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The portfolio is not displayed at all on Mozilla, Chrome and on my mobile. Only on Internet Explorer so far. Any chance publishing corrected files?

Responded to your email

Download is not complete, no Installation possible.

This is a html template not a wordpress theme

hi any chance to get this as wordpress template?

Sorry, no

Dear Sirs, yesterday I bought the theme eleven here. Looking for the matching Downloads I noticed that there is no installable theme. But I explicit bought the theme in the store. The other files are completely useless to me. Therefore I beg you politely for a refund. Best regards, BSHello, unfortunately

Hi, please initiate a refund. Thanks

i have purchased the theme but i just got B&W and Color only. i have purchased this theme for video background and its not available in the downloaded folder and how can i download that.

Hi, Please give us more details. Thanks

i just found color and b&w files in the downloaded folder and video background file in it can you tell me how to put a video background

hey i have contacted you through mail regarding an issue please respond its been so long.

Hi! I want add video vackground to separator. I insert youtube url but it isn’t work. How can I do it?

We do not see your purchased badge.

I have the purchased badge. As I have, I give it to you?

Hallo, template black_white: “active” buttons are not active – HOME only… Also Portfolio: Selected buttons are not active. Can you help me or send me an update please?

Hi, Please send us a message with your website url. Thanks

Ok, have sent, thank you

Send you an email. Regards

Hi there, I just purchased this thinking it was a Wordpress theme (as I had the previous version that’s no longer available) only to find out it’s an HTML template when I tried to upload the zip file. Would it be possible to get a refund? Thanks for your time.


Hi, I’m having problems with my site It does not scroll the page when it is clicked on any section. It’s happening in Chrome (I’m trying Version 61 on Mac). It’s working fine on Firefox, Safari and mobile.

You have the wordpress vesion?

WordPress 4.8.1

On Chrome Console I got this message:

[Intervention] Registering mousewheel event as passive due to smoothscroll.js usage. The smoothscroll.js library is buggy, no longer necessary and degrades performance.

All others browsers doesn’t show that message and works fine.

hi nice job!.but navigation bar doesnt work chrome help plss.just work it edge.

Please add this at first line in main.js $(document).on('click', '#menu li a[href^="#"]', function (event) { event.preventDefault(); $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $($.attr(this, 'href')).offset().top }, 500); });


I LOOOVE the design of this template, but sadly the nav menu doesn’t work on the demo via chrome will this be fixed?

Yes, was solved.

Please add this at first line in main.js $(document).on('click', '#menu li a[href^="#"]', function (event) { event.preventDefault(); $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $($.attr(this, 'href')).offset().top }, 500); });

Hi there! I have only the wordpress version of this nice theme but is there a fix for the problem “jonaspinheiro” has? I ran into the same mess and ANY help would be very kind of you! Thanks in advance! Cheers J.

The menu not run on Chrome. How can I solve the bug? Thanks in advance

Please read 2 comments above. Thanks

ClaPat, thanks for posting the amendment to the main js file regarding the navigation links. Solved my problem before I had to ask for a solution.

Hi, can you give me the code to add a .png logo to the nav bar instead of text? Thanks


<h2 id="logo" />


<div id="logo"> Inside the new div add an image tag. Regards</div>

Hi, at your support site, this theme is not listed.

Please send us a message via our profile form with your website url and your issue details. Thanks

I am unable to get the code you gave above on fixing Chrome issue of menu. It is on Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181

No it shows up in our dowloads and as purchased

Perhaps you bought the wordpress version which isn’t available anymore. Please give us your website url. Thanks the menu does not work on chrome