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Thanks mate!

Good Mourning! Really Nice almost perfect for my use, my problem is I have purchased several themes, not knowing so much about the Tim Thumb Script, what I discovered was the script crops my images on the right and bottom, my images are of financial instruments like stocks or forex, the price scale is on the right and time scale on the bottom, so this is a real problem for me. The other developers had no solution so my purchases were worthless. I would be interested in buying your theme if you had any solutions for the problem. Ultimately I’m looking to create a membership site any thoughts on membership plug-in compatibility, I’m primarily looking to use the WishList member plugin?

Thanks in Advance!  Nick K


This theme also uses timthumb script and it crops the images automatically. There are instructions on how big the images must be so you can upload them at the specified width and height, this way auto crop will not be necessary. There is no option to disable auto cropping in the theme options.

I did not test the theme with a wishlist member plugin, but i think there will be no problem.

Best, Cristian

hello i have buyd this item minutes ago, it-s really nice and functional , very well documented but i have a problem , i have setted up two slider but how to link the slider image to desired link / post / location ?

thanks again


Thanks for your purchase!

Indeed, you are right. That field is missing.

An update will be in place today.

Thanks for your notice.

All the best, Cristian

The theme got updated. Slideshow image link applied.

All the best, Cristian

Nice, clean design, nice touch with the tour feature but no multiple column portfolios? I think that’s a drawback for a creative theme. Also can’t see the portfolio post detail page, I take it displays only a single portfolio image?


Thanks for your comment!

If you need multiple column portfolios you can use the gallery page without any problems, also the portfolio post page is a full width page – so is the gallery post page – (please check now, i activated it) so you can put anything you want in there.

Best, Cristian

Thank you, just what I needed to see. I like that the portfolio detail image supports a multiple image slider.

wow!! very nice…so crisp ;) Will you be making html version by chance? please


Thanks for your comment.

I don’t know about the HTML version … is not in the queue now, maybe in 1 month or 2.

Best, Cristian

Hi disgogo, excellent work, very impressive coding. Is there an autoplay option for the sliders?


Thanks for your purchase!

Yes, there is an option but you have to modify the theme files in order for this to work.

So, open /lib/includes/slideshow/evolution.php

and insert this line:

slideshow  : true,

after line 10.

The code should look like this after you have added the line:

width      : 960,
height     : 360,
slideshow  : true, // Start the slideshow when page loads
transition : '<?php echo opt('evolution_anim'); ?>',
delay      : <?php echo opt('evolution_time_trans'); ?>, // in ms. Time between slides
duration   : <?php echo opt('evolution_anim_speed'); ?>, // in ms. Speed of the animation
slideshow  : <?php echo opt('evolution_start'); ?>, // Start the slideshow when page loads
timer      : <?php echo opt('evolution_timer'); ?> // Show timer (it may be different in each theme)

That’s it.

Best, Cristian

Nice theme. Just installed new theme on clean WP.

I don’t get the Bebas fonts as per documentation/demo. Any ideas?


Thanks for your purchase!

I guess the theme is not installed correctly and the stylesheet doesn’t find the font.

Can you please post an URL ?

Best, Cristian

Thanks for the quick reply on the autoplay, I’m having to debug the theme for IE6 and 7 do you want to share the code?

hi great theme first of all thank you.

i have a problem with the widgets and blog posts

I have installed as described but when I go to /Appearance/Widgets/ I dont see any menus on the right just the ‘Available Widgets’ I dont have the option to slide across.

Also none of my posts are showing up in the blog.

Hi again disgogo, the tab group short codes don’t seem to be working, it produces an empty rectangle where the first tab should be, shows the first tab content and nothing else.


go2 Purchased


The pagination is not working in a Gallery.

Any ideas?


Wonderful theme with some GREAT custom widgets.

One small question.

When I load the main slider images into the featured post, they work fine but the quality of the images is being reduced to the point where my once crisp text now looks blurry.

How do I stop that? I am assuming it’s in the Timthumb.php file, but thought I would ask before i go monkeying.


Ray Traverse City Web Design


go2 Purchased

Hello again

Please can you help us with the pagination issue mentioned above.

Pagination works on blog posts but not on gallery posts.

We’re getting a 404 error when we try paginating on a gallery page.

I’d like to have 8-9 team members on the Team page but it is limiting me to 5. Is there a so the page will show more?

Hi, have purchased this nice and smart theme. Though, when trying to install it on my webhotel it says that install is not possible because the theme is missing style.css. When looking through the files in the zip I find style.css, though is it possible that the file is expected in another filestructure? Anybody?

I think I’ve solved the problem above. Seems to be a common mistake being done by newbies. ;-)

Hi. Three questions – first of all, is your theme set to work good with childthemes? I get a lot of errors when validating the css (css 3) and I can’t seem to override these errors with my childtheme? I can’t see any of the pictures in your theme. I sais I’d to alter the 0777-setting in the cashe-file, though there weren’t any in the zip-folder that I was to install. Plz, get back to me as soon as possible. BR Jill

This theme, nice as it is, seems to be out of date, my friends. No answears from the author any longer. Maybe worth considering before purchase.