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Great job guys , really a stunning email ;)

Thanks atlaspix :)

wow…. templates builder good work

Thank you so much ;)

wow…. templates builder good work

Thank you so much ;)

Very nice one .. Good job Promail

Thanks ecomputing :)

Good Job, I Like It, GLWS ;)

Thanks a lot ThemeCafe :)

Wonderful, i love this template

Thank you my friend , happy to hear that :)

Hello I can’t find the link to the video tutorial.

I am unable to use the builder


Hi webpromoters we was adding it to item description right now :)

here is the link on vimeo :

Thank you so much

we are waiting for your feedback to improve this item.

If you are looking for a special feature to add on our email template or you have any other suggestion , let us know it .

We are here to help and improve this item.

Having a hard time implementing this can you help?

Hi Jon , we have received your ticket number #612549

Support team is replying right now to help you in everything .

Thank you so much for using elena .

Template Builder demo tutorial

Watch the video tutorial and see an example of what you can do with our template builder.

Another tutorials are coming for mailchimp and campaignmonitor.

If you need anything else let us know , we’re here to help .

Do you have any information or idea how to get this working on aweber?

Hi csn-germany

Our template include a plain html version using tables and inline css without tags that is compatible with major ESP’s.

we think that this version is compatible .. try importing it into aweber and if you find any issue let us know via Ticket support so we can improve the template and make it better.

Thank you so much for using elena.

Would be nice, if you could support MyMail as well.

Regards, Bernhard

We are trying to contact @revaxarts to support MyMail Plugin .. we have plans to do it.

Thanks Bernard.

Hello! Having problems testing your email in MailChimp which causes some errors in customized template as well.

Sent you a tickets request via email. Thank you!

HI Yashma .. we have received your request right now , a support manager will reply right now and help you in everything.

Thank you so much for using Elena :)

Template looks really good, just need to find out why Mailchimp gives me such strange preview when check it even using original not changed file. Tested with multiple users.

Hi Yashma

we have tested the template again and again trying to find any issue , but everything seems to be working fine .

check the tutorial and see how it’s compatible with mailchimp :

Please reply to our last email so we can see what’s wrong with your file.

Thank you Yashma

can I create full width background sections with it?

Yes , sure you can adapt it as you want but this option is not available on builder , you should do it manually.

if you need assistance please contact support.

Thank you for your interest.

Hmmm??? Just bought this, uploaded the index file that came with the package and this is what happens in mailchimp: the template appears under my templates, if I click “view”, I can see the complete template in the popup


if I choose the template for a campaign, only the upper part of the template appears on the campaign set up page, mainly only the header (banner) and a little more….

I could send a screenshot.


I really, really, need urgent, urgent help. I have uploaded your index file a thousand times now. Only the header and the footer arrives.

Hello markimark and thank you for using Elena.

Have you checked the video tutorial for mailchimp?

Please follow the instructions and let us know if you find any issue.

Thank you

Some of the claims on your product page are misleading. I wouldn’t say the template worked “perfectly” inside Campaign Monitor. Working Perfectly would suggest a simple logo could replace the Elena logo without having to change sizes. This is not the case. Working perfectly would suggest all customization could be done inside your email provider which is not the case either. I have used templates before as I prefer limiting the time needed to make customizations. This one took way more time than it was worth.

With that being said, it is one of the best looks I have seen in an email template!

Hi rmw603 , we are so sorry for the late reply

Thank you so much for your feedback , we was working on a new version of the promail builder to make it so easy for you to do all the features you have requested .

just notice that the current promail builder still in beta version .

Thank you so much again

web font not working in Outlook

hmmm, was just checking here if this is suppose to be compatible with Outlook and surprisingly, it says that it is, with all versions since 2007. If that is true, why does Outlook revert all font styles to Times New Roman?

Also, it is not showing the background image in the header section.

What could be the reason for any of this? Any ideas, any solutions?

Hi markimark

Google fonts in outlook 2007 + are converted to Verdana or New Roman depending on the renderer .

please contact us to support so we can support you better .


In outlook 2007,2010,2013 fonts geting converted to times new roman

Hi gt47

Please contact support and we will assit you .


I’m having a terrible time trying to edit this template on mailchimp. the file seems to corrupt after editing the text the first time and the bottom of the template goes missing. Also I can’t seem to edit the main image. would love some help

Please contact support(@) and we will assist you better

this is FOR SURE a broken template! what a BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

why are you saying that .. the template is working perfectly