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on the slider page, the mobile menu opens from up to down, since it is on the bottom of the page it disapears and you have to scroll to get it back. Is there a way to inverse the opening of the mobile menu on the slides page (not an issue on other pages, the menu is on top)



Great template. On the main full screen slider, I can’t add more than 13 slides/images. After that, it starts to put images on top of each. What’s the solution? Thanks!


<img src="images/slider14.jpg" alt="" />
<div class="pattern" />
<div class="in-slide-content" style="display:none;">
<h1>Ajax Load Content</h1>
<p>Lorem ipsumg</p>

We use for the main slider MaxImage script. I can find more info here:

Hello Hector,

How can i add an image upload button (attachment) to the contact form? :)

Our contact script does not include an upload input field. Sorry

Hello, id like to add a link in my content to link (slide to) the contact form, and on the logo to go back up the page, when i do this <div id="logo"><a href="#index"><img src="images/logo.png" /></a></div> <code> my home menu item keeps active and it doesn't slide back when you click on the logo. can you help me out ? can you help me please</code>

If you want the logo to be the #index, then you need to remove the home button. For contat form you need to create another button and div id

to be deleted

Hello, I wanted to find out how I could limit the main carousel header and sub head from running onto one line when expanded to fit my screen size. A few of my screens seem to be doing the same thing. see below and let me know what I can do to prevent this from occurring. Thanks and great site design.

Hi Hector18, here is the link.

It is also having an issue with the nav when viewing on a iphone 5 screen horizontal and vertically. the message is cut off on home slide when in landscape and the nav button drops out of the bar when in portrait mode. Let me know what I can do to correct these issues.


Remove this (float: left;) from css file, at .in-slide-content h1

The menu go down because you logo text it to long, on mobile portrait

Thanks for the update.

Hi Hector,

I’ve added multiple news carousels to my page, but this seems to be affecting the position of the popups, with them appearing further down from the the page when they load…

Also, is there a way to stop the scrolling up beyond the top of the pop-ups?

I’m guessing its due to the original page being so big?

Cheers, Jamie

Hi, I added the testimonial section to a separator section and the image that I put in that section background now begins to show a double of itself at some parts of the parallax scrolling. Can you tell me what I would change to get that to stop?

^I forgot to mention the above doesn’t happen in Firefox, but it does in Google Chrome.

^^Nevermind, I only had to use images with more height than the ones provided with your template.

Is anyone else getting the “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” error when trying to install in WP? I’ve done everything correctly as far as I can tell, and it keeps giving the same damn error…

This is a html template not a wordpress theme

Thank you for great templete but ? have a problem how can ? do message and newsletter system. where can ? write my mail and server information for sending massege. sorry for my english. Because very important this situation. Thank you…

Please help me ? cant send massege from website. how can ? config message box. and newsletter.

Please read the documentation. The contact form works only when the site is online on server. The newsletter form in not functional on html template, only on our wp version. Cheers! is my site links it is online. I have a problem. It gives wrong name eror but everythings is ok. where is the problem.

Thank you hector.

Dear hector,

I have a problem. please visit my editing website. and then please click “ürünlerimiz” menü after that click “Tas koleksiyonu” button. you can see when you click button website is goning to up or down. I want to stop it. please help me. Where is the problem? this is last question thank you for your help. Sorry for my english.

The error is because you have same data filters. You need to create different for filters and for products also. Cheers!

How can ? create it ? Please help me. Thank you Hector.

Hector ? need your help?

hello, id like to know if there is a way to make the menu thinner, i tried css setting height of #navigation, but it doesn’t do the trick. Can you help me out ?

thank you


Colorbox is not opening new window when you click on portfolio or news image in Chrome and Opera. “Content can’t be loaded or just black screen”. This is on local version, on the unchanged template version. I have tried online demo here and it works? So it is going to work after website is hosted or does it needs fix?


Check / refresh your permalink settings.

Hi, Great theme! I was wondering if there is any way to have individual backgrounds for each section (about us, service etc.) Thanks for any help!

Only by editing css file ATM. Thanks.

Hey there,

When I click on an image in portfolio the larger image is not loaded. As you can see here –

Have you any idea what may be causing this?

The url of image is not correct.


The menù doesn’t work with google chrome WHY?


Hello Hector,

Would You please, please, please be kind to give proffesional help. I have been trying to solve this bug for days… In this theme when You set the news sections in carouFredSel to auto:true in main.js (to slide the news section automaticly), there is a huge bug. I have checked other user here and on his website it is the same. When You click on image in news section, and after the colorbox is closed, images get into weird position, half cut horizontaly and even refresh doesn’t help. I have made a screen shoot of the bug: Here is a website, but it is happening on my local website too:

Once again, I am begging You to try to help me, since I couldn’t find solution…