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Hi there, interested in purchasing this item. However upon scrutinizing the demo. I have picked up a issue in chrome. In the one page view on the light version. When I hover the top menu items, moving over the menu items back and forth.. it leaves repeated lines. Sort of like lingering outlines of where the current menu hover over was. Looks very unpleasant. Is there any fix to that ?

If I buy it I intend on using the light version one page so Im hoping there is a fix ?

A also noted the alignment issue on a mobile device, specifically my samsung tablet. The header and slideshow to align to the center of the page. Is there a fix for this or is it device specific ?

Hello, That issue in Chrome it’s a bug from the browser. The workaround that is to add:

outline: 1px solid transparent;

in css to the element of the nav. In our case nav li#selector so around line 153 in style.css.

For the problem with the tablet like, i said in the mail, i need a screenshot or something to understand better what is the problem.

Hope this helps :)

Hi, do you have any plans to offer this template in wordpress?

Hi, there currently aren’t any plans for a Wordpress version for this template. However this might change in the future.

Gran diseño. Te deseo éxito.

I tried to pull up my website on a newer version of IE and certain links no longer are working and a drop down box is showing up – but should not. It works fine on Google Chrome that I have though. Can you help? I have screenshots.


Hi, please send us the screenshot links.

I’ve been getting hit with a lot of bot spam from the form mailer lately. I would like to add a hidden field that will kill the form mailer when bots fill it in (honeypot) . I’ve been able to modify the index fine and Css but am having difficulty adding the die command to the mail.php file. Can you help with this or perhaps offer another solution to these pesky bots that does not involve the ever hideous captcha?


So you should add this to your mail.php file:

if( $_POST['hidden_input_name'] == ''){
// current form code goes here
So basically what you need to do is enclose the form code inside the above if statement. Replace hidden_input_name with the name of the hidden field you created.

This seems incomplete. How will this string kill the form mailer if filled in? don’t I need to add something to the echo command as well?

Since you’ve said you already made the changes to the HTML and CSS files for that hidden input field, all you have to do is place the condition on the form controls as explained above.

What the “if” statement above does is that when you press the submit button, if the hidden field you created is filled out, it will not submit the form (basically the submit button won’t do anything).

The logic behind this is that if a genuine visitor comes by and uses the contact form, he will not be able to see the hidden input field and thus, it will be left blank. If on the other hand a bot tries to use it, it will fill out the hidden field as well since it reads the HTML code directly.

As you may have probably noticed, this method will not stop all bots because not all bots complete every field they find on a form, so this method has a downfall.

Will there be a “Responsive Code Update” soon, so it works / resizes on smart phones, smaller screens, etc. ! that would be a great :sunglasses2: addition. Thanks

Will there be a “Responsive Code Update” soon ! so this now works on smart phone / mobile with smaller screens. . . . . etc.. This would make this template more appealing to others as well.

Hi, Please let me know how to convert your psd file to many images the website using. Thank you