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Reviews for Eles - Responsive phpBB 3.2 Theme

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for Code Quality

When will the update be ???
the template does not work!!!

for Code Quality

Style files are obfuscated, language variables are not separated into a separate file, the style will be in English only, this does not comply with the standards of phpBB

for Customizability

Regret buying this product. Promised to make things "that were once hard easy" but in reality broke my server. The "Dev Mode" will crash your server by constantly clearing your cache to the point your server crashes.

Many of the features don't appear to work with 3.2.7, I've tried multiple configurations to get sidebars to work, most of the settings are ignored by the template. For example, a side bar with Recent Topics and Authentication, it ignores both settings, unless you go into a different menu and Enable a side bar with Topics View, then Recent Topics appears, but if you enable other things in that menu like UCP or Forum Index, those settings are ignored as well.

We have decided to cut our losses spending time trying to develop this template and will try others.

for Feature Availability

I can not begin to say how wonderful this theme is!!!!! I had the ROOT issue too, but all you have to do is go and delete your production folder a few times in the cache and it went away. That isn't a problem with theme as much as it is a problem with PHP, but seriously just go delete the production folder in the cache (it will come back on its own) and all is fixed!

for Bugs

There is a bug that makes the forum unusable.
Unfortunately I will have to buy another theme.

''PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/phpbb/di/container_builder.php on line 146: require(./cache/production/autoload_4335734bbdd20f586549a504dff5f80c.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory''

This error only appears with this theme and not with the standard theme. It is a fatal mistake and makes the forum unusable. The only solution is to empty the production folder.


Author response


I am sorry for your bad experience, a lot of other users mitigated this issue very easy, but I can understand perfectly that it can be frustrating.

In any case, thanks for your review, I am investigating a fix for the issue altogether!

P.S. Please ask for a refund if you want your money back. Cheers!

for Documentation Quality

Seems like this will be amazing once I figure out all the amazing options.

for Bugs

The user's name and group is not indented from the avatar. Fix it.

for Design Quality

It is beautiful, simple, flexible. I love this template.

for Code Quality

Simple to use, simple to install, many cool features. Loved it!