exact code and tell me to paste it in the exact file. If not. consider yourself hustlers.

Hi Albertoparotm,

I’ve posted a solution to fix your webserver configuration issue on our help forum.

Our customers using this theme without any problem. You can check topics on our forum to get some live urls.

We are providing free help on our forum and doing our best. We can’t provide you dedicated premium support, so be patient with our staff, please.

Kind regards, Chris.

It didn´t work.

(I erased all navigation data)

You already told me that I have to get in touch with my host service. None that I know have the capability to set the core hosting configuration to “set_time_limit=60”, “max_execution_time=60”. Most of them have the “Safe Mode” in “off”. Thats OK. I already tried setting these parameters on “php.ini” and “htaccess”. Here are my steps (sorry, I`m a designer, I`m diligent with images)

1. php server configuration :

2. functions.php-0 :

2. functions.php-1 :

3. htaccess file :

4. php.ini :


I already said the exact number of people in the ThemeForest comment area that had the theme working on a full scale. I already said the exact number of people in the WP-Cocktail forum post area that had the theme working on a full scale. I even contacted some of the websites the had the theme working (with the contact form on their websites), and all of them told me they had to hire somebody to apply this theme)


I asking for a solution, all thought it may seem rude.

On some of the Demo’s/examples, the gallery items are loading very slowly. Is this just part of the design because of all the content its loading? Thanks

Hi Jaffster,

We haven’t any issues with gallery items loading. Maybe it was some network problem etc.

Gallery items loading with AJAX requests on page load.

Kind regards.

Pre-purchase question. Is there a dedicated ad-space? If so, where?

Hi affairstoday,

There is no dedicated ad-space. But you can add any content to a text-widget in sidebar below menu.