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Hey there!

Love this theme you’ve made but having a few issues with some of my board members.

If you could help me out here that would be great.

The site is www.nbalivecommunity.com

Please see notes below from a user who tested this all out on a few different browsers.

“Good; Firefox – very smooth, no lag or banner/logo malfunctions. Adblock Browser, Google Chrome – same as above.

Passable: DuckDuckGo – laggy, but everything else is fine. UC Browser – doesn’t lag, but the banner is stretched out and the logo is in super low quality.

Terrible: Opera Mini – logo is in poor quality, text doesn’t flash but lag anyway. CM Browser – text randomly flashes and disappears, unusable. Dolphin Browser – same as above.

Hopefully you’ll find how to fix this, it’s a pain to switch browsers just to go to this site.”

Thanks for your time and efforts.

Thanks I’ve opened a ticket.

Thank you!

We’ll follow up there :)

much appreciated

Hello! Is it possible to add a reputation system?

I installed Board Rules. To the left of the rules menu is a broken picture. On the style of the provizere is a book. On the eles style, it is not displayed. How to be?

Hey! What is the latest version of the downloaded file? I have themeforest-13769708-eles-responsive-phpbb-31-theme.zip. Is this the latest version of the style? In the extension itself, the update does not work.


Regarding your questions:

Reputation system: please check available extensions

Board rules issue: the extension is too tied to the Prosilver theme, it uses assets from prosilver. That is not a best practice. You can check which image is missing and copy it from the prosilver theme to the right folder.

Version: It is the good one


My face version is 2.4.0.

How do I make the forum icons square and large?


Thanks for your question; unfortunately it is not part of the item support scope. Please read the support policy carefully,


Hi, I will like to know how can I add “Social login” icon into the menu. And how to put “social widgets” at footer side. Please kindly tell me the steps as the documentation is not detailed enough about it.

Hi is there any other method to contact you for support?


Sorry but your enquiries are not included in the scope of ‘Support’. They are customisation requests, and unfortunately I do not offer a package for this.

Please read carefully the item support policy: https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Best Regards

What file is responsible for the ability to change the theme icons? I look all the icons of this style are written on Font Awesome.


How do I change which file?

More info in: https://github.com/forumthemer/eles-phpbb-forum-theme#custom-code

As for what code you have to type, I’m afraid that falls under the “customization” category, which is not part of item support.


Hi there! First of all just wanted to thank the creators for this fabulous theme, what an amazing job!!

While playing around with it, I’ve noticed some little bugs (?) that I’m unsure if they’re temporary or not but after I installed the theme and made some visual modifications through the Coreframe extension, I got the following:

- when I try to move threads from a sub-forum to another, the drop down menu that shows the list of subforums is slightly off position meaning I can’t select a different subforum and am therefore unable to use this setting… ( check the arrow on this screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/01doWgy.png )

- despite appearing to be working just fine on the browser I’ve been using (Chrome), the social media links on the header menu + the sidebar widgets appear duplicated on both Firefox and Safari. per example, two little Twitter icons for the same account, an authentication widget and a recent topics widget followed by their exact duplicates below in the same order (a duplicate version of the sidebar – as seen here: https://i.imgur.com/t0k5bY5.png )

- also, not a bug, but if I want to increase the height of the header a little bit so I can use a bigger background image where can I change that value please?

Thank you very much in advance for your work and time, hope you can help me with these!

I think those two “bugs” were due to a problem with my server loading time [?] I believe my host fixed something cuz now it works properly again! However I’d still really appreciate it if I could get a tip on how to increase the height of the header (if possible). Thanks again!

Hi! Great to see that your issues have been solved. If you have any other issues please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Regarding the header..

There are two states for the height of the header: - when the width of the page is above 922px - when it is below

You want both states to have an increased height?


In which file does Font Awesome connect?

You have a picture on the demo site with links. I also want to understand in what file the reference is written in order to be able to assign to the link the code with the picture. Thanks in advance. http://gofile.me/6zwDN/tR9FTQUim http://gofile.me/6zwDN/DYz6Exfu3

Hello! I noticed the following. The user name and group are not separated from the avatar.



Please report possible issues in the bug tracker, as explained on the product page.

Usually bugs reported here, in the comments section are to be ignored :)


Hello I just installed your theme on my forum www.2adefenders.com. I have so many questions.

1. How do I use a normal background image to replace the 3D background.

2. I need more information about the advertising sections. Especially the widgets like what can be putt up there.

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3680c5f2-df6c-4bd2-848c-4872dbd48b00 – 9 Jul 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

How do you change the top headers color or even what size of background does it need?


Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item.

3680c5f2-df6c-4bd2-848c-4872dbd48b00 – 9 Jul 2018 REGULAR LICENSE


giipon Purchased

Hi , I would like to edit the themes. I want to change the color purple and put a light blue. Apart of this , I want to put my logo instead of the box icon. Additionally , put all the forum in spanish , each letter.

Hi, My client give me a project using your theme, actually the problem is that his forum is very slow, taking too long time to load. I checked that one is old version of your theme. My question is what would be the problem, while i already asked to hosting provider and according to them every thing is perfect from them.

please assist me. the website link is forduae.com/forum Thanks