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Clean and delightful! I may give it a try.

Thank you!

Is it possible to print this template as an pdf file that exactly looks like the web page version? Sorry for my obscure question. I hope you will understand.

The template comes with a print stylesheet as well which perfectly matches the dimensions of our print and optimized with these dimensions.

I believe its possible to have PDF exactly look like the web but then we have to compromise on the font size.

By the way, it nearly looks like the web version, the only differences for now are: space adjustments to match with the print dimensions and available for freelance panel is hidden.

For actual PDF preview, try removing the TF frame on top by clicking the cross(x) icon.


I purchased this template. However, it doesn’t seem to work right on IE9 (wrong fonts are used).

Even the demo at the following URL seems to be working badly on IE9 :

Can you please provide a solution?

Thanks, Alessandro.

Thanks for purchasing the file. Let me review the issue and I will get back to you!


I checked in IE9 , I think it is working fine.

Hey i’ve just dowload your theme. It seems it doesn’t work: when i install the theme in wordpress, it says that the style.css file is missing ???

Thanks for helping me.


Thanks Alex for the purchase!

This is not a WordPress theme, its an HTML / CSS template.


Hi, I am trying to install this in my hostgator domain. I’m sure I’m missing it, but is there any install instructions in the downloaded files?

Thank you for purchasing the template. No, there are no special install instructions there, its HTML and pretty straight forward.

Please use my email in the documentation, and email me what issue you are facing, I will try to help you on this. Thanks

Hi, was about to buy this but after reading the reviews I tested the preview link on IE10, it seems the header is messed up and the skills bars are static on page load.

Screenshot here

Is there any ways, they can be fixed?


Hi esarfraz, I just bought your template, it’s lovely.

I’ll primarily use it for a printed CV, so I have some remarks that could be fixed on the print stylesheet:
  • The contact form should be hidden
  • The skills bars are not showing at all.

Hey! thanks for the purchase.

Let me have a look into both. To communicate better, please send me an email on the address you see in the documentation.

Is this translate ready?

Translate ready means?

Strings marked for translation so I could use simple .po file to translate to say Norwegian

This is not a WP theme. Its a template.


Not sure if you added the update to this CV resume theme but the header text is large and the skill section is static when I view it in IE 11. I know this bug was fixed in the earlier comments but not sure if you updated the download for this theme. Please advise. Thanks!

Hmm… let me check this again.

Also, is this theme a responsive CV HTML template, optimized for multiple platforms?

Yes. It is a responsive template and optimized for multiple devices.

Forgive me but I’m not sure how to use this with a website if it’s not a theme. I was under the impression it was a Wordpress theme, but I guess I was wrong. What is the difference?

Hello Kerrymeaway, Thank you for purchasing our template. It’s an HTML template – you can use this template to host your resume. It’s easily editable and can be hosted with no hassle.

It’s not a WordPress theme but we are working on it’s WP version. We will be updating this item with WP theme in couple of weeks and you will be able to download theme without spending any extra penny.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Why the demo is not working? Do you work on code customization for this theme?

It must be working now.

No. It is not….