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G_4 supports this item


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awesome work buddy! Good luck with sales :D


wish it had Mailchimp API support so it could save subscribers directly to lists… also a check if email already exists with appropriate error message so it does not imply or actually save the email twice.

Mailchimp API support maybe in next update

Version 1.01 Added Mailchimp subscribe

G_4, priv! Nice work. Good luck with sales!

Thank you

I cant get it to open. I have tried IE, FF, Opera, an Chrome.

You can not open a demo, what you see?

I’m new to this, and I need HELP Bad!!! lol, hey how do I make the email submitting work?

Hello. Thank you for your purchase. Worked to subscribe need hosting with php. Just copy the contents of a folder elegant_two http directory. If user click Subscribe beside the index.html will mails_**.csv file with emails.

Hello. This works great in Google Chrome (25.0.1364.172 m, Windows), Mozilla Firefox (19.0.2, Windows), Opera (12.14, Windows), Safari (6.0.2, Mac) and IE (v9 only – v8, v7 & v6 things just look odd). I cannot get it to work in IE10 that comes with Windows 8. Any ideas? Thanks.

Thank you for your purchase and feedback.
Template supports only IE10, 9 and part 8 (IE6-7 version does not supports). Bug IE 10 I will correct as quickly as possible.

Bug fix in IE10

Hi, great design. I’d like to add a logo above the window, centered. How can I do that?

The file style.css
in the @media (max-width: 767px) delete
in the @media (max-width: 480px) delete

Thank you so much for the detailed description. One last thing. The logo is very high above the window. What can I change to lower it? Thanks

The file index.html change class=”floater” to class=”floater2”
<div class="pre-floater text-center">
    <div class="floater2" />
    <div class="logo"><img src="assets/img/icon/touch-icon-ipad.png" alt="logo" /></div>
The file style.css add style
    height: 50%; /*changing can be moved up and down*/

Hi, when loading the demo on Google Chrome on Windows, the pre-container to container phase animates a little towards the left, then jerks back to centre, presumably because of the scrollbar width. It works fine on Safari on Mac because the browser scrollbar is overlay.

Can this be fixed on Google Chrome for Windows?

Thank you!

Is there any alternative to this? I have images that are opacity:1 while animating, so the overflow is visible as it animates from pre-container to container/container to pre-container.

May be the appearance of your images to animated from opacity:0 to opacity:1. Or add images to a opacity:0 div

i would like to add a logo right above coming soon where the template says Eleganttwo.

Please enter your email or send me a geivvl@gmail.com

Hi Have a problem with this theme. When I try to upload to wordpress I get a missing style.css error. Can anyone help please?

This theme is not for wordpress it’s just html theme.

Hi there, first of all i have to admit you, it is pretty awsome work, well done and thank you for it. I have a little problem, i couldn’t find solution :(. I have included a “Tooltip” class with a question icon by using this code;

class= “tooltip” title=”Here is the info text”> On the main page (index.html) works fine just like i want but i want also to include the same option to the other languages, how can i do that? I will be very happy for a quick answer because i am totally blocked now :( Thanks a lot and i wish you a good day Orontes

I have already changed it, but it wont work :( i am trying to include it to the “lang/lang-de.json”. Here is the code how i am doing it:

"name": {
        "name_light": "Willkommen bei",
        "name_dark": "Halal Tours",
        "desc": "Hier entsteht demnächst eine Seite auf der Sie bei ausgewählten Reisepartnern Ihren Halal-Urlaub in Deutschland genießen können.",
        "image": {
            "src": "assets/img/icon/tooltip.png",
            "alt": "Beim Halal-Urlaub wird Ihnen eine islam-konforme Umgebung geschaffen, in der Sie Ihren religiösen Pflichten sorglos während Ihrer Ferien nachgehen können.",
            "title": "Title-image" 
Paste the new code:
<article class="light desc show3">
  <span data-localize="name.desc">Soon you will be able to book your halal-holiday at chosen travel partners in Germany. </span>
  <img src="assets/img/icon/tooltip.png" class="tooltip" title="Halal-holiday offers you an islamic conform environment where you can carry out your religious duties carefreely even when on vacations." data-localize="name.image" />

Excellent!... Now it is working fine… Thank you for your cooperation.

Do all subscriber emails go into the same .csv file or does each subscriber have their own .csv file?

Yes all subscriber emails go into the same .csv file


First of all a Huge thanks for creating an awesome landing page. I am trying to add LinkedIn as a Icon at the bottom for social media. But unable to do so. Can you please help?

Regards, Vinod

This is happening when I am using the output as normal csv file also. No message stating that the e-mail address is saved.

Please help.

Please write url your website

Hello please help had just purchase this file and download it.

I was wondering how do i change the Days, Hour, Min and Sec.

I can’t seems to find it any where.

Hello, thank you for purchase. In file index.html change this code
<!-- Main options -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    var setting = {
        lastDate: '03/15/2014 16:45:00', //Date format: month/day/year hours:minutes:seconds
        timeZone: null, //GMT +10 or -5
            bodyColor:'#55ddda', //Any #hex color, only 6 characters
            bodyShadow:'Blue' //Shadows: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Aqua, Gray

I know i requested mailchimp, but if you can add or plan to add aweber, i will buy this 100% for sure…

bought it, should be really easy. mailchimp, aweber and getresponse are the most common and easy to integrate due to their API.

Version 1.06 added GetResponse and AWeber subscription

many thanks for the update, rated 5 stars.

how to change default language?

Hello, thank you for purchase. To change the default language you need to edit the file index.html and change skipLanguage on default, in file custom.js
/* Language switcher */
var langs = getParameterValue('lang');
(langs != "") ? langs : '';
$('[data-localize]').localize('lang', {
    language: langs,
    pathPrefix: 'lang',
    skipLanguage: /^en/, //<------------- This default english
    callback: function (data, defaultCallback) {
        document.title = data.name.name_light + ' ' + data.name.name_dark;
        window.lName = data.name.name_light;


Great work :) i’ll buy it :)

For the french translation :

Très bientôt, notre site sera ouvert aux visiteurs, nous espérons pour votre patience et votre compréhension.

—>> Très bientôt, notre site sera ouvert aux visiteurs, nous vous remercions pour votre patience et votre compréhension.

Get Connected—> Restez informés

Rappeler—> Envoyer

Thank you very much for the translation

you’re welcome ;)

Hi, I’ve been having trouble uploading this file to Wordpress. Every time I try it just comes up with the following message:

Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

Hello, thank you for purchase.
This is the theme not an plugin, it must be installed via the menu Appearance. Steps

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. However, I’m still experiencing some difficulties with setting up this theme. Here is the message displayed by Wordpress after attempting to follow the steps as you suggested:

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

The file that I uploaded was the compressed folder that contains the eleganttwo theme.


Hello I am not very technical, sorry.. I tried several times to install this theme and I get this error: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can install ElegantTwo?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, thank you for purchase.
Before you install unzip elegant_two_wp_version_1.0.zip inside the archive file with the WP-theme eleganttwo.zip

I just downloaded the theme and uploaded to my word press site and its all scattered. I did nothing to it but upload it and its in a completely different format. any clue what’s wrong?

its been more than a couple of days..any news?

Can you please respond. thanks

My apologies for not responding your letter any sooner. New version 2.1 is available for download.