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beautiful template, just seems some things are a bit backward, having to edit modules to change block titles…not best practice really. We found it but think it might be worth putting in the documentation for users who don’t work with Drupal a lot.

thank you for purchasing the theme, and good job creativeborders :)

if you can’t find where you can change title for a block, you can use http://drupal.org/project/stringoverrides and override text title. that is useful module as well.

I love and bought the theme. However, not feel comfortable to install theme by following the instructions. I had an existing Drupal with lots of modules loaded, but no changes to drupal core. I thought we just need to install the theme files. why need to upload all from “Elegantica/elegantica/*” to the server?




Is this theme ready for RTL (right to left) languages?

Thanks– paul

Hi. I have tried this theme on my android phone. But the drop down menu is not working(just frozen, no movement at all). Have you tested this theme on mobile platform?

Hi :) I’m thinking of purchasing the theme. But you mention 10 different color options but I can’t see them. Where please? Any other options possible?

Hi There, after you logged in, please look at this URL your-site.com/admin/appearance/settings/elegantica#edit-elegantica

and you can change color schema..

and on demo version i have dropdown list of colors. see screenshot http://cl.ly/image/101M2n260I1K

Hi I contacted you through your contact form and email provided in the documentation but no response so I am asking my question here.

You can see my site at http://drupal.isiteelements.com I am trying to install your theme. I can set the theme as the default theme however it isn’t using the database file for some reason. I uploaded the database file provided using phpmyadmin successfully and it doesn’t look like it is using the updated database file that I uploaded?

Thanks for your time

When I change my database settings to:

$databases = array ( 'default' => array ( 'default' => array ( 'database' => 'database_name', 'username' => 'database_username', 'password' => 'database_password', 'host' => 'localhost', 'port' => '', 'driver' => 'mysql', 'prefix' => '', ), ), );

It gives me the error that access is denied for user ‘database_usernam’@’localhost’

thanks for your help also you can see the error at http://drupal.isiteelements.com

Hi there , if your site is new site(fresh installation ) plse follow the documentatio ) you don’t need install Drupal first , in package included files and modules so just copy all to your hosing. If you can not do that send me ftp account (ssh access is better ) By email , I will help you install .

Send me by themeforest contacts form


Hello tabvn,

Thank you very much for your support. I am new to moving different databases to remote servers, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me with this! I successfully moved everything over correctly with your help. I didn’t realize that you don’t have to install drupal on your remote server rather than just droping the files into ftp!

Thanks a million rated 5 stars

Hi. You are talking about 10 color options. Where do I see/find them please?

Hi There, after you logged in, please look at this URL your-site.com/admin/appearance/settings/elegantica#edit-elegantica and you can change color schema.. and on demo version i have dropdown list of colors. see screenshot http://cl.ly/image/101M2n260I1K

Thanks – I closed the frame so I didnt see ;)


Is there any way to replace the slider with a video to the left and a sign up form on the right? I’d like to keep the blue background as well if that’s possible.



Thanks for the theme. I am currently trying to install it on a local php using easyphp and when I try to import the sql file I am getting an error.
SELECT MAX( version ) 
FROM  `phpmyadmin`.`pma_tracking` 
WHERE  `db_name` =  'adv_db1'
AND  `table_name` =  'block VALUES'
AND FIND_IN_SET(  'INSERT', tracking ) >0

MySQL said: 

#1100 - Table 'pma_tracking' was not locked with LOCK TABLES 
this seems to occur on the INSERT INTO commands eg line 73 of the data.sql file in the theme. Could you please provide a sql file with out all the lock table commands.

HI glycerine,

make sure your mysql version is support drupal 7, MySQL 5.0.15 or higher,


i think you should check your mysql again because data dump file is fine,

thank you, if you have any question send me an email via http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from i will get back to you in shortly.

Hello. I bought the theme yesterday. it looks nice. There are couples issues when I edit it my need. I’m pleased if you answer.

1- I need to translate “Our business partners” text to my language. However, I couldn’t find.

2. Main specifection of font not show up some letters in my language that are not in english. How can I fix that ? h1,h2 use that.

Hi thanks for purchasing the theme

you can install extra module and start override texts or translate


or you can find in /sites/all/modules/elega/**.tpl.php and you can change.

send me your site URL via themeforst contact form http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from

i will look into problem of the site in your language, thanks

Hey Thanks for your help.

Unfurtunetly The website doesn’t live so I captured a screenshot. You can see the font issue on following picture.


“??” string not show up with primary fonts

we did use http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/pt-san this font for heading elements, this is most popular font as well, i prefer you send me an email with details and big screenshot of font issue, and nomal text in your language so i can see what is different. thank you.

I already gave a screenshot above. The problem is Turkish chars don’t display properly. I guess the font doesn’t support my language.

Hello is there a way to add a video and possibly a subsccribe form in the spot of the slideshow content, while keeping that blue background?


Current feature is no. it can be customize in code.

Thanks. Is there a way to add webform like a contact form in the slider, then?


Happy to see a good looking Drupal theme! Question for you. If I wanted to use Drupal Commerce with Elegantica, is it some feasible or do you suggest just going for a commerce-oriented theme instead?


Hi there.

I was trying to change the portfolio categories and I ended up breaking the portfolio page. You can see it here http://drupal.isiteelements.com/portfolio

It gives me the error

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'purr'

Any idea as to what this means and how I can fix it?


Contact me via Themeforest contact http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from and give me your site information i will look into your problem.

Hi thanks I sent a message through the contact form thanks for the support

All I can say is this author gives unbelievable support with the theme! I am more of a beginner with installing and customizing drupal templates and this author has helped me with all of my dumb questions. Don’t hesitate when buying this template. If you ever run across any problems the author will help you instantly. Great Support! Thanks for the great theme! I still don’t know how you fixed my error on my site… but sure enough it’s like magic and now the error is gone! Thanks a million! :)

Thank you a million too. But I don’t know why “purchased” badge don’t show on your comment. I guess you did purchase the theme with another account .

when i install the theme this message appear to me Notice: Undefined index: und in include() (line 23 of /sites/all/modules/elega/elega_home_slider.tpl.php) any help

could you please send me an email via themforest contact form with your site information i will look into your problem

thanks for purchasing the theme.

sorry I can’t find the contact form like could u pls send me the link

http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from or you can find my email address in the documentation.

I really really want to purchase this theme but am not an advanced drupal user. Will I be able to set this theme up correctly as it is viewed in the demo?

Does this theme require additional modules for the slideshow/slider content options?

Thanks for the work.

Let buy it , :) don’t worry

Send private PM with site info for issue.