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Hello, we bought your template, we are using the drupal CMS with a postgreSQL database and we have errors while deploying your theme. It seems that the queries are written for MYSQL and not for postgreSQL (For exemple Data.sql) Can you provide us a POSTGRESQL compatible version of your theme?

Best regards

Hi thanks for purchasing the theme.

I prefer you can install on another develop server and use MySQL . Then you can export data again to compare with your database server .

It is impossible to use MySQL because we are developping our CRM system on POSTGRESQL and we have a lot of triggers that link drupal to your system . Do you intend to make your theme compatible with postgres.

Hello, I purchased this theme and am having just a couple problems. I sent a message through your profile. Can you help?

could you re-send to me, thanks

re-sent. Thanks!

we can t use your template because of postgres. Do you intend to give back the money?

you should contact to envato, i dont have permission to do that. thanks

but do you intend to make your template compliant with postgresql?

Is there a list of modules that the theme is using on the demo? Thanks.

Follow the URL


You will see list of modules enabled

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

I understand where to see the modules. But for the theme to look like the demo, I was curious of what modules where being used to design the theme the way your team has it. (IE Views, Views Slideshow, ctools…)

I love the theme look but once its installed, its the very base theme. I would love some pointers to get it where you have it.

Hi pls follow the documentation you will have site like demo.


In the documentation folder, there is an index.html file that tells you the basics of Drupal configuration but nothing really about making it a “site like demo”

yes, but if follow step by step, you can get it. thanks and if you have any question please drop me an email here, http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from i can get back to you faster.

I have a problem with mod_rewrite issue, I have to append ?q= to the url in order to actually see any admin portion of the site. I do have apache mod_rewrite on, and apache .htaccess is the one that is pre configured. Am I missing anything. Love the theme by the way.


Hi There

there is .htaccess file in root of drupal site, if you can see that in download package that mean .htaccess is hidden file on your computer,

Or simply download this file and save to root of your drupal site


rename it to ”.htaccess”

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time any question please drop me an email via themeforest contact form, i will get back to you in shortly.

Hello. I bought your theme and i have no idea how to change text size on buttons like ADD TO CART or SELECT OPTIONS ? Please help!

Hi there. where did you get the social media icons from? I’d like to add youtube, linked in and google plus icon is that possible?

Thanks, Matt

Hi you can use addthis.com

Hi, purchased the theme. Can you please direct me to where you used Google Fonts? I wish to change the fonts of the theme. thank you.

If you want to add more google font, you can open in style.css (sites/all/themes/elegantica/)

and add this to first line

for example:

@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Droid+Serif:400,400italic);

then you can use that font from google.

I tried that and it didn’t work, also tried the font-your-face module – http://drupal.org/project/fontyourface, loaded the font, selected all headers to change the font in and it didn’t apply. Could it be that your google font has precedence?, I also sent you another question about the image slider color background, I can send some cash through paypal if you feel that this goes beyond the support you want to give, as a consultation fee.

Hi can you put webform into a block?



I have a problem with the “Portfolio” page (and view). I create a new “portfolio” content, I upload and image and publish. When I go to the “porfolio” page, or “recent from our portfolio”, I can’t see the image of the new content. It’s a blank rectangle

Thank you

Hi there ,

Try to check sites/default/files

Folder files and sub folder must read able and. Write able. (777)

Thanks for purchasing the theme

I thought I saw on your profile a website location where I can get to a forum for your templates. Am I correct and if so what is the address so I can get to those articles you had. Thanks -lc

Hi lcloer,

for any question please contact via themeforest contact form http:/themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from and i will get back to you in shortly

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Any way to change the portfolio grid size to show 3 items instead of 4? I’d like there to be a right sidebar on the portfolio page.


Sorry Elegantica support 4 items only. which account you bought the theme, so use that account to comment or send me message via themeforest contact form. thanks


Could you please tell how to change the blocks name in the home page: “Recent from our portfolio, Our latest posts and Our business partners” Where Can I manage them? From blocks? Panel?

Thank you

Hi there

1/ you can use http://drupal.org/project/stringoverrides to override text

2/ simply you can edit here “sites/all/modules/elega/*.tpl.php”

thanks for purchasing the theme.


Thank for your support, I’ve the last question about “Portfolio Page”. I’d like to clone this page-view and use for another content type, almost identical.

I’ve cloned the view, anche the content type, changed the fields with the new names (Category has became Categorie for example), but something doesn’t work properly: [new] [the original]

How can I clone it properly?

Thank you

you should send me via themeforest contact form.

Hi how do I use add this to share a linked in page or youtube page? I see its done for facebook and twitter but how do I do for linked in thanks