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Awesome work,. Great work mate,. :)

Amazing work! very clean like it Good luck :)

Wow I like the feel off it. Say the lightbox, is it possible to customize it and have a con’tent on the bottom?

done, where do i add it into the light box?

aww, i made a mistake thought it was for wp :( i really like your theme but it’s not compatible with Wp

ohhh…..its html only! We are working on the WP version…

hello. I just purchased the theme and I just installed. How do I not see the options on the left: skin layout background color background patterns

Hi MCorleone,

Thanks for purchasing our template.

To remove style picker in all pages,

Open all pages,

1. Remove following 3 lines, just before tag, <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/controlpanel/jquery.cookie.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/controlpanel/colorpicker.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/controlpanel/control-panel.js”></script>

2. In top, Remove the following 2 lines, (after orange.css…)

<link type="text/css" href="js/controlpanel/colorpicker.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link type="text/css" href="js/controlpanel/control-panel.css" rel="stylesheet" />

To add more slider images on index.html

Kindly find attached image to add new slider image.

1. Open index.html

2. Find line no: 177

3. Copy the lines from 178 to 181 for new slider image (eg: .... )

4. Paste it after the 3rd slider div

5. Change the image src in html, and upload the images in images/slider1 folder.

The image size should be 1600w x 460h

6. Change content div classes as, (ls-s4 l4-s1 for slider content-4, ls-s5 l5-s1 for slider content-5)

7. Finally, change the slidedirection, slidedelay, durationin, durationout, delayout, left, top values if needed.

Thanks Ram

I see that there are only three images in the slider How do I add more? I want to have about 5 pictures in the slider.

Please help

I already gave you access to my ftp.

Please answer me, change is urgent. thanks

PS: Remember that the contact form is not working either.

At the end, Is not going to help me?

I solved the problem myself:

1-go send.php 2-locate the following

if(@mail($ADDRESS, $e_subject, $msg, “From: $email\r\nReturn-Path: $email\r\n”)) { echo “

Thanks :)

”; }


if(@mail($TO, $e_subject, $msg, "From: $email\r\nReturn-Path: $email\r\n"))
    echo "

Thanks :)

"; }

Thanks Ram for you help.

Good morning. How do I define “fullwidth” or “boxed”?

if you need boxed in the body tag : <body class=”boxed”...>, by default the template acts as fullwidth, so no class needed.

In the index-III.html was boxed by default but I changed it. Thank you.

I wish if I can delete the buttons: All, Website, Mobile, Branding

yes, you can just by deleting the below lines on portfolio pages

<ul class="category-filter">
                                <li><a href="#" class="active theme-btn small" data-filter="*">All</a></li>
                                <li><a href="#" class="theme-btn small" data-filter=".website">Website</a></li>
                                <li><a href="#" class="theme-btn small" data-filter=".mobile">Mobile</a></li>
                                <li><a href="#" class="theme-btn small" data-filter=".branding">Branding</a></li>

Erase those buttons does not impair the responsivity?

yes! no issues for responsiveness.

I edited the file already send.php but you can use the form.

When I want to send a message, throws me the following: “Sorry your message not sent, try again later.”

Please provide your FTP and Site URL details, so that we can make the changes! kindly use the right bottom form!


Still not working form. The demo does not work:

When you load the website, you see a scroll bar. Please can you tell me how I fix it?



Please can you tell me how I fix it? Thanks :D


Nice work you’ve done! Thank you for sharing it.

The contact form isn’t working for me. I’ve edited the php file and the corresponding html file, but without success.

Please help!

Hi mikerai,

Thanks for Purchasing our Elegant Business Template.

Please replace send.php file into js/send.php Also replace your recipient email address.

Kindly check and update me, if you cause any issues…

Thanks DT

I’m getting the following error: The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header


Please advice



This is the html version…

You need wp version.

We are working on it…will release soon

Love the template. Quick question, how do you default a page to be full width instead of boxed?

For setting up a page to be act as full width (instead of boxed) layout by default,

- Simply remove the class name “boxed shadow pattern2” from your body tag <> elements.

- Do the same changes for each other pages, and save them all finally.

Hello designthemes :D

I am sending email messages because my logo “does not look good” on mobile devices. I do not put the url here for privacy. The url I’m sending the email.

So far they are ignoring my messages.

Please answer me. Thank you very much ;)

Sorry, you are wrong and we are not at all ignoring you anyway. We got your website URL and FTP login credentials.

Hope you got the mail we already sent you to state that the login details we received were seems to be invalid. It doesn’t work out and we’ve got failed when we tried to access your server with those credentials.

Good morning. I just sent you an email with the subject: “Problem with logo on mobile devices”

Thanks :)

Hope you’ve got the update for “logo responsive problems” from us.


I copy all file to my wp-content/themes/ElegantBusiness and dosent work.. someone can help me?


This is a HTML version, and you just need the Wordpress version. Please use the below link, whereas it will help you find the WP version of our theme.

Hi all,

First of all I would like to say I am very happy with this. It is attractive, easy to customize … But I found a problem than another. For example, I have a fairly difficult to understand. It turns out that the web is not suited to the mobile screen. When I do the test with the template here I hung opens fine, but when I do so discharged or to the custom, just adapt if some parts and not others. It’s funny because if I do is shake naveador window on the local version if that fits properly. Is there any reason that may be happening?

Thank you very much in advance and greetings

Thanks for purchasing our template and your great loving appreciations firstly.

Our template is not such difficult to understand, whereas it is pretty simple and easier only. It is fully responsive and so it will support all the various device screens.

Please be specific and let us know your difficulties with any screenshots like references.

Also please share your website URL along with your detailed issues via the right bottom form @

So that we can check your side, or could find what the issues are actually.

Hi, i was buy this theme before 10 minutes. I want to know does this them for dreamweaver or wordpress??


This is HTML Version… (Dreamweaver)

you can get the WordPress version @ -

no problem-dw version is ok! Also can you give me your email if i need more question or i can ask there? Greetings

For any questions or further more queries, you can use the right bottom located in our user page below,

Hi, you dont answer to me n email. Please can you contact me on because i have few questions :


Hello, the Twitter feed isn’t working (broken in the demo too). Do you know of a fix? Thanks! Great template!

As you can see from the following link, Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API.

So the “Twitter 1.0 API” (used in our widget here) getting retired, and the widget was stopped working.

We are trying to integrate the alternate solution, so we will update our themes to show the twitter feeds ASAP.

Thanks but I just used this plugin instead – I couldn’t wait for an update: – appreciate the follow-up though =)