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The twitter feed isn’t working on mine either, and I am also having a problem with the contact box. Whenever I click submit, I get an error saying

Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you soon.”; } else { echo ” (/) Sorry your message not sent, try again later. ”; } ?>

1) For the Twitter Feed Issue:

As you can see from the following link, Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API.

So the “Twitter 1.0 API” (used in our widget here) getting retired, and the widget was stopped working.

We are trying to integrate the alternate solution, so we will update our themes to show the twitter feeds ASAP.

2) For the Contact form (box) Issue:

It seems that the contact form works well in our side, without any issues.

Kindly check the contact pages in our template and the screenshots attached here for reference,

So we may need to check in your side, to find the fix or solution for this contact form issue.

If possible, please mail us your FTP login credentials immediately via the right bottom form @

Hello – I just purchased this theme today and when I attempt to install the new theme into my WP site, I am getting:

‘WordPress failure notice.’

Any ideas?

Thanks! Elizabeth

Hi einabq,

You purchased our Elegant Business HTML Template. So HTML Template haven’t support for WP site. So kindly download our Elegant WordPress Theme at

Kindly inform me, if you find any difficulties.


Hi -

I have downloaded and modified the template here -

My problem is that when I resize the computer browser down, the mobile menu shows up fine – but, when I pull the site up on my phone it does not. It does, however, respond by reordering the columns of photos and other information – but no mobile menu – what have I done wrong in the implementation? I read all of the instructions, but I don’t know what I messed up.

Thank you

Thanks for purchasing our template !

We have checked out your website with all devices using “Responsinator” as below,

And it seems that the mobile menu works fine only. So kindly check it once again from the above link first.

If you get the same issue yet, please get us back immediately with any screenshots like more specific references.


Just like sagentic said:

“I have downloaded and modified the template here – My problem is that when I resize the computer browser down, the mobile menu shows up fine – but, when I pull the site up on my phone it does not. It does, however, respond by reordering the columns of photos and other information – but no mobile menu – what have I done wrong in the implementation? I read all of the instructions, but I don’t know what I messed up.”

I’ve also checked the website using Responsinator using my site URL and it seems to work fine there, but in a real iPhone it doesn’t, it still presents the problem described above.

Please, help.

Thank you!


Any comments or updates? Have you open my website on an actual mobile device and see what I am talking about?

Thank you!

Hi again,

I was using Google Page Speed tools and noticed that they show EXACTLY how my site actually displays on real mobile devices, not as Responsinator does.

Please, have a look at the mobile tab:

Hope you can help me to unleash the full power of your template.


Yes, we have tested your website with actual device from our end. And we have found and experienced those same issues you’ve shown.

We think that those issue may occurs because the customizations you’ve dealt with your end.

If possible, kindly mail us your site credentials (FTP access logins) immediately.

So that, we can check and find out the issues from your end. Then we’ll help you get rid of those issues ASAP !

Hello, I have bought the theme and I love the design but am facing problems with latin letters š, ?, ?, ž and ? in navigation, they get corrupted as probably they are not included in font pack. Do you have an suggestion for me to fix it and to keep the looks? Thank you in advance.

Please get us back immediately with any screenshot like references and the URL of your website if possible.

So that, we can take a look and will get the better understanding with your problems then.

It is not a problem to write letters with entities but how letters appear after that. All eastern latin letters show up visibly thinner in comparisment to regular letters that appear bolded. Then website looks like a joke. Probably template uses something like coufon for these fancy letters and it doesnt cover eastern latin letters. How can we solve this?

Please help us have a better understanding by getting back with a clear description or any screenshot like references on your issues.


I buy the Elegant Bussines Template but I’m not finding the Layer Slider Plug in, where is it?

Thanks for the help!

If possible, can you please send us your item purchase code of this theme you’ve purchased with.

So that, we can check and make sure that you’ve purchased and then help you with it then happily.

Hi, The contact form is not working:

I’m working with your theme: Elegant Business – Multi Purpose Responsive HTML

I’ve followed the steps in the contact form in the help section, but it is not delivering the e-mails:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Link that you have sent us is leading to the “NOT FOUND” Page.

To work on the contact page, (a). Go to “EB-Template \ js \ send.php” and find line no: 4
(b). Change your email address ($to = ‘‘)
(c). Save page & upload it to live.

Check this following screenshot:

Note: Put a valid email address, or try any gmail id. And, please let us know if you find any more difficulties!

It seems as the responsiveness isnt working properly.

Thanks in advance, Chris

Please notify that, in which particular section you are getting the responsiveness issue? Send us a clear Screenshot/ Description of your query!

Kindly download and make use of the “responsive.css” file attached here, by replacing your existing one,

So, you can get the responsiveness to work perfectly as here,

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) which would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all forever !!

I purchased this theme in July and see that there has been an update in October. How do i get to the update?

Hope that the screenshot will be helpful enough to make you clear on updating to the latest version,

The preview demo does not go into mobile mode on Android Emulators, iPhone simulators or actual mobile devices.

It does go into mobile mode if I resize desktop browser.

Same issue as rodiles.

WP version also has this issue.

All other responsive themes work as expected on our simulators and devices.

Extremely sorry for the delay from our end, anyways !

As we have checked our HTML template with all emulators, simulators and actual mobile devices from our end, we didn’t get any issues you’ve mentioned and it works well instead.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference,

Same way, our Wordpress theme works fine with all simulators as well.

I intended to purchase an HTML version of this design but after looking through the downloaded folder it appears to be Wordpress php files. Please advise on ho to get the HTML version.

Thanks for the notice anyway ! Let us know, if you find any issues in the future..

Thank you the download link now has the HTML version, can you please send instruction on how to get the Twitter feed to be mine instead of the default Twitter feed? Great design, thank you

Thanks a lot for your appreciations ! Kindly watch out the following video manual for getting your Twitter feeds instead of the default one.

This will look unique from our template design, but we have another solution to get rid of it.

And it will just goes beyond the scope of customization, so please let us know your interest soon !

I purchased the html version but when I download it, I still get the wordpress version, please send download link for the html version.

Extremely sorry for the inconvenience anyway !

We have fixed it now, and it will take some time to get updated.

We’ll let you know soon, once if it is changed.

How do I make my homepage like the live site?

Hope that the template you’ve got on the purchase looks like live site as in demo.

Or if you’re getting any difficulties, please get us back with any screenshot like references first.

So that, we can have a clear look, and then we’ll help you get the better solution ASAP !

I have the Elegant Business theme. Can you please tell me how to get the portfolio on the Business homepage?

Kindly copy and paste the HTML code we’ve attached here in your homepage, and you’ll get the portfolios as we used.

I have bought the Elegant Business HTML Template. But I needed the Elegant WordPress Theme. So then I also bought the WP theme. Can you please refund me for the HTML template?


I like the template very much but have one little problem with the menu on the homepage is there any way I can not have all the letters capitalized? For example:

How do I get something like Story Of The Team

to be Story of the Team


Please find and go to Line.No:48 on your “ddsmoothmenu.css”.

And you just need to remove “text-transform:capitalize;” thereby.

Look at the screenshot here for your reference,

Hello, i have a problem when i paste my posts to facebook. The feature image doesn’t show up. Usually puts images from (sidebar) widgets like image rotator…

Please help us get a better understanding and a clear view on your query by getting back with more detailed specifications.

Or just leave us a mail with any screenshot like references via the right bottom form @

So that, we can check out the problems from your end, then we’ll help you get the better solutions ASAP !

Do you have a quick solution or any hint for holding the menu fixed on top of the site?

Yes, this is possible and it just goes beyond the scope of customization.

Please let us know your interest soon. If interested, please get back with your site credentials.

Hi, the responsiveness doesn’t seem to be working on my Android device. The site is a bit smaller but its certainly not fully responsive. Any advice?

Thank you, I will give it a shot.

I have no idea where to even begin. I hope I dont need to start over.

For the site responsive issue, kindly replace with this following “responsive.css” into Yoursite \ css \ responsive.css File:

We checked with this file, your site look responsive:

I bought your theme „Elegant Business – Responsive HTML“. I like the very good look and feel.

I have exactly the same problem as user “sagentic” (, eplanetdesign and mikerai.

My problem is that when I resize the computer browser down, the mobile menu shows up fine – but, when I pull the site up on several iphones it does not. It does, however, respond by reordering the columns of photos and other information – but no mobile menu. This happens also to your preview ( – so it can’t be a wrong implementation from my side. On everything looks to be ok. With my iphone using the URL there is no mobile menu.

I have also this problem with the downloaded files without making changes on my side (original files without changes uploaded).

Please do not respond like “our theme works fine with all simulators”. These theme does not work fine on smartphones. The simulators do not make a good job in this point.

After several persons had the same problem it would be very helpful not ignoring us. Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Best wishes, Stefan

It seems that you’ve just made the mistake while linking to those pages.

So please check and consider linking to the proper pages itself.

And no more construct (or configurations) needed to fix it out instead.

Now the correct links. . => no mobile-menue with iPhone.

The results on iPhone did not change.

I downloaded the templates some minutes ago again. Without any changes I uploaded the unzipped template to . I checked this with my iPhone. And also again: no mobile-menue!!!!

The picture above was taken with my iPhone. I can’t see a monile-menue.

At Present, We are working on this template. We will update this temple within two days. Please download and use the updated version!