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Hello Venmond,
I really like the chalkboard slider in the demo and want to make something similar. But I need it to work for wordpress. Do you or can you sell the slider as a wp plugin? Or, if I purchase your theme, can the slider code be obtained and used for word press?
Thank you!

Hello, currently we can’t develop in wordpress. But if you buy this template you can convert it yourself / with your developer to your own wordpress website. Thank you :)

Hello. A WordPress version disponible?

Thank you

Hi, currently no wordpress version available. Still in development. Thank you

Hello. In HTML version, with “quick contact” when we try to submit message we receive this note? “You must provide at least one recipient email address.”

What it is please?


hello make sure you don’t change anything on functions/contact.php and on quick contact section don’t forget to put your email and name on input id=”admin-email” and id=”admin-name” if still can’t work. Email us your live link. We will look at it. Thank you, Joe

Hi there,

I can I modify the contact form so that it will send a confirmation email to the user letting them know we actually got it and setting up our conversion funnel?



Hi there, You can disregard this – I have solved it.



Good to know :)

I purchased this a few months ago. It’s a great design and really like it.

The one thing that would make it better would be to make the Metro Slider responsive. Your site is responsive, which is great, but how can you make the Metro Slider responsive just like the Revolution slider can be made responsive?

Hello, Yes, we are still developing the slider to be a proper jquery plugin that can be used to more variety of design. Hope it can be released soon in middle – end of feb. For the moment, the slider is already responsive in window width less than 480px, you can look at the css/theme-responsive.css for the css code. Thank you

how do i get the contact page to work? also I placed the correct api key from mail chimp and its stating that it is incorrect

Hi, please send us message about your live link and if possible ftp info. Also please read the documentation on how to set it up before. The mail chimp also please check on mail chimp server id.

I sent you an email

Hi, we have received it and looking at it now. Thank you

Hey Venmond, the theme is very creative and great. All the best for your sales.

Thank you for your support :)

Can you guide me on how to change the background image of the parallax in html version? Like you’ve put the Robust Features in the one page parallax sample.

Hello, you can send us a message through our profile then we will guide you through email. Thank you

hi. i purchased. and i have a question. i am using the metro slider. to slide images from right to left. but let me know the way to slide left to right. please.thanx

Hi Venmond Team,

I purchased this theme , I have some issue with slider my website is www.compton.in . the carousel slider take too much time to open, please guide me how to fix this issue.

Hi, we have checked and found no problem in your site, maybe it’s your internet connection issue? if you need further support send through message in our profile. Thank you.

Hi, you have done some great work with this! well done!!!! I also want to ask a question! I already have a wordpress theme and i want to use your slider. Is this possible? can i buy the slider or i have to buy the hole theme? And if so, can i use only the slider?

Hi, Thank you for the compliment :) since we don’t sell the slider as a separate item, you can buy the theme and you can use the slider on your one site.

Hello, I am Chinese, can I buy this theme?This theme is fully compatible with IE8? Buy can teach me how to use me?

Hi, currently we are not supporting IE8 anymore. You should buy HTML template if you understand how to edit it, which includes understanding HTML and CSS at very least. We only support question about using the theme options and about some trouble installing it, however all theme editing is on you. If you don’t understand HTML and CSS, we suggest you hire a developer/web designer to edit it, or buy wordpress theme if it easier for you. Hope this help you. Cheers !!

China can use Venmond?

Do you mean chinese language or use in china server? We use open sans fonts as basis. https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Open+Sans. You can look at the support characters in there. If not available you can install your own font. If in china you mean, yes you can use it everywhere.

Hello Venmond, this template is one of the best ever used, really cool!!

A quick question: on the portfolio homepage, how can I disable the horizontal scrolling of the slider and enable only the scrolling with the bar below?

Thank you very much.