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This theme rocks

Hey Webs,

Thanks for the kind words – yep, we definitely spent a serious amount of time tweaking it for extra perfection!

Got any ideas on how we can improve this even more?

Any chance you’ll port this to WP? It’s beautiful and perfect!

Hi Dmodegirl,

Unfortunately, there’s no plans for porting at the moment… We feel the WP themes market on Themeforest is very overcrowded and there’s a bunch of excellent themes available already – which is why we focused onTumblr :)

On another note, thanks for the kind words – it’s always great to hear awesome comments…

Hi TinyGiantStudios, Awesome theme! I have spent at least 2 months looking for the perfect theme and yours is as close as I could find to perfection! Having said that (and using live for the past couple of days) I do have a few questions:

1) I have been unsuccessful in making the stumbleupon link work… I’ve entered the correct username, saved, checked, then went back in and it’s still there but WILL NOT work. It just continues to go to this page http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/ without passing the user name? Any ideas?

1B) How would one go about adding a LastFM.com and EmpireAvenue.com icon and link in the Find Us Elsewhere Menu?

2) Is there a way to keep the sidebar open at all times rather than expanding in an accordion fashion? If so, what would one need to do to change the photos that says less/more/see more at the heading of the sidebar menu?

3. Absolutely love (and the reason I purchased the theme) the way the content is displayed. Not a fan of the stitched header, footer and girly-girl background. Any way an option could be provided to upload our own background and make the header and footer a solid black line instead?

4. The first/newest post curves into a Y and melts in to the stitched heading. Any way to close this first posts box off and make it a fully enclosed regular post just like all the others posts? It just seems way top heavy to me.

5. If one wanted to use tags instead of sort posts… is there an easy way to just plug in tags in place of web links, conversations, audio etc?

Whew! Think that’s about all the questions I have! Many thanks for a speedy reply. I look forward to seeing more tumblr template from you!

Hi SiteBuilder74,

Thanks for awesome feedback – It’s always great to get feedback on how we might better the themes. The third theme is already in production, and you can get a sneak preview at http://essentiatheme.tumblr.com (lotsa feature / styling that still needs to be added – so beware, hehehehe)

Apologies for getting back to you this late: my internet access is severely limited at present as I’m presently consulting in Africa and will return to the office on 20 Feb 2011. As soon as I’m back, I’ll be replying with an in depth answer addressing all your questions. This is because I haven’t got access to the source code from this side of the world – I hope you understand, and I apologise inadvance for the inconvenience caused…

I’ll be in touch in a little over a week from now,

Kind Regards,

Hi Sitebuilder,

Apologies for the extended delay in getting back to you. I’m finally back from my voyage to Africa and I’m ready to get cracking.

Here’s the list of answers to your questions:

1.There was an error in the code, I’ve fixed it and sent the new theme of for review by Themeforest. Expect the new version as to be released shortly.

1b. I’ve switched the tumblr icon for lastfm in the new version. You’ll also find a space under the appearance tab for your lastfm username.

2. Yes. In the latest version you’ll have to option to have a fixed sidebar. In the option, deselect “use Accordion Sidebar” to make it fixed.

3. After playing around with it for a little bit, we opted not to include the option for uploading custom backgrounds as this would affect a whole host of other features which would necessitate an almost complete redevelopment. That said, you’re still able to customise your theme yourself by following these steps:
  • Log into your tumblr account;
  • Click on the “Customize” link
  • When you’re on the “Customize screen”, click on the “Advanced” tab and find the “Custom CSS ” section
  • Copy the following code the “Custom CSS ” section:
    • body {
          background-image: url(YOUR_IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE);
          background-repeat: repeat;
          background-attachment: fixed;}
  • To change YOUR _IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE, go to www.tumblr.com/themes/upload_static_file and upload your background;
  • Once complete, you’ll be given a URL . Copy this URL and replace YOUR _IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE with it in the code above
  • Click save
  • As for the header and footer, follow the steps above (except for uploading the image) and paste the following code underneath:

div#header {
    background-image: none;
    background-color: #101010;}

div#footer {
    background-image: none;
    background-color: #101010;}

4. Paste the following code in the “Custom CSS ” section:

div.first_div {
    margin-top: 25px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 10px;
    -moz-border-radius: 10px;
    border-radius: 10px;}

div.first_div span.left_corner,
div.first_div span.right_corner,{
    display: none;}

5. There is a way, but it’s definitely not easy. Unfortunately, the current sort function is not something that is natively supported by Tumblr and was an in-house development. Substituting post-types with tags will take a lot of coding and we’re not there yet. We do, however, keep updated on the latest developments from the Tumblr team and will definitely incorporate it if it becomes standard practice.

I hope it helps – lemme know if there’s anything else on your mind regarding the theme, I’m happy to help :)

Thanks for the reply, TinyGiantStudios. Please do keep me posted as to when the updated them is available. No sense in making changes until the new code is available.

One other bug I’ve found is the search function. What is the criteria by which search results are posted? I am trying searching my own content by title and content and yet no search results display.

Do you have a release date for the new Essentia theme? Are you going to allow a more “toned down” color scheme? Looks like the start of a great…

Heya Sitebuilder,

The chaps at envato have worked quite fast this time around, and the latest version is currently available – well, that should be the case :)

As for the search results – it’s something I’ve complained about ad infinitum to the Tumblr crew. The search function is not something controlled by Theme designers. We only stick their pre-developed code in there, style it up a bit, and hope it works. Even my own theme (which was developed by another chap altogether) at http://tinygiantstudios.tumblr.com doesn’t find any results. The problems you mention started when we released our first theme, minimus, in October 2010 – since then they’ve had periods where things go better, but at the moment it’s down again. The same intermittent problem occurs with their API which directly affects one’s ability to sort posts for instance. Sadly the best advice I can give, is either to take it up with the Tumblr crew or wait until they fix it.

As for a toned down look, what did you have in mind? I’m always keen to get some feedback as to what our fans think we should be developing…

In the meantime, we’re extremely close to launching our next theme, Essentia – if you wanna take sneak peek at how it’ll look, head on over to http://essentiatheme.tumblr.com/ and lemme know what you think. This one will also have packaged a dark version, with most of the colours being customisable (so as not to make it too girly-girl) – Hehehehe.

Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios

I’ve downloaded the updated theme, made changes as you’ve described above and removed the search for now. Looks great! I’ve only small question left: I have implemented the code to remove the stitched background. However, the very first post is still connected to the top black line. Is there a way to “close off” the first post so it doesn’t bleed into the header? The footer looks great. You see the last post on the page closes off in a complete square quite nicely… but that top post that connects to the black line in the header is driving me bonkers!

BTW , with modifications not nearly as girly-girl… and I like it much better! =D

Let me know when the Essentia theme is available. I’d like to give it a try! I love the ENLARGE . I also love the implementation of the Facebook, Twitter and Permalink, though I would leave it static as opposed to having to hit See Post Details to view more. But that’s just my two cents. The only thing I could really think would be nice is a HEART “like” button prominently displayed on both this theme and the new one for fellow tumblrs. When I find something I would like to “like”, I don’t want to have to the permalink to like it. I just want to hit the “like” and move on…

Anyhow, keep me up to date. Can’t wait! Thanks

Hi Sitebuilder,

Eeeeek, I thought I answered this in my previous reply – must have slipped through the net. Nonetheless, here what you need to do to seperate the first post from the header:

Using the steps already mentioned in my previous reply, locate the “Custom CSS ” section on the “Customise” bar and at the bottom of all the code already in there, paste the following:

div.first_div {
    margin-top: 25px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 10px;
    -moz-border-radius: 10px;
    border-radius: 10px;}

span.left_corner, spane.right_corner {
    display: none;}

In the code above, you’ll see “margin-top: 25px” – you can play around with that value to determine how far away you want the first post from the header.

Hope it help – lemme know if you’ve got more questions, I’m happy to assist :)

Can this theme display the post author on group blogs? I use Tumblr’s Submit feature on a few of my group Tumblr blogs and I like to give authors full credit. Usually the author name is displayed if it’s a public, non-Tumblr user, and Tumblr users who submit posts get their blog linked from their name. Thanks!

This company seems to have great customer service and the theme is fantastic but I don’t think it will work for me. I need the post to be a little more prominent when it is clicked on instead of only half the screen. Any way that could be modified relatively easily? If so you have my money and thanks!

Bought the theme and am having a pretty smooth time customizing it however, I seem to be unable to solve one problem. I substituted Stumbleupon with Pinterest by replacing the link to the specific button but keeping everything the same.

The problem is that whenever I have the pinterest link show up where the Stumbleupon would have there is a twitter icon poking out underneath. To be clear, when the pinterest isn’t there the twitter isn’t there either. Any tips?

Just downloaded this theme! I was torn between this & Essentia Light, they are both absolutely gorgeously designed. Thanks so much! This will look great ^^

Really good, luck with your sales