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Nice template ,. great work., :D

Thank you :)

can you give me WHMCS template with this ??? i can pay sutaible extra too!!

I’m afraid there is no WHMCS template available from me. I have no experience with it and am unsure how the licensing would work.

hmm.. whmcs needs only the .tpl files to be edited (html) (header / footer and few small things other..) that’s it ... ok .. i will first have to find a coder that will do that for me..after that I will buy

Do you have samples of people that have used this?

No, sorry.

For those out here that intend to use this as a template for whmcs , i am working on it to covert it to whmcs :

Though it has not been completed yet , but i will appreciate some feedback at this stage , thankx !

WHMCS integration is something I am also looking into. I will post updates on themeforest when they are ready.

WHMCS integration is available for this template as a $5 add-on from my website. Please visit the website on our portfolio page. You can also leave feedback on the support forum to help future updates.

I can not install this theme, if I upload the whole zip it asks me if I’m sure I want to do this and just offers me an option to click please try again. If I extract it and just upload the eleganthostingv2 folder zipped it says style.css is missing, if I copy the style from the css folder to the root folder of the theme, it says it doesn’t have a valid header. Also if I upload with FTP it doesn’t appear in the dashboard. What am I supposed to do?

EDIT: I just realized that I dont need wordpress for it.


Your about us page is messed up both on the demo and the source files…

Which browser?

I have installed you WHMCS addon but there is a problem with the logo. As you can see in the image here, it appears twice?

How to fix? Thanks Aled

If you still have the problem, send me an email. There are two ways to fix it.

Absolutely love your template! Any change you’re going to convert Elegant Hosting into a wordpress platform ?

If there is a demand then It is possible. Right now I haven’t decided.

What would be the coding to add a dropdown menu and still keep the template intact I have tried many ways and it always breaks the css coding of the site.

There is one for the contact form however I need it to have a drop-down with further menu items. and no matter what way i go about it it breaks the remainder of the template. Do you have a e-mail address that I can send some details to as there has been a decent amount of modification already done to the template to make it match our needs. Like we have the header and footer in their own files and called via PHP includes to make management easier.

Webhosting is also a drop-down link. Email can be accessed via profile page.

Very sorry for bothering you guess my team broke that making this our mistake. Thank you very much for all the help.

I’m not sure whether this template can be used for Web Hosting Review site, I’m looking a wordpress template that suitable for something like this website, any idea?

Better off looking for a review theme, then fitting it to your website.

Requested URL: Information: Contains recognition pattern of the JS/Agent.btr Java script virus

Where did you see this message? The JS is very simple to switch between themes.

that was coming up on your site from my antivirus program.

I checked it out, there was a security problem and script inserted. Removed now.

How does the customer base? The customer can have an account on the site? What happens when the customer clicks on Sign Up Now? I await your reply to buy the template. Sorry my bad english

This is just an HTML template. There is no back end or purchase system.

Before i buy, i wanted to confirm whether this template is 100% editable which means i can edit/remove any part of the template as per my requirements.

This is HTML, and is edited as HTML.

I am very disappointed in buying this template…very wrong and fake info about this template. It does not work on internet explorer even the latest one; IE10. I am totally disappointed in this template, the author and everybody that says this template makes sense.

This template doesnt work on Internet explorer.. Not even the latest one (IE10). It looks broken on chrome browser on my mobile.

Totally disappointing

wrong information in listing that Compatible Browsers IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10,

Are the pricing tables included with the template?

RoyalTemplates: Is this template compatible with I.E.? Yes or No?

Check the demo

You didn’t actually answer my question. Yes or No? So the actual answer is NO, this template does not work on ANY version of I.E. Pity, it’s a great design.

I need a little help with this. The easiest way I found was to do an image which can be found at – With the 3 that are underlined is there a way to center them. And on the one with the arrow is there a way to remove the black line coming down prior to where the price would have been.

Thank you.

If you are still needing help let me know.

Hi, I am unable to send message through Contact Form.. The status remain Sending…. I have add my email address in sendmessage.php file. I also want to purchase WHMCS Add-on but unable to find link on your website.