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The theme looks great and I have had no problem uploading it.

The previous comments confirm that it seems to be working pretty well.

I’m new to this and I’m assuming that its all editable in Dreamweaver CS3 which I purchased. Before I invest more time into learning all that I should, I just had a few questions.

My quesitons are:

1. Even though I really like the idea of just 4 projects showing on the Portfolio, i it possible to have more? 2. Can additional imagges be added to a project?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a way to move the arrows to the side of the image scroller rather than on it ???

Very nice theme. Downloaded yesterday and have been working diligently to improve on the already amazing layout it is.

Anyone on the fence about this product should definitely go ahead and get this. Very well commented, nice help file, and looks great.

Hi I’ve just brought this theme, but it comes up with an error message when I try to install it

ElementzTheme: Stylesheet is missing.


Sorry, this is not a WordPress theme :)

I know you said the color could be changed but how exactly. Is photoshop needed? You also mentioned its in the help file.

I’m simply wondering what process needs to be done & how.


Most of the changes are made in the CSS file. Some changes need to be made in Photoshop. If you know how to open a Photoshop file, you can change the colors for sure :)

Let me know if you need help with customizing the theme :)

I am looking at purchasing this theme for a project I am working on but am wondering if it is possible to add submenus?

Also, can text be added to the home page? The way it looks in the demo is the big banner graphic and then the footer. Can text be added in between?


And great work! The theme looks awesome!

Does anyone know about the Submenus?

Seriously…does no one know about adding submenus?

I am completely planning on purchasing this theme, but I HAVE to be able to add submenus. I’m not trying to get free help. I will purchase, I just need this question answered.

Thanks, Jon

Sorry for the delay. I replied to your e-mail :)

Thanks for the email. I didn’t mean to sound pushy but I didn’t want to miss this template at the discount price.

Thanks for the reply and great template.


I so love this one! i have one question thoug. ( must sound very silly) what is that -moz-use-text-color ? ( in slider) and please how can i change that? ( i know.. google.. but nothing i could use)

i did try in a css editor, but all i could find was focus ( another nice one for a starter like me!) thanks for the great template !

How do we get the “search” bar feature to work? When I click it, it just brings up a page that says “method not allowed.”

Thanks, Jon

This is just a basic HTML template, so it doesn’t have any functionality built-in :)

Good to know. I figured that was the case since I saw now PHP script of event handler included in the files. But I thought I would ask.

Thanks, Jon

My contact form does not work for my CLINET – PLEASE HELP !

The site is called – and my client is NOT receiving emails from their clients who uses the site form, can you please see what’s going on with it?

Wendell Much appreciated!

Is this theme available in Wordpress?

Not available for WordPress. Sorry :)

hi. I thought I saw a wordpress theme of this one. I bought the html but was looking the other day on themeforest and saw this exact theme in wordpress. Is that yours?


No, I don’t have a WordPress version of this theme. Could you tell me where did you find it?