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I would like to change the icons of the boards. I can change the color in Coreframe->Template->Custom code->Code in <head> but if I try to change the background, I get thrown out of the admin with the message “Information The requested page could not be found.”

Yes, I understand you don’t offer customisation services, I just want to add a custom css file in head, but can’t. I’ve opened a report on GitHub. Thank you!

Sorry for being so rigid ;)

If it’s a custom CSS file that you’re after, you have to do the following:

1. edit file “styles/eles/template/overall_header.html”, just below the line with “{$STYLESHEETS}” add a link href tag to your CSS file like so:
<link href="./styles/eles/theme/my-custom-style.css?assets_version={T_ASSETS_VERSION}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

2. Add the CSS file, in this case named “my-custom-style.css” to “styles/eles/theme/”.

Upload the updated files to your server, and voila, it should work :)


Excellent, thank you.

Hi, I want to know that how can i optimize http js and css of your theme. my website is taking too long time to load.


Js, CSS and HTML of the code is already optimized. Do you see a big difference between the Eles theme and the Prosilver theme?

I’ve installed Eles an coreframe an phpBB on my site, but whenever I attempt to goto the Coreframe tab, it gives me a weird error. Is there something I’m doing wrong or need to get on the side?

Hi! Normally not, what error are you getting?

The title of the page that opens is “General Error” and below says ” General Error

Module not accessible


FILE: (not given by php) LINE: (not given by php) CALL: msg_handler()

FILE: [ROOT]/includes/functions_module.php LINE: 565 CALL: trigger_error()

FILE: [ROOT]/adm/index.php LINE: 82 CALL: p_master->load_active()”

This was happening before I did a fresh re-install of both Phpbb and Eles.


I purchased and installed the eles responsive Themes for phpbb.

I need to know whether I can install the extension that would enable me to collapse the categories as is available in the link shown below:


Please advice.

Why do you need to install this extension? Eles already has native support for collapsible categories..

Right now, all categories and forum is shown expanded. I want it to open as collapsed. You could visit http://forum.itadvisor.consulting to check what I am referring to.

Thanks for your prompt response. Awaiting your suggestion or advice.



I see :)

Unfortunately that extension is not on the supported list. You can suggest to add support for it in the official bug tracker (link on the product page).


If I don’t want a tiny logo in the header banner, how do I resize it? I can’t seem to understand how the CSS has the logo contained. I want a logo that’s 150×150 or 200×200 instead of a tiny image.

Instructions would be great, as I’m pretty savvy and this is stumping me.


Hi, please drop me an e-mail using the contact form.

Link to your forum required, and I’ll provide the right css code


I am looking at your theme and it looks perfect for my forum, but what I don’t understand is the forum list when viewed on the phone. You click on the forum name and it just pops up “unread posts” (which the user already knows because of the colour if the icon) and the RSS feed logo. You must click (press) again to open the forum. This is not a great user experience. Is it possible to make a single click open the forum?


jimsefton Purchased

I resolved this myself, but considering the lack of reply I am just wondering if this theme is supported and if it will be updated for future phpbb versions?


matejh Purchased

This is a screenshot from unsupported browser (Free Adblocker browser) https://ibb.co/hbkJcq and shows what happens if you scroll the topics really fast. Any idea, what could be causing the browser to behave like this? Other themes work normally in this browser …