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Im using this template and it works fine, but when I view it on an iphone, it doesnt preview correctly. It only takes about about half of the left side of the screen. Could you tell me what file I would look at to correct this.


you can view it here:


thanks a bunch


The problem is from the image of the boat under BOAT IN A TRANQUIL BAY. 1. Remove the width and height from the 2. Add a class .scalable to the

These should fix your issue.

Regards, Boyan

That fixed it. Thanks again!

Hi there,

Wondering if you can direct me on how I would slow the duration that the images on the carousal at the top of the Default portfolio version appear on the screen. Right now, they appear on the screen for approx. 6 seconds before changing to the next and I would like them to stay on the screen a little longer.

Thanks in advance.


It’s here: js/main/.js, line 406: autoPlayDelay: 4000,

Regards, Boyan

Hello, I´ve edited the file (main.less) with Crunch or Dreamweaver. I changed the main color to #bf1e2d it’s not working. Any ideas?


Thanks for you purchase.

Be sure to export the LESS file in the CSS folder, otherwise it will use the old css file. Another option is to uncomment the main.less <link> tag and the less-1.3.3.min.js <script> tag and have LESS compiled on the page itself (not recommended for production).

Regards, Boyan

Thanks, I tried I eventually got that working by changing the css file.

One more question. I just added the contact form and map from the other index.html file. The page is now now displaying incorrectly. Any ideas on how to fix this?



I don’t see the contact form or the map on the URL you’ve provided.

Note: Be sure to include all connected JS or CSS dependencies in order to see everything correctly.

Regards, Boyan

On safari, the reviews section displays weird. I thought it was on my end but it shows on your demo as well. Always, one of the square images for one of the reviewers will be pushed down outside of the horizontal line. Here is a link to the screenshot: http://listlogicsoftware.com/dev/listmaster/reviews.jpg

Could you please take a look and let me know what you think could fix it?


Thanks for your purchase. I can’t seem to recreate your issue, I’m using Safari 8.03 on OS X 10.10.2. Is this Mavericks on the screenshot? Is it a vanilla Safari or does it have some plugins enabled that could somehow make a difference?

Regards, Boyan

Hi Boyan, Thanks for the quick response. No plugins that I know of am I using. I tested it on my older laptop with snow leopard and my new computer with OS X 10.10.2 and Safari 8.04 and recreated the same issue easily. Try refreshing the page a few times. It doesn’t recreate the problem on every load. Still no luck?

Sorry, one more question on another matter: I’m trying to have two carousel’s, one right after the other. The first shows iphones and the second nexus phones.

Everything works except for the next and previous arrows. I can’t seem to make an additional set of arrows that will control the second row of phones.

Take a look here and you’ll see that the next and previous arrows to the left and right of the iphone carousel controls the nexus row below. How can i make a left/right arrow that will control the first row iphones?




For the second carousel, you have to create another instance of the plugin in the JS file. Please look at http://demo.tardigradestudio.com/themes/element-test/index2.html

As far as the other bug – unfortunately I managed to see it only once after about 20 times of refreshing so I’m not really able to debug it properly, because I couldn’t recreate it a second time after that. You could try adding position: relative; to .testimonialtabs .tabs li. Another workaround would be to add the line that calls these tabs:

starting with: if($(’#testimonialtabs’).length) {

within: $(window).load(function() {

This will make sure it fires after the DOM has loaded.

Regards, Boyan

Wow, thank you!! Your instructions were clear and easy to do. I just did position: relative; to the .testimonial tabs li and worked great. And for the JS file, thanks for the link, I just compared and did the same thing there for mine and now it works. Amazing theme and service!

Glad it helped!

Regards, Boyan

Can we add videos to the gallery?

The plugin we’re using supports video as seen here http://demo.tardigradestudio.com/themes/element/index5.html (when clicking the 3 stacked phones with a play button on top)

Hi There Everytime I try and open any file from this download, it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Please advise a correction to this issue


Have you uploaded it to a server or are you accessing it from your local folder? Could you try uploading it to a server. I’ve just checked the download and it seems to be working ok on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Regards, Boyan

Nice template, but scroll to by menu item (maybe waypoints.min.js) doesn’t work in Google Chrome, in Safari all working fine. Please, check it, your demo also doesn’t work in Chrome. How can i fix it?

Hey, just replace the line that includes jQuery scrollTo in all html files you’ll be using:

old line (at the end of the document): <script src=”js/plugins/jquery.scrollTo-”></script>

new line: <script src=”https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery-scrollTo/2.1.2/jquery.scrollTo.min.js”></script>

Alternatively if you want to access it locally, you can download the latest version of scrollTo and link to it.

Cheers, Boyan