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-The Theme does not work on Firefox -The countdown will not boot on Safaris.

I am very disappointed!

Hello. Which browser FF version you are using?

I updated version please download again.

Firefox version : 25.0.1

Hello, i have many bugs : – count don’t work on ios7 (ok on ios6) – count don’t work on Safari Mac – color setting don’t work on ie10 windows


This is bug IETester. See real screen in Win7 ie10 http://tuvik.ru/el2/ex/simplevente.fr.png

Perfect, thanks a lot for all your resolution!!! best regards

I’m glad I helped

I noticed some issues reported with the options of the WP version are they all fixed and working with the latest 3.8.1 version ? Just wanted to clarify before purchase. Thanks.

Hello, yes of course supported 3.8.1 WP version, see demo:

Hey am about to purchase your cool work bt have one question.Can I add an about off canvas link on the page to appear the same as the language list?????

yes of course, you can add any number of links. See docs

The plugin work in multisite? Once installed my site was broken. I wasn’t able to access my website at all. Plugin removed via ftp and everything ok now.

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Enable WordPress debugging mode and tell me what you see.

Hi, i have purchased your template, can you tell me how to remove the theme setting ?

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Specify what settings WP or HTML?

I’m using the html one and i’ld like to remove the theme setting on the left’s front page.

OK, just remove this code in index.html file
<!-- // COLOR SETTING ONLY (remove for production) //-->

hola. como puedo usar la pagina y al mismo tiempo ir editando mi sitio con otra platilla en wordpress?

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Just install the plugin offpage and on the Settings page, select the theme ElegantTwo. After you can activate any theme and edit your website.

ok. gracias

Me gustaría comprar este tema pero antes, quisiera saber como dejarlo activado en wordpress mientras trabajo otra plantilla.

Lei algo de un pluggin llamado offpage pero no lo encuentro.

Muchas gracias

Hello. Offpage plugin you get along with the theme ElegantTwo.


Great job!! and works perfectly just one thing how do I temporary disable the countdown?

your prompt reply is much appreciated


Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Which version you are using WP or HTML?

Thanks for your reply WP… Thanks!

1. Click Apperance -> Editor
2. Select”Main Index Template (index.php)”
3. Change code days
on value 555
4. Change code hours
<span id="dig-hours" class="light show2">{hnn}</span>
on value 12
<span id="dig-hours" class="light show2">12</span>
5. Similarly change code minutes {mnn} and seconds {snn}

Buenos Dias G4 cuando trato de editar otra plantilla dejando activado el plugin offpage. Me cambia a la nueva plantilla.


1. In the settings Offpage select ElegantTwo.
2. Activate the TwentyTwelve theme (default theme).
Now administrator can see TwentyTwelve theme, but guests can see the ElegantTwo theme

Esta funcionando pero cuando lo activo cambia de color, no aparece el logo y el conteo cambia

Please give a link to your site, I do not quite understand. Email me at geivvl@gmail.com

downloaded but after opening the zip file- and rezipping just the wp files I am getting an error message saying there is no css file. I opened a case in support and hope for an answer soon since the idea behind the ‘coming soon’ page is to get it up right away. I am sure its just another item I need to move into the wordpress file in the download- so we will see.

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
You need of the folder WordPress_Version to install theme_eleganttwo.zip

My “get notified” email field is not displaying: http://tableauxmagazine.com/

It was there when I set this up. I’ve been working in the admin and may have somehow messed it up. Can you give me an idea why that might have happened?

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
The form disappears when not selected method of preserving email address.

could it be a plugin conflict?

Hi, the offpage plugin not work. ‘ElegantTwo’ needs to be enabled in theme options to work, but no runs in background while you develop in other enabled theme. You understand me?

Thanks so much and great work! Cheers.

All solved, my mistake. Administrator can see the other theme, but guests only see the ElegantTwo theme. Thanks :)

Hello, thank you for your purchase. I’m glad you understand :)

Simple and Elegant! ???????! ?????? ???????!

One question though… When I activated the WP theme, I setup my preferences and all is fine, but when I activate the Off-line plugin, there is no way to use already set up preferences for the theme, nor separate settings are vailable. Please look into that.

Also, on the multisite network installation it is possible to activate the plugin on per Site basis, not sitewide (it brings the websites down)!

Hello, thank you for your purchase. I’ll think over your comments.

How can I work on my website when ElegantTwo is activated? The only way I can see the coming soon page is if I activate it, but when I do that, I can’t work on my site.

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
1. First activate the theme ElegantTwo for the setting.
2. Change option theme ElegantTwo.
3. Install and activate plugin Offpage, Enable offline mode, select a theme ElegantTwo from the list.
4. Now you can activate any topic and develop your site (all except an administrator will see the theme specified in the list of plug Offpage)

Worked. Thank you!

Hi G_4,

Great theme, thanks. Im having a bit of a struggle with adding the facebook like and share api buttons.

I added the code to the index.php as per instructions and the code for the buttons in the description, but on saving it strips away the important detail for the code and only leaves “ “

Also how would I center the code?

Here’s the link: http://www.myinfo.mobi/

Would you be able to tell me what Im doing wrong? Thanks. :)

Thanks, would you mind being a little more specific please, as I had already added the JavaScript SDK in the index.php page right after the opening body tag.

I just need to know where to place the code for the facebook button plugin to appear on the page?

Thank you :)

Nevermind, I gave it a shot and got it right :) Thanks for the support :)

I’m happy for you :)

Hi… After i insert the API key for GetRespond and the campaign name to the action.php i do not get any signup completed… what else do i need to do?

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Recently stopped GetResponse return the result of sending subscription. So, dellete code in action.php file
if(array_key_exists('duplicated', $subscribe)){
    throw new Exception("Email exist", 2);

and in the settings of disable subscription confirmation.

Hi there, i have a small issue. i try to add a Video above the counter / below the logo section. The result is that the countdown-section gets pulled down because there is a margin of over 300px. I tried to fix that in the foundation.min.css – under six,.row .six{width:50%} by adding another margin top PLUS i tried to change the main css style but both did not work… Can you give me the position of that column and where i can change that top margin? See here http://samphai.com/ Thanks a lot

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Please email me at geivvl@gmail.com I will send you a corrected files.

can i able to use this theme in wordpress…? and also able to add the footer links …?

Yes, you can use this theme in Wordpress. From the admin panel, you can only add links to social sites. If using editor can add anything you want.