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I am unable to import sample data after install. The install dummy data on theme options is not working. When i tried to import the content from Wordpress importer using sample data xml, it displays lot of error indicating missing contents on http://elegance.wpcocktail.com Can i get the new set of sample data xml please??

Hi Tecknologics,

Please, post your question on our Help Forum: http://help.wpcocktail.com/

Kind regards.

I have a problem. I’m not an experienced user. How can I change the font size?

Hi Uppingadv,

You need a post your detailed question on our Help Forum: http://help.wpcocktail.com/categories/elegance-responsive-portfolio-wordpress-theme


Hello! I have a proble with the Blog part. Suddenly I can’t see the posts in my blog page: http://www.ferrarafabio.com/blog/ it simply shows a blank page.

Do you know what could be the problem?

thanks, Fabio

Hi MalboM,

Theme preloader waiting while all images from posts will load. You need decrease size of your images, some of them more than 1Mb.


Some templates has flickr feed, especially if are a photographer or artist with portfolios. Do you have this feature? So that I just upload/change photos to flickr and it just do the auto update. How do i do that?

Hi Pxtures,

This theme have custom Flickr widget.


Hello, I am considering purchasing this theme, so my question is, if it is possible to instead of latest comments have a last posts or popular posts on a sidebar? And if these posts can be shown as picture not just text? Thanks a lot for respond

Hi Zairadoe,

Yes, it’s possible. You just need activate widgets on sidebar.

Kind regards.

Thank you and what about menu with grid? Is it possible to make pictures various sizes, not just all the same one, as you have?

Hello, I am using this theme. When I add a social icon, it doesn’t work. I managed to make them work only by manually putting code in it. I asked you before purchasing if it is possible in blog post to have sidebar with widgets like “recent posts, popular posts, etc” instead of comments in a sidebar on the right. You said, yes, but now I can not do it… So how can I do it please?

Hi Zairadoe,

There is a social share buttons and Icons. Social Icon, is only an Icon as you can understand from its name. If you want share functionality you need to add social button. It is same as in any other theme.

You asked ” if it is possible to instead of latest comments have a last posts or popular posts on a sidebar”. - Yes, you can have latest or popular posts on a sidebar, which is on the left side. This is the only sidebar in our theme. Everything on the right is a content and you can’t add widgets there.

how i can change the number of characters on this posts __? http://www.gogel.al/en/?page_id=49

how i can integrate this plugin


in the Gallery Posts ??

Hi arbiveliaj,

Sorry for long reply.

You can use Gallery post format without feature image and insert at content shortcode from that plugin.


where to put contect shortcode ???

on photo slider on Gallery Post , i want to show this plugin…

Hello, I want to buy this template, but I don’t want the side bar to scroll. It should be fixed. Because I want to use this for my portfolio without blog.


Hello sirazmillath,

Unfortunately there is not such an ability by default. It will require customization.


Hello, is your site down? Because I can’t see a live preview of your theme.

Hello Cplass,

Yes, there was a small problem and we have fixed it straightway. Should be good now. Anyway thanks for notice.


I would like to see in the homepage only a category posts. How can I do?

Hello hardgraphic,

Please post your request on our help forum and our staff will be able to assist you: http://help.wpcocktail.com/categories/elegance-responsive-portfolio-wordpress-theme


Where I can change the width and height of videos on the gallery post ??

Hello arbiveliaj,

You will need to edit lightbox dimensions in this case.

Solution was provided in this thread on our help forum: http://help.wpcocktail.com/discussion/10/few-questions-and-requests-#Item_8


How customizable is the layout of the blog page?

Ex: Could this be set to a single column with truncated articles?

Thanks in advance.

Hello alexfosterdesign,

This theme comes with left menu and widget area only.

Unfortunately it’s not possible by default and it will require customization to change posts dimensions on a listing page.

Kind Regards

Bummer. Thanks for your help

is it compatible with your product?

this is my server configuration


Hi Srcnkan,

Yes, your webserver have a compatible versions of PHP and MySQL

Kind regards.

Hi there

can you collapse the sidebar menu ?


Hi Jtcarrasco,

It’s not possible from the box and require customization.

Kind regards.

Hello 2 things:

1. Gallery Category cant be selected, it shows like this because i’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug? http://i.imgur.com/WBEx4Sw.png

2. Shortcodes should be visible in visual editor, right? I cant see any http://i.imgur.com/p1bX4wP.png



Ok i realised that the shortcodes need to be triggered through the “Toolbar toggle”, they appeared now. But i’m still confused with gallery category glitch.

Hello Ixinho,

Please, register and post your issue on our help forum, so we will be able to assist: http://help.wpcocktail.com/categories/elegance-responsive-portfolio-wordpress-theme

Kind Regards


1.Send message is possible to check the contact page where parts manager? (name,email,website,text area)

2.’How do I show an image in ‘postcontent-entry’ part?

Hello gerij73,

Please, register and post your request on our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist: http://help.wpcocktail.com/categories/elegance-responsive-portfolio-wordpress-theme

Kind Regards

Hello, i had problems with the registration in the forum, i purchased the theme on december, and for the moment have many problems to solve, and i have sent e mails but have no answer, could you help me? :)


Just answered via email.

Kind regards.

check the forum please, I ran into an issue with the site