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Hello, i have two websites to launch at the same time, can this theme work on both of them at the same time? Thank youi.

Yes, the first site is sent, the second is not.

Check the settings to send and API key and list name in MailChimp (reason in the settings but not in the WP Theme )

Ok, I will do so. Thanks.

Hi , Do i have the option to add more input fields (to be saved after in CSV) like – name and phone number (addition to mail) ?

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
Yes you can, but you need to add fields to index.html and edit actions.php

Please I just bought the ElegantTheme and I have not bn able to set a default background color…I will like to change the default bg img to another image while the theme still works correctly… Can anyone help ?

Hi, How can i create direct notification to my e mail once user has subscribe.?

thank you

Hello, Write me at geivvl@gmail.com I will send the file to notify the Subscription

I’m using the HTML version. I inputted the Aweber settings into the actions.php file.

I’ve modified the index.html page – it’s here: http://gattisports.com.au/signup/

When people sign-up, nothing seems to happen.

Help please!

Also – will this automatically add the relevant fields that have been defined in Aweber? Or do I need to modify the actual <form> field within the index.html file so that it uses the Aweber form?

As noted above…there are NO instructions within the documentation about how to set up the form, which is frustrating.

Could you also provide details on how to add an image as the background instead of the pattern. Thank you!

Send me geivvl@gmail.com your action.php You can use this code to add image.
<!-- Body background -->
<div id="bg" class="bg show0">
  <!-- Background image -->
  <img width="1680" height="1260" class="bg-img" src="assets/img/maple_leaf_2-wallpaper-1680x1260.jpg" alt="" />


Wonderful theme! I love it so much. Just one thing though, the “Notify” button doesn’t work for me. What should I do? Please visit: http://deluxeitshop.com/. This is what shown in the console: http://i.imgur.com/cJU03JK.jpg.

Also, is there any way (besides digging into the code, which I can do) to modify the button label to something else besides “Notify”?


Now you have an error

Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class Login_Redirect in /home/xngin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/login-redirect/login-redirect.php on line 45

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/xngin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/login-redirect/login-redirect.php on line 146

Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class Logout_Redirect in /home/xngin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/logout-redirect/logout-redirect.php on line 44

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Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/xngin/public_html//modules/custom-javascript-editor/custom-javascript-editor.php on line 181

Please in turn disable the plugins and check the possible conflict of plugins


I disabled them all. It still didn’t work. I’ve found online that you might be using a non-standard ajax URL, but I don’t know what it is so I can’t really talk about it.

The ajax on all other websites are working just fine.

Please advise,

Please email me geivvl@gmail.com, I do I need to send you a file.

Where is the wordpress version?

In the main archive, folder wordpress_version.

Hi, I need only HTML site. To use this one do I have to install WP??? Thanks

Hi, in the main archive are two versions of WP and HTML, use any.

Sorry, I really don’t know how to install this. Can anyone please help?

Hello which version you want to install? WP or HTML

Good evening , I have a question about this plugin , I wanted to know if there was more than cooming sun calendar and the email , you can also tell if this is the best plug in or is there a better plugin ?

Hello, it is not a plugin, it is HTML theme, plus a version for WordPress. This theme contains only a soon counter. What features you want?

hi, I have purchased elegant_two_2.3 html theme and to launch at the sub domain godaddy server, can you help me to configure that theme, when i upload that theme on root directory nothing is happen.. how to install it..

Hello, just extract the contents of a folder “elegant_two_2.3” in ”/public_html” folder in your hosting. See godaddy help

A few questions. 1) Can I remove the counter? 2) Can I remove the email form?

Also every time i update the css I see no changes being made. Could I request for you to add font color options?

1) Delete code to the index.html file
<!-- Section Count --> 
<!-- End Section Count -->
2) Delete code to the index.html file
<!-- Subscribe -->
<!-- End Subscribe -->
3) Comment out the code to the js/custom.js file
setInterval(function () {
}, 1000); 

You response is appreciated!

I understand this is limited support. However, can you help me by telling me how exactly I can put he info in the center? That’s all I will need to to finish this part of the project http://shirleymarie.net

And the final question is how do i actually set a static front page?

http://shirleymarie.net doesn’t have a Eleganttwo theme

HI Just bought your theme, using only the html version, i just upload and it work. but when i change the color, background pattern etc online and then refresh , remain back to the default style. how to change this and save it??? please help.

in firefox also the countdown broke!

Hi, set color, background pattern in the assets/js/custom.js file. Please show your site.

Hi, I cannot share it here in public. please check your inbox . i am not be able to change the linear style to linear top, and not be able to change to 2 background color and the patterns.


You did not say that this version of WP. Use this style.css for WP version https://goo.gl/TJZuKs

Thanks :)

is this still supported? Need it for an Arabic site.


How do you make the page default to Arabic?

It depends on the locale settings of your web browser

i WP version, can I add fields or pages for contacts and about us? without modifying the HTML files?

You can add only the counter and the subscription