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Awesome template man, thanks. :)

Nije mi potreban al rekoh da ti pomognem, drugo je kad vide da ima prodaja, lakse se odluce da kupe :)

Hvala druze! :)

I like it, but don’t have a sigle post in the blog section.

Thank you Vcent, I’m glad you like it. I didn’t understood what you mean about the blog section though.

Looked really good! I wish you could post tutorial on “how to” with slider too etc. @ http://marketplace.tutsplus.com

Thank you Pinki! I have never written a tutorial in my life, but there is always a first time. :)

I’m considering this for a website client. Can the speed of the banner be increased or decreased or modified? Can I remove the “bounce” as each slide changes? They love the different skins and colors.

Is it possible to have a drop-down menu (secondary menu) with the Main Menu bar? If so, we’ll probably purchase.


Do you have a wordpress version of this theme?


no, this is the only version I have.

I’m using this theme for a client, but I noticed it is being showcased as a theme in a free website created webs dot com. I created a support ticket a couple months ago, but haven’t heard anything and still noticed that it is on their front page as a free template. Thought you would like to know…. not fair for you or customers.

Hi Dan,

thank you notifying me, I wasn’t aware of this. But I believe that webs bought an extended license of this template, and therefore they can use it with their service.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. Congrats on making such a great theme that they plastered all over the front page!! Take care :)

Good morning,

I just tried to upload this onto Wordpress and received the error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Please help!

Hi greenjane,

I’m afraid you can’t install this in WP because this is not a WP theme, it’s a regular site template.

the site preview isn’t working, is there another link I can take a look at?


Hi, live preview is working for me, perhaps it was only temporarily down for a short time.