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Eleganza Email Template

Eleganza Email Template

Eleganza is a modern template with incredible flexibility.

Involves the use of simple blocks that form the areas of interest and the structure: you can position them as you like and this allows for infinite possibilities of layout.

Twelve versions ready for use in two colors (dark and light background); change colors, fonts and spaces is very fast.

Update 1.1 is available, see below for details!

Eleganza includes:

  • Header with Logo & Menu Links
  • Main Title
  • Full width Text
  • Two columns Text
  • Three columns Text
  • Full width Image
  • One column Big Image
  • One column Medium Image
  • One column Small Image
  • Two columns Images
  • Three columns Images
  • One column List
  • Two columns List
  • Three columns List
  • Two columns Price Table
  • Three columns Price Table
  • Graphic Divider
  • Ribbon Announcement
  • Footer with Social Widget & Standard Text

Update 1.1 ~ September, 20

  • New elements of layout
  • Twelve versions ready for use in two colors (dark and light background)

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