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It looks like the scroll script does not work in Safari. It seems to work in FF and Chrome. Any thoughts?

Also I can’t figure out why the log does not show up when the site is compressed to a narrow size or viewed on a phone or tablet. The logo disappears and defaults to your 432×162 image. Any thoughts on that one would be great too. Thanks!

Site is here for the moment:

It would be great if I could get some response on this. I would appreciate some help from the developer since I bought this and it just does not work as it says. Hello?

Hey anhedonium, sorry for the late reply.

I can’t replicate the issue you’re having with the scroll script in Safari. Going to the link you provided in Safari the script works for me. Also the logo displays for me in desktop and mobile sizes.

You may want to look into adjusting the slide height in mobile (you can try adding this into your last media query).

.slide {
    height:your value here;

I just purchased this and I’m not seeing the PSD file in the folder, could you let me know where it’s located. Thanks so much!!

The PSD of the entire layout is not included, but you can download it from this link

Is there a way to slide top image too?

Sorry, no. Just the text.

Hi. I would really appreciate some assistance. I am having the same problem as reported here earlier. The scroll feature works in IE, FF and Chrome but does not work in Safari. I have followed all the advice previously posted on the thread, but still cannot get the template to scroll in Safari.

My site is

Many thanks in advance.

On both your site and the demo site scrolling is fuctioning. Sorry you’re experiencing difficulty.

I should have explained better: ...The site scrolls when using the mouse scroll wheel, but not when clicking the navigation buttons… This happens in Safari only. Any idea why this is happening?

This is an issue only with the mountain lion (10.8) version of safari if you add this snippet of code to the bottom of your global.js file it should be fixed.

  jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
        $("#nav a").click(function(event){       
            $('html,body').animate({scrollTop:$(this.hash).offset().top}, 500);

Hi , my sites in not slider ? just have one slider.